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Sunday, March 1, 2015



Last week, I posted an Irish tale about this window.  You can read that post here.

St Patrick Decor 1

Do you recall that this Lad and Lass were having a disagreement?  She wanted him to look at her St. Patrick's Day decor, and he wanted her to help him get the pot of gold.

St Patrick Decor 2

He had better hurry up and look at her decor, because it seems that others have discovered the pot of gold.  This little Lassie is telephoning a friend to come quickly to help her get the gold.

St Patrick Decor 6

And, although it appears that this Lassie is busy training her pig, since she has two four-leaf clovers (and one is a history-making, giant size), she might have the best luck getting to the pot of gold.

St Patrick Decor 7

St Patrick Decor 3

He probably doesn't have to worry about this group.  They look too busy, singing and dancing, to even notice the pot of gold.

St Patrick Decor 4

But I think he'd better worry about this hiker, who seems to be shouting to everyone about the pot of gold.

St Patrick Decor 5

These three are very close to finding the pot, but they appear to be running in circles.

St Patrick Decor 8

This couple has probably missed seeing the pot of gold, since they are so busy flirting with each other.

St Patrick Decor 9A

Look up there!  Some lad has lost his hat while trying to climb across the rainbow.

St Patrick Decor 9

He'd better watch this sweet lassie.  It looks to me like she's going to throw down that bouquet and make a run for the pot of gold.

St Patrick Decor 10

I'm worried about the Lad and Lass in this tale, so I've left them with an Irish toast.

St Patrick Decor 11

I hope it reminds them that a solid roof over your head is a good thing, but there's not much more you need if there is love shared beneath that roof.

St Patrick Decor

Thank you so much for coming by to read my little Irish tale.  Don't forget Cuisine Kathleen's St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl on March 11th.  It's always so much fun.

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Linda @ A La Carte said...

This is adorable! I am in love with your vintage post cards! That little green pot is calling to me! Happy St Pat's day!
Linda said...

I wish you could see the big smile on my face! Adorable Laurie!

Candy S said...

Laurie, Your Saint Patrick's mantel is delightful. You are inspiring me to get busy and get the leprechauns out and dust them off for St. Pats!

Lulu said...

No matter the occasion you always have such fun stuff. That must be due to all the bargains you find.

Mary Ann said...

Love this mantle!!!

The Tablescaper said...

Your posts always bring a smile to my face. Maybe it's partly because it's good to know someone out there has more "stuff" than me! But truly, I love your mantel.

- Alma, The Tablescaper

Jacqueline said...

I had to laugh out loud at what Alma said about someone having more stuff than she! Funny! You do have so much and it is always fun. What a beautiful window and mantel. I always skip right over St. Patrick's Day except for a feeble table attempt! Loving this!!