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Wednesday, March 15, 2017



I'm ready for St. Patrick's Day dinner.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

The place settings start with gold chargers.

Shamrock Napkins on St. Patrick's Table

I used green vintage green napkin rings and shamrock napkins. The flatware is William Rogers, Eternally Yours.

St. Patrick's Day Table

To add interest to the table Because I only have four of the green napkin rings, I added ivy rings to the two end place settings. I know, I need some shamrock napkin rings, but I was desperate, and ivy is green.

Green Stemware for St. Patrick's Day

The tea goblets were one of our selections for wedding gifts. The emerald green wine stems were a purchase at an estate sale.

St. Patrick's Day Table Stemware

Trying to keep it interesting, I used different wine stems at each end. (Yes, you're right, I only have four of the emerald green stems.)

Wood & Sons, England Dinner Plates

There are four different Irish village scenes on the dinner plates. (I bought eight of these at two different estate sales.) They are Ascot by Wood and Sons, England. So, if they are made in England, why am I calling them Irish villages, you ask. This is my St. Patrick's Day table, so I get to decide where the village is.

Tablescape for St. Patrick's Day

I'm serving baked potatoes with our meal, so each place setting will have whipped butter in the Depression Glass dessert cups.

Cottage Salt Shaker on St. Pat's Day Table

There is one of these little cottages on each end of the table. They are salt and pepper shakers. I guess they are for people who use a LOT of salt and pepper. I've never filled them up all the way.

St. Patrick's Day Table Centerpiece

A gold colored stand supports a cloche in the center of the table.

Irish Girl for St. Pat's Day Table

Under the cloche, an Irish girl is tending the sheep. Are you asking how I know she's Irish? Remember, this is my St. Patrick's Day table. Villages and people can change nationalities quickly at our house.

Irish Cottage for St. Patrick's Centerpiece

The cottage where the shepherdess lives is on the other side of the cloche. I asked them to not cut their grass before St. Patrick's Day, so diners wouldn't see that the cottage has Anne Hathaway's cottage painted across the bottom. See how easy it is to change nationalities.

St. Patrick's Day Decor

The leprechauns were glad the grass wasn't cut. It allowed them to hide in the grass on each end of the cottage.

St. Patrick's Tag on Cloche

Lace Tablecloth on St. Patrick's Day Table

I covered a green tablecloth with an "Irish lace" cloth. I bought this tablecloth at an estate sale, and I hope the lady I "met" in the linen closet at that sale is reading this. I was standing in the narrow doorway of the closet, going through the linens, when she nudged her way in front of me. She turned and asked me if there were any tablecloths in there. I told her I had already picked up the only one I had seen. She looked at my lace cloth, made a are you stupid or what  face and told me I was holding a window curtain. I'm using this opportunity to tell her that it is bound on all sides and is a tablecloth and not a curtain, and I hope she can see me giving her my are you stupid or what look!

St. Patrick's Day

It felt good to get that off my chest, even though she'll never read it. It's like writing someone a nasty letter and after writing it, you feel so much better that you no longer need to mail it. I did that when I stayed at a hotel one time, but that's another story, and I'm sure you'd rather I didn't go into that now.
I enjoyed your visit. Thank you for stopping by.


Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

I'm laughing about the "tablecloth"- little did she know! Love the cloche- the grass surround is perfect! Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Jeanie said...

Love, love your tablescape. The lady wanted your tablecloth thus the reason she called it a curtain. Your things are gorgeous as Always! 😊

Cheryl in Russellville said...

The village plates are a great estate find. I wish I could attend some of those estate sales with you! You definitely have the "luck o' the Irish"! And I agree with Jeanie, the lady in the closet wanted you to put that tablecloth down for her.

Darlene Gardner said...

Hey Laurie,
Love your St. Patrick's Day table and I agree that these gorgeous plates are all scenes of a village in Ireland! Love the way you think. And, I agree with the others - the lady in the closet just wanted what you were holding! Very pretty>

Sandra @ Dinner at Eight said...

I have no doubt - this was set in Ireland! Pretty and unexpected.