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Friday, December 29, 2017



Yes, our Christmas trees are still up!

But the Christmas ornaments are packed away, and our trees are now welcoming the new year.

Our fireplace mantel is also celebrating the coming of 2018.

Vintage party hats and vintage noise makers decorate our mantel.

A Happy New Year nutcracker is standing guard over the festivities.

 Do you see our tiny mirrored ball? That's my substitution for the giant dropping ball at midnight! Father Time is holding the New Year baby.

The banner is made from vintage New Year greeting cards.

One year, my mother sent the card depicting a church. When I went through her belongings, I found two she hadn't used.

I've collected the others from flea markets.

We have so much fun decorating the trees to welcome the new year.

We just throw things at the tree and leave them where they land!

I'll leave you with this new year greeting which is inside my mother's card. I've displayed the open card behind one of the window panes in the center of our mantel.

May your new year be rich in opportunity
Blest [sic] by fortune
Cheered by friendship
And crowned 
with health 
and happiness

from our house to yours!


Cindy Lou said...

Very festive ! Great job ! Happy New Year !

Sarah said...

Laurie, you always fill your home with festive charm. Happy New Year, my friend! All the best for 2018!