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Wednesday, November 16, 2011



I am definitely giving thanks, even more than usual, this week.  You see, last week was sort of a bad week for me, but thanks be to God, all is well that ends well, and this week is a great ending to last week’s traumas.

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It all started on Tuesday of last week when my 7 year-old grandson cut off the tip of his finger in the hinged side of an industrial door at school.  The bone and nerves were severed, and the first doctor said it would have to be completely amputated.  It was attached by a small piece of skin on the back of his finger. (That may be more information than you wanted, but I had to live through it, so I’m going to make you have to read about it!) tureen

A second doctor came in and told us that, since he was young and would heal quickly, we could try to reattach the tip, but that it might reject, and he might have to end up amputating it anyway.  He sewed it back on, and we waited to see what would happen.

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On Friday, I went to an estate sale.  I tripped over a concrete curb (concealed by overgrown monkey grass).  By Friday afternoon, I couldn’t bend my fingers on my right hand, and the back of my hand had begun to swell.  It was a holiday (Veteran’s Day), and my family doctor’s office was closed.  So was our local Orthopedic Clinic.  My husband was at hunting camp, so all alone, and feeling a little sorry for myself, I iced it all night and waited to see what would happen.  The next morning, there was a mountain on the back of my hand, so I decided to head to the E.R. at our hospital.  Following x-rays, the ER doctor diagnosed two fractured bones in my hand.  She put a splint on it, telling me it was too swollen for a cast and told me to see a doctor Monday. 



My first thought was that we host 30 family members for Thanksgiving dinner and for Christmas Eve dinner.  (Don’t tell my husband that was my first thought, because I am the only secretary in his law office-which was, of course, his first thought).  I was worried about cooking and tablescaping, and he was worried about typing at his office.


I had to wait until Tuesday afternoon for an appointment (which happened to be with the same doctor, on the same day, and time that our grandson’s finger was going to be rechecked.  The doctor removed my brace, checked my x-rays and informed me that he saw no broken bones, but a lot of nerve damage.  With exercise of my hand and fingers, I should regain full use (with a little weakness) of my right hand.  The news was followed by a huge sigh of relief, and a prayer of thanks be to God from me.  My hand is already much better, although I can’t completely bend my fingers, and I have almost no strength in it.

dinner plate

The doctor invited me to follow him to the examination room where my daughter was waiting with my grandson.  He removed the metal protecting cover and bandaging from my grandson’s finger, and pronounced that blood was getting to the tip of his finger, and he was showing no signs of rejecting it!  The news was followed by a huge sigh from me and my daughter and prayers of thanks be to God.


We were still rejoicing when my grandson asked the doctor when he would stop growing hair on his finger.  It took a minute for the doctor to realize that he was talking about the black stitches, which circle his finger.  The doctor said that, since his finger was doing so well, he could probably take the stitches out right after Thanksgiving instead of leaving them in for almost a month as had been expected.


(Salad Plates: Thanksgiving by Queens; Dinner Plates: Apple Blossom by Ridgways England)

I recently had the luck of winning two blog giveaways!  Both giveaways were perfect items for me to win.  Anyone who has been visiting this blog for very long knows that I do a little (okay, more than a little) decorating for the Christmas holidays, and I LOVE collecting Christmas tree ornaments.  I was so excited to win the cutest Christmas tree ornament from Debby’s Christmas blog (Debby’s Tree).  She also blogs at Just Breathe and has a beautiful gifting blog at For your Tears.  When I thought I had broken bones, I began wishing that Debby had come with the ornament, so that she could do her beautiful decorating on my Christmas trees, because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to even have a Christmas tree.  Now, I can’t wait to put this cute ornament on my kitchen Christmas tree.  Thanks so much Debby.    ornament milk chocolate[1]

My second win was this wonderful Cornucopia cake pan from Cuisine Kathleen.  Kathleen is a chef extraordinaire, so you know I was wishing that this cake pan had come with Kathleen, so she could bake me a cake in it for my 30 Thanksgiving guests. She could also tablescape my tables, because she is an incredible tablescaper.  Now that I am going to be able to use my hand, I still wish Kathleen could have come with the cake pan, because I know mine won’t turn out as delicious and pretty as hers, but I can’t wait to give it a try.  Thanks so much Kathleen!cake pan

