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Sunday, March 2, 2014


St Patrick's Decor

In celebration of St. Patrick's season, a tall, skinny Leprechaun has come to live on the buffet in our sunroom.  He’s winking, because he thinks he has spotted the pot of gold.

St Patrick Decor

He travels through the forest of St. Patrick’s trees.

St Patrick Decor

He passes the cottage in the dale, and

St Patrick Decor

a pretty little Irish lass.

St Patrick Decor

St Patrick Decor

I’m glad he ignored MY pot of gold.  I would have hated to have to fight him.  I take my chocolate mints very seriously.

St Patrick Decor

Look! He found the pot o’ gold.  It’s in my mother’s green glass toothpick holder.

St Patrick's Decor

That sure is a lucky leprechaun!  Not only did he find the pot of gold, he avoided a fight with me.  I told him that I know karate (s-h-h-h, don’t tell him I was only kidding).  He ran away in fear, without even glancing at my chocolate candy.

St Patrick Decor

Don’t forget Cuisine Kathleen’s annual St. Patrick’s Blog Crawl on March 12th.

Today, I am thankful that we still have electricity, since we are in the middle of an ice storm. 

It is so nice of you to visit my blog.  laurie

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Celestina Marie said...

Hi Laurie, so glad the threat of a karate chop scared leprechaun away from the chocolates. LOL Love your décor and the charming Irish treasures.
We got the ice storm here covering everything yesterday. It is bitter cold today. Such a change over last week.
Stay safe and warm inside.

ellen b. said...

Glad you have electricity, too. Boy these storms are something this year. Hope the weather settles down before daughter and I drive cross country at the end of April...

joyh82 said...

Love your St Patty decor and your banner is so cute! Have a great week.
Joy at Books and Life

Debbie said...

So cute and so fun! I giggled about your chocolate mints.

And now, this makes me want to stick a little pot o gold somewhere in the house and keep moving it. Too bad it's just ME around here most of the time. Where's the fun in being the hider if I don't have any seekers?


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

I always marvel at your gorgeous vignettes and I love seeing your vintage cards too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty