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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Back 2 School Table

This is the table for my annual back-to-school dinner for the grands.  In my previous post, I shared the fireplace mantel d├ęcor for this event. Back 2 School Table 1

A plastic, cafeteria style tray topped each place setting.

Back 2 School Table 2

Under the tray, I used chalkboards.  Each chalkboard had a math problem that was appropriate to the age of the child who would sit at this place.  They had to answer the problem before they could check out the goodies under the chalkboard.

Back 2 School Table 3

Under each chalkboard, there was a stick-on dry-erase board.

Back 2 School Table 5a

To the side of the place setting, there was a stick on blinking light.

Back 2 School Table 4

Each place was marked with one of the grand’s initials on a chalkboard tied to a reproduction milk bottle filled with pencils and pens.

Back 2 School Table 6

I also used reproduction milk bottles (recent purchase at Tuesday Morning) for their drinks.

Back 2 School Table 5

The little paper cups held eraser tops for their pencils and a piece of chalk so they could answer the math problem on their “placemat”. 

Back 2 School Table 7

Some of my grands have outgrown the idea of a “back-to-school fairy”.  When each of them started school, I explained that, inviting this fairy to their back-to-school celebration, would insure a good year at school.  They may not believe my little tale, but they always make sure the fairy is in attendance (just in case my story is true).

Back 2 School Table 8

Old school books, an apple for the teacher, and a wooden globe completed the centerpiece.

Back 2 School Table 9

A lunch box and thermos salt and pepper set are an appropriate addition to the table.

Back 2 School Table 11

Whew!  Another successful back-to-school celebration.  I love seeing them get excited about fresh new pencils and pens. 

I really appreciate you coming by to read my blog post.  laurie

This post is partying at the The Style Sisters for Centerpiece Wednesday and Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.


Candy S said...

I love this colorful table. The grands are probably all excited to come for dinner and see what you have tucked under the blackboards for them. Love the Roy Roger lunchbox.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Oh Laurie what a good Grandmother you are! This is so cute and I like the fairy idea! Can't hurt :-) You have a lot of inspiring ideas- love the cute little bottles with the pencils etc.

Sarah said...

Laurie, I know I say this a lot, but your grands are truly fortunate to have a grandmother who gives them wonderful special occasions. Making memories is a wonderful thing! '-)
Happy School Year to each of your precious grands!

Lulu said...

What a very fun way to ready the kids to go back to school and, perhaps, make them think it's not so bad to be returning.

Debbie said...

So glad I didn't miss this. I have been attempting to be a nurse maid to a chipmunk this week. (Not a real one, just a daughter with oral surgery.)

This is just lovely and pure out creative. I love every layer from tray to chalk board to the other board and goodies. You just thought of every detail.

And I LOVE the fairy. Those kids will never forget that, and I won't be surprised that a similar fairy shows up at their own tables when they are grown.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Jacqueline said...

Laurie, you just went from one darling thing to another! I was just oohing and aahing at each little detail.
I have had just this excited feeling thinking of going back to school all week - just like I was reliving it as a kid and this table makes me feel like a kid! Such fun.