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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Easter Vignettes 1

Easter is almost here, and I'm still sharing our Easter decor.  Do ya think I overdo it?  

Easter Vignettes 2-tile
 These Easter bunnies, swimming ducks, and Easter chicks are in on the buffet in our sunroom.
Easter Vignettes 5-horz

Easter Vignettes 7

Two little bunnies are trying to climb into my candle lamp.

Easter Vignette 6

This Easter basket is filled with vintage Easter treats.  Sugared diorama eggs, plastic Easter bunnies and chicks, German candy holder bunny (poor thing has to have his head taken off to get to the candy), and fuzzy animals are some of the treats. 
Easter Vignette 6a-tile

Easter Vignette 10

 A well-used paper mache bunny carries cupcake pics in his basket.  
Easter Vignette 14

Easter decorations on the other end of the sunroom include an Easter Ideals book that belonged my mother.  Do you remember the Ideals books? 
Easter Vignette 13

My Mother collected bunnies, and I've inherited many of them.  I even have bunny lamps that belonged to Mother.  The lamps get a little bow at Easter time.

Easter Vignette 15

Easter Vignette 16

I'm glad you came to visit the bunnies in our sunroom.  


Ginger said...

You asked if you over do it...heck no!! I love looking at all your holiday decor. I am just amazed that you find time to get it all put out and all put away before the next holiday. lol.

Ginger said...
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Sarah said...

Laurie, it's fun to see all your bunnies. I do remember Ideal books. My mother always had a subscription. I loved the poetry and beautiful images. Is it still published? I also have fond memories of the sugar eggs with the scene inside. We would get one in our basket every Easter. They were our special treat! I remember the Five and Dime would sell colored chicks at Easter too. Do you remember that? Seems cruel now.

candlelightsupper said...

So lovely and whimsical. You haven't overdone it. Just perfect for celebrating.

Mila said...

I like paper mache bunny best :)

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Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Simply beautiful decorations - love them all. I am afraid that I didn't get out hardly any of mine - lost track of time working in the garden.
You always have so many lovely things Laurie. The grands are going to love coming to you house for Easter.
Happy Easter to you and yours.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Love your enthusiasm for holidays! I always imagine your grandkids exploring and checking out the decorations. My aunt used to make the sugar eggs and gifted each of us one. My mother would display them every year but they eventually yellowed and the frosting crumbled a bit so she discarded them. She made some for my kids that I've stored more safely. Have a blessed Easter Laurie!

priscilla said...

Love all your Easter decor!