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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


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Today, I am looking back at some of my past Fall tablescapes.  This Fall picnic was posted in 2012.  At that time, the name of this blog was Bargain Hunting & Chatting with Laurie (and obviously, I wanted everyone to know it, since my watermark on this photo is huge!).  One day, I realized that I wasn’t sharing much about hunting for bargains, so I changed the name of the blog.  (Sometimes I’m a little impulsive.)


Almost Autumn Dinner-Bargain Hunting with Laurie


Last year, I posted this Fall tablescape. 

Dinner in a Basket-Bargain Decorating with Laurie


Dinner in a Basket was another of last year’s Fall tables.  You can click on the year under the photo to see the full post of any of these tables.

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Are you ready for some football?  Apparently, I tried to get ready for it last year.



This brown and white table was in response to Cuisine Kathleen’s Fall, White + one color challenge.

full tbl


In early Fall, we usually have a “Harvest Dinner”, and this table was for that dinner in 2011.



This is the 2010 Harvest Dinner tablescape.

Fall Table-Bargain Decorating with Laurie


Last year’s faux pumpkin tablescape.



This is the 2011 Back-To-School Dinner.




I had a “Fall on the Farm” dinner in 2010.


The 2009 Harvest Dinner theme was Fall in the Village.


Dinner in Cotton Country in 2009.

In October of 2009, I created my first post on this blog.  The first tablescape I posted that year was for Halloween, so I have no Fall tables to share from 2009. 

I hope I gave you an idea for a Fall tablescape. Thanks so much for reading my blog.  laurie

This post is partying at the The Style Sisters for Centerpiece Wednesday and Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.


Ginger said...

I love them all, especially Fall on the farm.

Debbie said...

Do you know that in my head, I still call you "Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie"?

I loved every table, from more elegant to the whimsical. I have done tables for the past two weeks, and have found that letting myself be silly and creative has helped with the depression that I have been battling for months on end. I can't say that I have the oomph to do it every week now (or ever will again) but it's just plain fun, and I think only other tablescapers *get* that.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Fall on the farm is very unique and fun. You have some beautiful dishes to use for the seasons! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Laurie, each and every tablescape is wonderful. You are so talented with your themes and designs. I love them all and your gorgeous dishes and accents that make your settings so special.

Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments. I so hope you are feeling a bit better from the bronchitis. Take good care and
rest when you can.
Hugs and Blessings

Sweet European Dreams said...

Laurie, you have such a gift with this! We're living in Fiji these days and I couldn't take but maybe a quarter of my kitchen with me for this move. I'm going to have to peruse through your pics to help me spark some creative table decorating ideas - you are a genius! Love them all! -Diane said...

Great review Laurie, I have been dragging myself away from summer...thanks for all the inspirations, your grass covered football table is hilarious!

Unknown said...

I love your "New" blog~new to me, anyway. I love your page and the grass tablecloth. Decided to subscribe to youl I think you are amazing!!! (Where you find all the time to blog?)
Keep going! love to see what you are up to!!
I do miss blogging with all you nice people!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!!
Luv, Connie

Tea in Texas said...

I am already planning fall tablescaping! Your look back gives great ideas for the season. I also have viewed my past tables to remember, reuse and change into a new table creation!

Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

These are all wonderful! Love all of the colors of fall.

Nellie's Cozy Place said...

Hi Laurie,
All very pretty tablescapes.........
I am so ready for Fall, and will probably be decorating as soon as it
turns to September just so I can fake
myself out to think it is cooler outside. lol
Thanks for sharing you lovely tables with us, all unique and beautiful.
Blessings, Nellie

Candy S said...

I am about ready to start thinking about fall now. Your tables offer a lot of inspiration to borrow from. I like the fall in the village idea a lot. Have a great holiday weekend..... Candy

Candy S said...

You won the Sunny Days Serving Sets.
I didn't find anywhere to send you an email on your post. I will need your address to send you the Sunny Days serving pieces from my Blog Anniversary give away..... Candy

Candy S said...

Laurie, Please email me at

I will need your address to send you the Summer Day serving Set and the other items from my blog anniversary give-away.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing past blogs they truly are enjoyable and inspirational.I especially love the colors in 2009 very serene palate.Susie