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Monday, July 15, 2013


I am constantly moving things around in our home.  My sweetheart often says he always looks behind him before he sits down, because I might have moved the chair that is usually there.  For some reason, I don’t often change anything in our bedroom.  Other than Christmas décor, the fireplace mantel in our bedroom has probably had the same silhouettes on it for four or five years.

Bedroom fireplace-Bargain Hunting with Laurie

For those of you who saw my bedroom post five years ago, I know you are wondering if the “family jewels still hang above our bed.  Yes, they do!  For those of you who didn’t see that post, our chandelier is decorated with my mother’s, my grandmother’s, and my mother-in-law’s pearls.

Bargain Hunting with Laurie

I know I told you five years ago that the toile tablecloths I had used as curtains had already been temporary for five years before I started my blog.  Well, guess what, they are still temporarily hanging in our bedroom.

Bargain Hunting with Laurie

I think, in other rooms in our house, I sit around looking at them and think of something to change all of the time.  When I go into our bedroom, I’m usually going to sleep, so I don’t ever think about changing anything.  I did recently add a red ticking dust ruffle to the bed (and see the red toile pillow on the bed?).  There’s still hope that I’ll eventually take the tablecloths off the windows and hang new curtains, and maybe I’ll even change the fireplace décor.

Bargain Hunting with Laurie

The family jewels will probably stay on our chandelier though.

I'm always so glad to have you stop in for a visit.  laurie

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Ginger said...

That's pretty cute that your hubby says he has to look before he sits down cause the chair might of moved. He sounds like a pretty patient man.
Love your bedroom!!

Stacey said...

Just beautiful! I love the red ticking bed skirt and need to get one for my granny room.

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

Why change when it's perfect. I love the mantel and the silhouettes. The family jewels on the chandelier is a hoot!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Beautiful bedroom. Love the family jewels on the chandy!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your room is so beautiful and the family jewels just cracks me up. How fun is that. Hugs, Marty


I like a bed with lots of layers like this. Very nice!

Dewena said...

Don't be in a hurry to take down those curtains, I love them! This is a dream bedroom to me, makes me sigh with content. That fireplace is so wonderful and the silhouettes on the mantel. And I love the chandelier. Of course, old pearl necklaces are a weakness of mine.

Please don't change much!

Debbie said...

I wasn't around Blogville five years ago so this is all delightfully new to me! I love everything about this room. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's my favorite room in your home. I think you should go back and retour other things from years ago for those of us who have never seen them. Let's face it, at our ages, if we have seen it, we have probably forgotten anyway.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh, I could just hug you! I appreciate so much someone that doesn't change things all the time. I am so sentimental, I just like what I style or not! I LOVE the pictures on the mantle....I think it is a conversation piece!


Oh Laurie, your bedroom is gorgeous, why would you need to change anything! I love your mantel and your bed is beautiful too! I'm with Ceekay...I too love what I love, no matter how not on style it is! My daughter always says that I'm getting old with all my European porcelains, lol..and I know she'll want them some day! Thank you for your great comments, I appreciate it so much, you been a lady of wonderful taste.

Patty Rumaker said...

When you have a room working just the way you want and it really works for you, then why change anything. Enjoy! I think your bedroom is perfect. I absolutely love your fireplace and the mantel looks perfectly accessorized. I wouldn't change that chandelier for anything - such a personal fixture in your private space. I have always loved toile and I think it works everywhere. Enjoy!
Thanks, Patty

Mimi said...

I wouldn't change a thing- it is absolute perfection as it is! I so love the pearls idea- how clever is that!! And I think your fireplace is done to perfection and you never mess with perfection!


PS I know exactly what you mean about being the one room you have not changed because you are tired and ready to sleep at the point where you actually give it a thought-ha- me, too!

xinex said...

I probably wouldn't change that much either if it were mine, Laurie, cause it is perfect the way it is....Christine

Gina said...

Your bedroom looks beautiful! It's warm & comfy looking. And I love the family jewels hanging over the bed! Fantastic idea!

Ivy and Elephants said...

The bedroom is just perfect, why mess with perfection! Love the family jewels chandelier! I'll have to try that, (with a lesser jewel of course!)

Celestina Marie said...

Laurie you are one amazing decorator. I love the toile as you know and we have it in our master bedroom too. Love your touch of red with it. Toile is one of those patterns that are timeless.

What a grand idea to drape the vintage pearls on the chandy. I love the idea and may have to borrow that one.

Your room is simply perfect, comfy, cozy and magazine ready my friend.

Thank you for stopping by my WBC post. Your kind comments just lifted my spirits and blessed me so much. Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Unknown said...

like everyone else says , why change a good thing! Love the pearl idea onthe chandy. :)

Rebecca Corvese said...

Laurie, you are too cute! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find you. The "family jewels" in your bedroom is such a cute term of endearment. Even with tablecloths, you bedroom looks very cozy and comfy! As long as you are comfortable in it, that's all that matters!


Unknown said...

I would change furniture around if it were not all so huge and stationary; this summer between travels and activities I have not had the bu to rearrange. Glad to see you are still at it. I love what you did with the pearls too. Don't think that would do as well on our ceiling fan!