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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


4th of July Table 2

One of the tables for our 4th of July celebration is all about the stars and stripes.  I think I purchased the tablecloth at Target.

4th of July Table 1

The inspiration for this table was this set of playing cards that my sister-in-law, Brenda, found at a yard sale and gave to me.  Yes, I’ve mentioned her before.  All of you want her for a sister-in-law, because she’s always finding great things to give to me.

4th of July Table 2a


4th of July Table 5

Each place setting begins with a red dinner plate (Gourmet, Nova Rouge), which I found at one of those great sales at Kohl’s in January of this year (50% off the already 20% discounted price!).   I have had these plastic place mats for-evah!

4th of July Table 3

I’ve also had these patriotic plastic for-evah (yes, they are plastic, not melamine – I think melamine wasn’t even around when I bought these!).  I topped each of them with one of the playing cards, and topped that with a clear glass salad plate.  After the first course, the plastic plate will be removed along with the glass plate.

4th of July Table 6

More stars and stripes were added by securing a cocktail napkin with a brass star napkin ring on top of a white napkin

4th of July Table 7

I used red flatware, along with white salad forks that have tiny American flags printed on them (another thing I’ve had for-evah).

4th of July Table 8

I used museum wax to secure two playing cards back-to-back and also to secure them to the top of these place card holders, which I purchased at an estate sale years ago.  I haven’t ever used them before and had kind of forgotten about them.  You think that’s an indication that I have too much stuff?

4th of July Table 11

The base of my centerpiece is a vintage toy drum that I blogged about buying at an auction several years ago.  The grandchildren drive everyone crazy with those little “party drums” that you twirl in your hands, making the balls beat each side of the drums. 4th of July Table 9Two of the playing cards are displayed under the cloche on top of the drum.   A couple of years ago, Brenda also gave me a box of  patriotic stand-up paper napkins, and I’ve used one of those on the left side of the centerpiece.

4th of July Table 12

Thank you for coming to visit me today, and I hope that all of my American friends enjoy a wonderful Independence Day celebration and that my Canadian friends enjoyed a wonderful celebration on Canada Day.  laurie

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Sarah said...

Fun table, Laurie. I think it may just be the two of us here, so if I set a table for the fourth, it will be a table for two. '-)
Happy 4th of July. I know it will be a big celebration at your home!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh Laurie, you have so many great items for the 4th. Your tablescape is so pretty with all your decorations. Even if you have had them for ever they good great.
Have a great 4th.

Lady of the Manor said...

Fun and festive table! Those cards made for great inspiration. Happy 4th!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You always have the most beautiful table for every occasion! I hope you'll stop by my blog today and give an Arkansas shout out! Hugs, Diane

Lulu said...

How clever to get inspiration from a deck of cards.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Laurie, what a fabulous table for the 4th. Each detail is perfect and nothing short of magazine worth from you. Your tables are always amazing.
Wishing you a great 4th of July!

LORY said...

The playing cards are fabulous! Love that you mixed them with the drums for a real childlike whimsy. Fun salt and pepper shakers, as well. Enjoy your holiday!

Lory at

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love those anchor glasses. Such a bright and cheerful table!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Cute plates, drinking glasses and cards! Love how this looks! I'm waiting for my apple pie to bake and catching up on some blogging. Have a great 4th!

Beeutiful by Design said...

I love your white flatware with the flags! Happy Fourth- thanks for sharing

Debbie said...

Happy belated Independence Day! I have enjoyed my visit here this morning and catching up on all your wonderful posts.

As usual, your table leaves me smiling. I do love your table style, Laurie.

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

Gorgeous table! and I am loving those playing cards and the name plates too!