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Sunday, February 4, 2018


I created a little Valentine display on the piano in the sun room.

A little Love banner decorates the vintage chalkboard.

Vintage cards, paper dolls, and a Valentine doll are displayed on one end of the piano top.

More cards and a packet of "love notes" decorate the other end.

I attached decorated clothespins to the backs of building blocks to hold cards and the King and Queen of hearts from a deck of playing cards. 

It was great to have you visit me. Please come again soon.


Unknown said...

Our neighbor gave us her piano when our kids were small as she no longer played. When our daughter moved into her first house, we gave it to her because she was the only one who still played it. When she became engaged to her husband, she donated it to a church because they did not have room for it in his house. When I cleaned up my attic last month, I filled my bins with holiday specific items including the light sets and ornaments. After Valentine's Day, I can simply put everything into that one box and store it, then bring down the St Patty's Day bin. I'll bet that is what you do too.

Ginger said...

I love it!