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Monday, February 13, 2017



I love the last hour of the last day of an estate sale. That's when I bought this giant metal tray. (To be honest, I bought it 15 minutes after the estate sale's advertised closing time, when everyone was ready to lock the door and get out of there, leaving as little merchandise as possible.)

On the last day of an estate sale, everything is at least 50% off. In the last hour, when the sellers don't want to leave anything unsold, they will sell for less than half price. So, fifteen minutes afer closing, I asked the seller about this tray, and she gave me a price I couldn't refuse. I stole the luggage rack from our guest room (I don't expect overnight guests any time soon).

Vignette on Tray Table

I may look for something else to use for the base, but this works for now.

Vintage Books in Vignette

I put a bundle of my mother's books on one corner of the tray.

Silver Bird Dish in Coffee Table Vignette

Recently, my friend, Audrey, gave me this sweet bird dish, and the tray provided the perfect spot for it.

Vintage Mother Goose Book in Coffee Table Vignette

I bought this vintage Mother Goose book at an estate sale years ago.

Vintage Cigar Box in Coffee Table Vignette

The cigar box came from the same sale where I bought the tray. Since it was very inexpensive, I bought it on the first day of the sale. Yes, I often go to an estate sale more than once. I'm addicted!

Tray Turned Coffee Table

 My new-to-me tray table is in front of one of the sofas in our family room, and right now, I'm liking it there. Things move around often in our house, so I'm not sure it will stay there. Stay tuned to find out.
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Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

How perfect is his I love that tray.

The French Hutch said...

Hi Laurie. The tray is just lovely and even better you got such a greet deal. It looks perfect with your books and special gifts. Thanks for the estate sale shopping tip. I will try this.
Happy Valentine's Day Laurie.........

Botanic Bleu said...

Such a great tray and creative use. You will enjoy being able to move it around so easily.