What a wonderful week this has been!  Our family has definitely been blessed beyond measure, and we are definitely giving thanks.  A minor detail of last week was that my daughter-in-law’s vehicle was broken into, and my Tom-Tom (navigator), which she had borrowed, was stolen.  Some of you may recall my excitement and love affair with Tom, which I blogged about last year, so although I was upset about the loss of Tom, that loss was overshadowed by the roller coaster of emotions over other events of the past two weeks.  Tom can certainly be replaced!

give thanks

I know this was a long saga of the events of my week, and I thank you for suffering through this post.  Wishing you many blessings throughout the year, as I give thanks for our most recent blessings.  laurie


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Oh my - You did have a rough week! :( Glad to hear your hand is not broken and your grandson's finger was saved. Makes you wonder about who reads some of the xrays. Granddaughter injured arm - ER said broken, daughter took her to ortho. specialist, who said it was not broken.
Pretty table setting! Congratulations on winning!

Carol said...

Goodness, when it rains it pours! So happy to hear things are improving for you and your grandson. God is good!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Wow, Laurie! What a week, but how wonderful it all worked out okay!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, bless your heart, Laurie! That was a week. I'm so thankful to her you and your little grandson are doing better. God is good, isn't He?
congratulations on all your wins too!
Take care of yourself and don't over do it!
Be a sweetie,

Jewel Sauls said...

Wow! You have had quite the ordeal! So thankful that all has ended well. Love your table and I have those turkey plates! I have Spode Woodland Turkey and the Churchill Turkey too. You do have so much to be thankful for. Glad to hear from you as always!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I'm glad there was a turnaround of your nightmare events. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Debbie said...

Well, whew!!! What a week, and I am beyond glad that all's well that end's well. I was relieved when I got to the part about the finger not rejecting. That's just huge... He's such a little boy. I literally winced at the thought of him losing the end of his finger. It must have been just horrible.

I'm relieved for his grandma too, that it wasn't worse with your eventful "trip".

Of course, I was so busy reading the story that I had to go back and enjoy the pictures after the fact.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving table for a wonder Thanksgiving story!

Be safe and celebrate!

Salmagundi said...

Happy to hear that your trials of last week are coming to a happy ending. Enjoy next week with your family. Sally

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm happy that you and your grandson are on the, what a week! It makes everything else look so trivial. I'm glad you won some great gifts to perk you up!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Laurie!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

That is a rough week indeed! I am so happy with the good outcomes for both you and your Grandson! God is Good!! Now congrats on your two wins and I know you will have an awesome Thanksgiving! Sending you many hugs and well wishes. Linda

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Wow! Laurie what a week, indeed!! I am so happy that everything is working out well for all of you! You do have MUCH to be grateful for! I pray that you and your grandson continue to heal; and that you all will have an abundantly blessed Thanksgiving!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Laurie,
What a week you had my dear! I was so into the story that I hardly looked at your table! But it's beautiful!
So glad your little grandson and you are going to be ok.
Your quite the trooper dear!
I never knew you worked for the least there should be some good fringe benefits! hehe.

Terra said...

Whoa, that was a week you would not want to repeat, but I am so glad your grandson's finger tip is healthy and your hand is healing. Your Thanksgiving table ware is gorgeous and you have the right attitude of gratitude girl!

Unknown said...

My Dear Laurie,
I'm so happy that the week is past and your 'orbit' is much improved..the storms are over so sit back relax and enjoy all your wonderful guest..It is truly a blessing that your grandson still owns his finger and can go ahead and point it in any direction he wants. I sure hope the school has figured out how his finger became caught so they can fix that before anyone else has a problem.
Sorry your lovely Tom was stolen and the car broken into..that sure can make you mad. Why do criminal feel they can just take whatever they want? It's not nice but I hope that person has has a worse life than he has now..(sorry Lord)..
Your table looks beautiful and I can vision all the chatter and friends and family sitting next to each other having the best of times..Wishing you well too as I know what pain you are going through..believe me..I know!
Hugs to you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend..
Kindredly, Shirley

ellen b. said...

Oh my goodness Laurie! You really have been going through some traumatic experiences. I'm so glad things are looking up and 2nd opinions were better than the first ones! God bless you gatherings this year with lots of helpers to ease the load!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What an ordeal...well more than one! I sure hope things settle down and you enjoy your holiday! I'll keep your grandson in my prayers for his complete healing! Hugs! ♥

Priscilla said...

