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Friday, April 8, 2011



A couple of weeks ago, I posted my fireplace mantel during my minimalist phase. I know you are not surprised that the minimalist phase was short-lived on my mantel, but it’s not my fault! The Tablescaper left a comment telling me to get out some Easter bunnies for my mantel. Well, those bunnies in my holiday closet must have read her comment, because some of my favorite bunnies started hopping out of that closet and onto my mantel, and they brought some of my favorite eggs with them.

MANTEL I know, I go from one extreme to the other ~ minimalist to “clutterist”!


See that pretty little silver bunny couple under the tree? I ordered that last year from Celestina Marie at her Etsy, La Rea Rose.


When I was a child (yes ~ long, long ago), I loved looking at the illustrations in a very old book that belonged to my mother. Don’t be shocked at the condition of this book ~ as a child, I didn’t even think about taking care of this old relic when I was flipping through the pages, and


as I said, it IS old!


Last week, I told you about shopping with my friend, Susie. I found this Easter egg in an antique store, and I had to buy it, because it reminded me of the illustrations in this book. It is currently one of my favorite Easter eggs, and I hope it qualifies me to link to Thrifty Things Friday at The Thrifty Groove.



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The last “segment” of this post (My posts are so long, I have to divide them into segments!), is not a favorite thing, but I did have fun doing it. I accepted the Pringles Grab & Go Challenge, hosted by Liz at Rose Vignettes.

pringl can mos 2
It is supposed to resemble an Easter basket. I will be “crafting” 3 more of these. The pipe cleaner “handle” is inserted in holes in the plastic lid, and the “basket” decorations are glued to the top of the plastic lid, so that my grandchildren will be able to open the cans to find treats inside for Easter Day. Thanks for challenging me to do something with a Pringles can, Liz!
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I’m also joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.


Thank you for coming for a visit. Go check out all of the other favorite links shown below, and you’ll see some wonderful treasures. laurie


Susan Freeman said...

Hi Laurie! I love all of your bunnies. I am not a minimalist either and as long as I am the one doing the dusting, what does it matter? Your vintage book is charming, and I did not take the best care of my books when I was little either. Thanks for another great party. Stop by for a visit, I am having a give away.

Susan and Bentley

Diann said...

Hi Laurie!
Your Easter mantel is so pretty and so fun! I love all your unique holiday items and I look forward to seeing whats next!
Thank you for joining TTF! That Easter eggs is so adorable not too mention, it goes along with your childhood story book perfectly!
And your Pringle basket is so cute! You did a very creative job with it.

Sarah said...

Laurie, the bunnies on the mantel look right at home. My bunnies have hopped out of storage and are hopping about.
I'm impressed that you still have that book from your childhood. My mother was not a "saver" of our childhood things. ;-( I'm lucky to have my dolls!
And you said you can't craft. The basket is a darling idea. The grands will love them!
Happy Weekend! ~ Sarah

Sarah said...

Laurie, I linked up the post on Emily's yellow Quimper because it's definitely a favorite of mine. Hope that's OK. ~ Sarah

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I ran to my dictionary (well, ok, I walked!) and looked up Minimalist and guess what???!!!???? Your picture WAS NOT there! When I think of you dear Laurie..never ever have I thought of you as a minimalist! We would think there was something wrong!! You just keep decorating like you do....we LOVE it!!

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

Beautiful Easter mantle display. I love the tree your eggs are on. You did a wonderful job on you can. I think I will make some for my 4 Grandsons for Easter. ~~Sherry~~

Salmagundi said...

I like the word "clutterist"!! You have the best holiday stuff - I would miss seeing it if you were a miminalist! Sally

lvroftiques said...

Laurie I LOVE your book "The Rejuvenation of Mama and Papa Goose"!! What a title! And your egg really does look like it came right from that story!
As always your mantel is magical. And I've never seen a pringles can look so good *winks*
Thanks again girlfriend for letting me join your partay! Vanna

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for Grandparents and Caregivers said...

What fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren with the Pringles can! Very cool! And I loved your Easter egg tree. It brought back such sweet family memories of coloring eggs, but first, poking holes at either end and blowing out the yolk. I'd totally forgotten about that til I saw your picture. Thank you for a delightful visit.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Laurie, I love your mantel with all the wonderful bunnies and the eggs. It is gorgeous. That little book is such a precious treasure and to find an egg that looks like it should be in the book is wonderful. Loved your post today. Hugs, Marty

The Charm of Home said...

My bunnies hopped out this week too. Yours are delightful! You have a good eye that egg you bought looks like it could have been by the same illustrator. Very cute! Thanks for hosting!

