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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Susan at Between Naps on the Porch has hosted 500 tablescape parties, and I haven't missed many of them. Susan suggested that we celebrate her 500th tablescape party by re-posting some of our favorite tablescapes. The first tablescape I linked to BNOTP Tablescape Tuesday (yep, it was on Tuesdays way back then) was in 2008! I won't show you that one, because the table wasn't much and the photography was horrible.

plates tbl

I created this April Showers bring May Flowers table in 2010 for a fun little get-together.


It's a favorite, because I love welcoming spring with bright pastel colors.

4th of July 1

Lately, I haven't written many blog posts. I'm not sure if I'm on a break or if I've quit bogging, but I didn't want to miss Susan's celebration. She's always such a good hostess.

4th of July 2

This 4th of July party was our 2014 Independence Day celebration, and it's one of my favorites, because it reminds me of how much fun we had. To see the full post of any of these tables, you can click on the tablescape title.

Picnic in vintage Bronco-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

In 2015, I set up a Fall picnic in the back of my sweetheart's vintage Bronco (which he won in a nationwide raffle!).

Fall Picnic-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

I love plaids, so this picnic has become one of my favorite tablescapes.

Outdoor Anniversary Celebration

full tbl

In 2010, my sweetheart and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with another picnic.


He, he, he! See that date of August 24, 2019? Our wedding picture is the "before" and when I created this table, I used this couple as the "after" and said we'd probably look like that in 2019. We're getting close, but we don't look this old YET! This table is a favorite because blue and white is one of my favorite combinations.

I live in cotton-growing country, so in 2009, I paid homage to our geographical area with a cotton-themed table.

This is a favorite tablescape, because it allows me to fool myself into thinking I'm a trend-setter. Cotton decor became trendy some time after I set this table. (Yes, I can easily fool myself when I want to!)


A 2010 table celebrated the Oscars.


This is a favorite table theme of mine, because everybody can pretend to be a star at my Oscar table. (I guess I think everybody else can fool themselves as easily as I can fool myself!)


We celebrated the Chinese New Year in 2011.


It wasn't so much the table that was a favorite. Instead it was how much fun my grands had in their lantern parade. (I can't believe how young they are in this picture!)
Congratulations, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. It takes a great hostess to host 500 parties!

Thank you for visiting me today.


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your tables are always amazing. You always impress and inspire.

Ginger said...

It’s hard to pick a favorite because they are all amazing.

Darlene Gardner said...

I have been missing you! Your mantles inspired me to change mine for every month and I am always so impressed with the many tables you do for the holidays in your home. Enjoyed seeing your favorites - hard to pick I know!

xinex said...

Always enjoy your tablescapes, Laurie! Love each and everyone....Christine

Unknown said...

I had been missing your posts. I knew that you would soon be all red white and blue very soon. Please take care of yourself as I want to catch up with you when we drive back to see my mom soon.

Sandra @ Dinner at Eight said...

All the tables you picked for favorites are so very different! Hard to choose, I know. But I'm leaning toward the tailgate picnic on his truck. So wonderfully fun!

Kathleen said...

Hi,Laurie, Congratulations to you for at least a decade of inspiration to all of us. I was a dedicated mantle decor changer thanks to your inspiration. Like you, I’ve had to take a break.

Lady of the Manor said...

Beautiful tablescapes, Laurie! I think my favorite was the Fall picnic in the back of the truck. I remember when you published that post and have always loved it! I’ve slowed on my posting, too. I’ve become so busy with everyday chores and time seems to run out. This celebrationof Susan’s reminded what Fun it was to put tables together so I might try to schedule some into my week again. It was nice to see some of your previous posts! Have a great week! Zenda

Terra said...

Your tablescapes are festive and cheerful and add a lot to the get togethers.