Oh, my you surely have had your share lately. I'm so glad your grandson is going to be OK. Poor little fellow. I'll bet he loves showing it off at school. Little boys love gory things. I taught school for 30 years, I know about this!
I hope your hand regains its mobility and strength soon.
What a week.
I hope your Thanksgiving goes off without a hitch.

The Tablescaper said...

Wow! Laurie, that was quite a week. I'm so glad that things are looking up. I can so appreciate that your first thoughts were Thanksgiving and Christmas entertaining!

- The Tablescaper

Simple Home said...

So sorry to hear about your difficult week, but so glad it ended on such a good note. I hope your Thanksgiving dinner goes well, and your fully recovered by then.

Ginny said...

Wow! Laurie you sure did have an awful week. Thanks be to God, that everything worked out fine. I hope your hand will get stronger every day. I will pray for your hand and for your grandson. We do have many blessings, and sometimes we do not realize how many blessings we receive each and every day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Maggie said...

What a week it was!
Glad there was some sunshine in amongst the tears.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

First and foremost I am so thankful that your grandson's finger is doing so well. What a blessing.
Second I am glad that you didn't break any bones and that you are also on the mend.
I think it would have been fun to come and decorate your house! I am in awe of your collections.
Thank you for the sweet mention and I'm so glad you won.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, you have so much to be thankful for. That cake pan is adorable!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh my goodness glory sweetie, what a week you've had. I'm so happy things are goin' better.

Your table is just amazin' warm and charming. I do so love your little 'milk cow' ornament. Sweet!!!

Take care, God bless and enjoy this wonderful day!!! :o)

xinex said...

Oh Laurie, I am joining you in being thankful for you and y our grandson. You are truly blessed. Maybe you can decorate for me cause I decided not to. I have boxes all over to get ready for guys to redo the floors and then I won't be here on any holidays. Poor John will be alone starting with Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and rest your fingers....Christine

Unknown said...

Hi again my friend,
I hope you are doing better and hope your grandson is also doing better.. the days are getting busy so I wanted to wish you a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving. Take it easy and I hope you get out of doing any of the clean up! I took advantage as long as I could..hehehehe..but, I do wish you the best..

Sarah said...

What a story! I'm sorry you have had to go through all this stress and pain, but happy to hear there was some positive news at weeks end. Congratulations on your recent wins. You deserve to have a bit of good luck.
Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Sarah

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Bless your heart, Laurie, what a horrid week! Sooo glad that things are better now for both you and your little grandson. May you and your sweet family have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Coloradolady said...

Glad you are on the road to mend. Wow, what a week, and not the fun kind at that. Your poor little grandson, what a terrible thing to happen. You too, my what a bad time of year to be out of commission! Glad you both are on the road to mend. Take care of yourself!!

Sue said...

Laurie, I'm so very glad to hear the positive news about you and your grandson! Someone was definitely watching over you. Take it easy and let other people help you out! Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. hugs, Sue

cherry said...

I am so glad to hear you are mending and yes praise be to God that your grandson's finger was saved!!! your table is magnificient! Happy early thanksgiving! cherry

Tomarie said...

Laurie, I was just thinking about how I was missing all my "chatty" friends and thought I would pop in. Well....oh my Goodness is all I can say!!! Poor You and your Grandson!!! I am so sorry for all of these awful events! I'm hoping this at least gets you out of working a little bit! Lol! We need to catch up in the "room" soon!
Love ya! :-)

Elaine said...

Praising God! Hope and pray all continues to heal and that you are both doing well.

Loved hearing about "real" life...


Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Laurie~I'm b-a-c-k to makin' my visits (finally)! I just wanted to take a minute at this season of renewed hope and gratitude to personally thank you for your visits and kind words, especially with the loss of my kitty Angel. I wish I could convey to you how much your continued friendship means to me. You're always so generous to share a big part of your hearts passion through your wonderful posts. I look forward to each and every visit. I've no doubt we've more to enjoy on this blogging journey.
Hope to see you soon!

Sweet Wishes,

Kathleen said...

I am sorry I am just seeing this, Laurie. I have had the painters and the place is in utter chaos! I haven't posted in a week.
I am so sorry to hear of your troubles, and so happy to hear dear gson and you are on the mend!
Thank God is right!