Anonymous said...

I love Sally's word clutterist and think your mantels are some of the sweetest and ingenious that I have seen! You have so many great stories to go along with your pretties too which is so fun to read about!

bee blessed

Blondie's Journal said...

Your mantel looks beautiful...doing a spring mantel is like doing Christmas, there are SO many things that make us sappy, I mean happy! I love seeing Easter eggs and am ready to start coloring now!! And I love your little vintage book, too!

Have a great weekend, Laurie! Oh...the Pringles Easter basket is adorable!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love your Easter mantel, it is beautiful.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Laurie...

My friend...I am sooo glad that your sweet little bunnies hopped out of the cabinet to join the Easter Gala on your beautiful mantel! Each one is just sooo adorable and they look just perfect there! Ohhh nooo...not cluttered at all!!! These durn minimalists! hehe! God love them!!! wink!

Well, since you did this sweet post in segments...I will also write my note in segments! Hehe! I love your new Easter egg, dear friend! Ohh my goodness...the sweet little characters really do look like they hopped right off of the pages of your precious book! I love it!!!

And...I love your Pringle Easter basket! Aren't you the creative one! It really is sweet and I know that your grandchildren will just adore getting these! What a cute idea! I think I am out of time to make them for my five grandchildren who are coming this weekend for a visit. I would have to eat alot of Pringles to get five cans! hehe!

Well dear friend, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Easter mantel with us...I love it! And I am so glad that your "minimalist" phase was short lived!!! Also...thank you so much for hosting this sweet party for us to enjoy! I was happy to be able to participate this week! Have a wonderful weekend, Laurie!

Love ya,

xinex said...

Love your Easter decor, Laurie. That egg really resembles the illustrations in your book. Love the Easter basket....Christine

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Laurie you are a hoot..only you could take an old can and make a cute Easter basket out of it..Now the mantle finally screams your name girl..I bet your grand kids thought they were in the wrong house before ha ha!! Hey you know I'm a more is more gal..I love my stuff and my stuff loves me..Hope you have a GREAT weekend with the BOSS!! Hugs and smiles Gloria

Scribbler said...

My minimalist phases are always fleeting -- I think cluttering is in my genes. Thanks for hosting! I really wish I could come to the book party, but I live too far away.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I linked up, then had to run for a bit. You really did good on your Easter/Spring mantel. Really like the pringles baskets. I need to come up with something for the grands - haven't yet.
Thanks for hosting again this week. You are appreciated.
Have a great weekend

bj said...

mY do have a lot of Easter decor...and it is all just beautiful.
Thanks so much for hosting...
xoxo bj

Rita's Recipes said...

Thanks for hosting. I'm inspired now to finish my Easter decorating.

Amanda said...

Hi Laurie! Oh my! Your Easter mantle is so gorgeous! Love love love all of those bunnies! I am so thrilled to be linking up with your party tonight! Thank you so much for hosting!
Best Wishes and Blessings,

Unknown said...

“clutterist” in a good way! Right? :)

I just popped over to say hey! And see if I can link up...(cuz these little cans are my new fav thing to do!) And imagine my shock and awe at your darling contribution! :) How cute!

Thank you so much for joining in! :)


A Kitchen Witch said...

Laurie, I just love your Easter spread, but I must say, one of the illustrations from your book made me giggle. Is it just me or does "Papa" look a little bit like Hugh Hefner in that robe and slippers?1 ; )

Lady Katherine said...

Just adore your tree and all the bunnies!!! The basket are darling, and the book is wonderful!

Red Couch Recipes said...

Those tall bunnies on your mantel are so cute as well as the whole mantel and what a great recycling idea with the Pringle can! Thanks for hosting the party. Joni

Red Couch Recipes said...

Those tall bunnies on your mantel are so cute as well as the whole mantel and what a great recycling idea with the Pringle can! Thanks for hosting the party. Joni

Lisa said...

Your mantle is so pretty! And I love what you did with your Pringles can! Your grandchildren are going to be thrilled!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Laurie I really like your painted bird eggs. So pretty. How wonderful that you still have this treasured book from your childhood. And your pringle easter basket turned out so cute!

Picket said...

Morning girl...I have got alot of favorite things...I will definitely have to join your party girl I was a 'minimalist' at one time...I think it last all of five minutes....I drank a Pepsi and ate a couple of fig Newtons and it cured me! lol Love the bunnies and I soooo love what you did with that chip can...sooo cute....have a great weekend sweetie...Picket

Christie said...

Laurie, I LOVE old children's books. Yours is so precious! When my grandparents passed away, I got the old books we used to read at their house...torn and tattered, but no less lovely! Thank you for sharing your lovely (not cluttered!) decorations with us! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

Sue said...

