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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

One of our granddaughters turned twelve this weekend, so we celebrated with a polka dot birthday dinner.

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

I set the table with the polka dessert plates on top of each place setting. I had to move them when we had dinner and then put them beside the cake for the birthday girl to cut and serve her cake.

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

Polka dot cups hold candies. The green felt place mats are decorated with bright pink felt flowers.

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

I used brightly striped flatware and

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

and "jewel" handled dessert forks.

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

At the adult place settings, pink polka dot napkins were secured with a silver bow holder.

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

I used the party bow napkin rings on the children's place settings. (We have six grandchildren, but only four are old enough to sit at the table.)

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

This is why the table was set with the dessert plates on top. The birthday girl's favorite color is purple, and these plates (Snowflake) have a purple band, but just a plain white center. The dessert plates gave the table some punch. I also used twisty straw cups at the children's places.

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

Crowns hold votives in the center of the table, and I used a table runner that is embellished with polka dot ribbons.

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

I put some faux party blowers on a pedestal (believe me, when you have six grandchildren, faux party blowers are better than real), and

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

I wrapped a piece of purple felt around the pot holding my purple Orchid. 

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

A stemmed celebration bowl held more pretty candy.

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

We have a tradition of bringing in the birthday cake with a parade, while singing happy birthday. Our grandchildren all carry instruments. I didn't think about  our youngest grandchild, who has just started walking, and I ran out of instruments at this party, so she had to make do with a pot lid and spoon.

Polka Dot Birthday Dinner

We are so blessed to have both of our children, their spouses, and all six grandchildren living in the same town with us. (But I am going to have to buy another instrument for the birthday parade.)

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Ginger said...

What a fun table. It is just adorable. I love the idea of a parade with the kids playing instruments, while you bring in the cake. I bet your house is the most fun place in your town!

Joy said...

I enjoyed seeing your festive table. It really set the party mood! And the birthday cake parade is a great idea.

Anne said...

Looks so festive and perfect for a pre-teen. I love the idea of the birthday parade. I think that I may use your idea. One grandchild can walk, but the other is just starting to pull herself I have time to get some instruments. Thanks! said...

So cute and festive Laurie! Love the faux blowers, you are a smart grandma!

Unknown said...

That pillow is lovely! So many pretty choices in the shop.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Laurie, what a perfect polka dot setting for your grand daughter's birthday. Love it and the parade to bring in the cake is such a precious tradition. I know I always say this, but everything you do when creating table themes and all your home decorating, is so inspiring.

Best Wishes to the Birthday Girl!!

Unknown said...

The birthday parade idea is just perfect, Laurie. You are so creative, Obviously, you come from the school of Making Your Own Fun! Well my dear, you are the class Valedictorian.

Lulu said...

This table with all its playfulness had to be a 12-year-olds de

Oliva Ohlson said...

The birthday parade sounds and I bet it's so much fun!!! I love this family tradition!!! Beautiful tablescape and perfect for a 12 year old girl!!! You're a wonderful loving Grandma!!!

Sandra Lee said...

Very cute and colorful!

Chloe Crabtree said...

Such a fun celebration with all of the bright and colorful accessories! That is cute about the little one getting a spoon and a pot lid! Thank you for sharing over at Celebrate it Sunday!