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Thursday, May 5, 2016


Some of you have read this before, but I wanted to share it again for Mother's Day weekend.
Two little girls, ages two and three, huddled together on the steps in front of the brick building. They sat very still, being careful to not wrinkle their new dresses.
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The older girl held the younger girl’s hand in her lap and watched intently as each vehicle approached. She put on her best smile as a lady climbed from her car, but the lady briskly walked past them without even a glance in their direction. The girl’s smile drooped, and a worried look crossed her face.
Through the open window, she could smell the breakfast sausage and hear the clatter of dish cleanup in the kitchen. She began to wonder if they would eat good meals at “the new place” (as she had begun to call it in her mind). She glanced at her little sister, and for the umpteenth time that morning, wished that she, like her sister, was young enough to not understand what was happening.
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The orphanage lady (in her head, “orphanage lady” was what the child called the director) had explained to her that new parents would come take them away today. New parents! A man and a woman whom they had never met!

Although the sun was shining brightly and they were wearing their new sweaters – one pink and one blue – a shiver ran down her spine. Of course she was worried about “the new place” and the new parents, but she was even more worried that they would pull up in a big shiny car, get out, take a look at the girls, and decide they didn’t want to take them after all. The orphanage wasn’t a bad place, and she didn’t mind staying there, but she was fighting the fear of being unwanted. Most of the nice looking couples who came to the orphanage wanted one of those little babies who was always crying in the nursery room.
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Another car pulled to the curb and a man and woman got out and walked toward the two girls. The older girl noticed tears in the woman's eyes. Oh no, she thought. Was this to be our mother? Is she crying because we aren't what she expected or wanted?
It's okay she told herself. We can stay here. There are a lot of children to play with and the food is pretty good.
 The woman opened her arms and wrapped them around the two girls, her tears falling on the girls' heads.
Does she want us, the girl wondered.  Will we be going to a real house? Are these people the "new parents"?
The orphanage lady stepped out the door and shook hands with the man. The two girls were led to the back seat of the car. The new parents sat in the front seat, and the older girl studied their faces on the long ride. The girl decided the man and lady might be good parents. Now, she just had to hope that they would think she and her sister were good children. 
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The two girls grew up with those parents and couldn't have had a more wonderful childhood or been more loved. That mother, who stood on the steps hugging them, continued to love and hug them the rest of their lives, and the girls knew they couldn't have asked for a better mother.

Happy Mother's Day to the mother who raised me; the mother who loved me, the mother who showed me the way to live. My sister and I were truly blessed to have been your daughters. Since you left this world, I've missed you every day, but your love and your lessons remain with me always. Thank, you Mother.

My Mother-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend.


Joy said...

Ok, I'm crying now. I had not read this before and it is a beautiful tribute to your mother and father. I'm so glad they found you.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh Laurie what a beautiful sad post. It sounds like you and your sister were so fortunate to have these wonderful people become your parents. This was a truly heart warming story.

I am sure your mother is looking down on you now with such great pride.

Wishing you a most wonderful Mothers Day.


Ginger said...

You were so special to have been chosen by your mother and father. Happy Mother's day!

Mimi said...

What an absolutely beautiful tribute! This post embraces everything Mother's Day is about. :-)

Anonymous said...

Boy I am sobbing now, it doesn't matter who or where you come from it is the people who love and care about you, it sounds as if your MOMMA & DADDY loved and wanted and cherished you..Oh, for that to happen to other little girls and boys who have no home! I lost my mom young no one wanted me or my brother they wanted my baby sister, she was adopted we were not, we are not close at all and never or speak to each other, I was from a big family when my Mom died my older brothers were in the army and other military fields, my Daddy took to drink and we were taken away! My brother and I were used in Foster homes for being like servants and mistreated the baby was adopted by one family who was the worse of the bunch..Needless to say we only have each other and never ever speak to the brat as we called her she made terrible choices and ended up in a pickle..But we are fine with what happened, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and we are strong loving people..Your Mothers day blog is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

You told that story so well. Aren't there some wonderful people in this world? It looks as though you were lucky to find each other. My dad grew up in an orphanage during the depression, but would be claimed by family who would take him in during cotton chopping and cotton picking time. They were quite careful to have them back to the orphanage by the holiday time as nobody in the family could make the budget expand to cover the holiday expenses of the extra kids. So glad that things were different for you.

Anonymous said...

Loved this story of love thru adoption. This is a great reminder to can come at any time of your life. God gave you great parents, and you never expected how great God's love is for you! I will be crying all day with happiness for you and yours.