Laurie- what happened to all the potato chips from the container?! LOL The little basket is so cute- the grands should love them. I love the illustrations in old books- That egg really does have a similar looking duck on it! Sure do wish I could be there for the book signing next week. Wish I could just twitch my nose like Samantha on Bewitched. It would be such fun! Love all your Easter decorations. The pair of bunnies in front of the egg tree is adorable. hugs, Sue

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Laurie,
Your mantel is just perfect now! Definately love the bunnies, you always find the best ones!
And that egg next to that cool old book, how perfect is that!
I love it and I love picturing you as a little girl reading it too.
Hugs friend,

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh and I forgot!
I love what you did with the pringles can! You are so darn creative, that is just as cute as can be!

The Tablescaper said...

Hi Laurie:

I so glad I inspired those bunnies to come out and play! I knew you wouldn't be a minmalist for long!

Great old book.

- The Tablescaper

Maggie said...

Hi Laurie,
Gorgeous looking Easter mantle, the silver bunny couple are adorable.
I saw the Pringle challenge idea last week and think your Easter baskets deserve a prize for ingenuity!
Have a wonderful weekend, my dear.
BTW I am reading my FIRST Michael Lee West book at the moment (Crazy Ladies) and think it's great.
Since I shan't be able to join you next week would you please tell ML how much I'm enjoying the book.
Many thanks

~*~Leanne~*~ said...

Hi Laurie,
I love your mantel!!!! The more the better when you have such wonderful things to display. Thanks for hosting the favorite things party...I'm linking up for the first time.
Enjoy your day,

Sweet European Dreams said...

hi Laurie! i don't think I could ever go the minimalist route! I'm adoring your sweet mantel and what's funny is that the way you decorated it is actually very European. Take a peek at the pics that I posted on my blog last night of some Euro-style Easter decor - the first pic looks so similar to your mantel! Love it... Oh, and I'm having a giveaway soon...details coming. Have a fabulous weekend! -diane

Debbie said...

The instant I opened this and saw your banner, I did the OOOO AHHHH.

I love all the Easter NON- minimalist eye candy. That's the style of yours that I love so much. I wish you knew how many times I've dinked with my mantel to try to make it have more pizazz after coming here.

Between you and Marty @ ASTL, I am a rearranging fool...

And I wish I had known about that Pringles can thingie. I love stuff like that. It's more in my pay scale than gorgeous mantels.

I need to visit that blog.

Kathleen said...

The Tablescaper must not have known about your extensive bunny collection!
I love all your decor, the egg, the old book, just wonderful.
Your pringle can craft is adorable. We don't eat Pringles, but I would have happily downed a can to play along!
Anything for a party! :)
Thanks for hosting, Laurie!

April D said...

Sweet pringles can idea! I love the old goose book--too cute. The old illustrations and colors are SO delightful. Blytheville, Arkansas??? My dad is from there!!!!! We used to drive the eight hours to see my grandparents a couple of times a year. :)
I'm a new follower!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Laurie, I'm liking both the term "clutterist" and the clutterist mantle. I go for more! Love the bunnies, and that book is precious. I always enjoy books with wonderful illustrations. AND girl, you are so creative with those cans! WOWZA! Very clever.


Sheila :-)

Unknown said...

Dear Laurie, What a beauty your mantel is..I love your Bunnies and your eggs. You must have a seperate place to store all your treasures...I almost bought an egg tree today, but we bought a Lilac bush instead..I should go back and buy the was at a nursery..

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness your mantle is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing what you did with that pringles can. It is so adorable! I am excited to make some of them.

CHERI said...

I love your mantle, especially the tall bunnies in the background. Bunnies are one of my favorite things:) I just found your blog and it's lovely. I'm off to check out some more of your posts. Wish I knew how to make my pictures brighter and prettier like yours. I'm still learning this blog stuff!

The Tablescaper said...

Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

Anonymous said...

Probably no one would believe that I am a minimalist since I sell "clutter". I adore your mantle Laurie! Is that where "my egg" will go? And I love old books too. I just posted a gorgeous one on my website yesterday....tattered and well loved but absolutely gorgeous. Weren't you delighted to find out you are a European decorator? How cool is that? Have a wonderful and sunny week. Wish I lived closed enough to do the book signing and dessert. xo


You have a gorgeous blog Laurie and your mantel is stunning! I love your bunny collection, your whole decor, the book...just great for us all to see, so thank you for sharing and for coming buy and leaving me such lovely and generous comments. I tried to join your nice party, but couldn't, so I just mentioned you anyway.