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Monday, October 9, 2017


Witches took up residence on our piano in the sunroom. Most of them flew up there, but this one rode in on a cart pulled by a pig. She came home from an estate sale with me years ago.

I used my mother's sheet music in a frame.

Each year, I display Mother's scrapbook page from a Halloween party in the 1920's.

This tree is filled with trick-or-treater figures I bought at an estate sale.

On a nearby table, I displayed the boxes for the trick-or-treaters. You know I don't get rid of anything. When I saw these at the estate sale, I liked the boxes almost as much as the figures inside them.

This jack-o-lantern is having a bad hair day.

Even the bunny is holding a jack-o-lantern.

This table is a little ghostly. Trick-or-treaters ride on a light-up jack-o-lantern that I purchased at another estate sale.

The candle-lit ghost was a gift from a friend.

Ghosts are flying around the window above this table. (It's hard to get a picture of a window with sunlight behind it.)

A few Halloween plates decorate this wood box.
I'm glad you stopped in to see my Halloween sunroom.


Mary Ann said...

Oh, Laurie, your collections are always so fun to see! Thank you!

Nita Jo said...

I love this collection! I haven't pulled my autumn decor out this season, but I'm going to get started right now! Have a beautiful day!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I just adore this sweet Halloween collection of yours!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Unknown said...

As always, it is perfection. My favorite of all is the witch helped up onto your mantel by the flying pig!! It is always different and I love how you can pull those elements out of storage and find different combos to tell a new story each year. Bravo!!

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

Fabulous Halloween decor! Being a music teacher, I love the framed sheet music and piano all decorated up! I would like to invite you to link up this post at
Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Halloween Link Party.
Hope to see you there!


Angelina at Petite Haus said...

Laurie, this is so fun. I love all of your vintage touches. Thank you for linking up with Hauntingly Beautiful Decor - I am featuring you tomorrow!