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Thursday, June 3, 2010



Some of my favorite things hang around on the walls and stand on easels in our home. This sweet drawing of a baby is on an easel in our master bedroom. I found this drawing in the attic of our family home. I don’t think it is a drawing of a family member, but I just love this beautiful baby.

baby drawing

I purchased this drawing of a boy with a butterfly from an auction that benefited the local Humane Society.

boy w btrfly

I found this framed tapestry on the last day of an estate sale. (Those of you who go to estate sales know that the best deals are on the last day of the sale). I just love the peaceful pastoral scene. (This hangs in my entry hall, and it was difficult to photograph it without a glare.)


My “new to me” Quimper wall pocket has become one of my favorite things.

wall pockt

Along with some vintage cards, I display these two envelopes in the wall pocket. They are addressed to my grandmother, and they are some of my favorite things too. The Lewis and Clark Expedition envelope contains a three cent Lewis and Clark postage stamp. It is postmarked “July 28, 1954. The Majestic Hotel envelope advertises “Every room with Private Bath or Shower”! It was sent to my grandmother when she was living in Steele, Missouri and doesn’t contain a street address (letters were often delivered that way in the “olden” days, because the town postmaster knew where everyone lived.). I can’t read the year on the postmark, but it also was mailed with a three cent stamp.


I also like my wall pocket when it is empty or holding a bouquet.

037 A friend of mine, who knows that my favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life, gave me this vintage lobby card, and I love it.

WNDRFL LIFE DONNA I also love the altered lobby card that hangs below the real thing. My husband had my photo put on Donna Reed’s cute body for the top of a birthday cake. Don’t you just love seeing Jimmy Stewart lifting my tiny little body into the air? (Of course, it’s really Donna Reed’s body, but in this picture, it’s my faux body – and believe me, this is about as faux as it gets!) Hey! Maybe this is what I should use as my picture on my profile page!!

WNDRFL LIFE LAURIE Another of my favorite things is the view from this window in my bathroom. (I know – it’s pretty obvious that it is faux. I don’t have this view from my bathroom in Arkansas). When we remodeled our home, we replaced the windows with more energy efficient windows. (Of course, I saved the old windows! We all know that I don’t get rid of ANYTHING!) My husband attached a poster I had purchased at Hobby Lobby and hooks to the back of one of the windows. I love that it was an original part of the house, and I love that I can dream that I have a beautiful view.


I want you to know that I am not proud of how I gained blog viewers, but I am willing to share my accidental ploy with you. I don’t have a site meter (those things drive me crazy), but if I did, it wouldn’t reveal how many extra people viewed my last post. But after reading your comments, I do suspect that a lot of extra people viewed it.

When I posted my china storage, women everywhere were yelling -- “Honey, you’ve got to come see this”! After scrolling through my post and allowing time for husbands everywhere to gasp and shake their heads, women were saying to their husbands: “And you think you have it bad; you can never again tell me that I have too many dishes”! Many husbands replied: “You mean this is some crazy lady’s house? I thought it was a store!” Others just shook their heads mumbling things like: “Her poor husband”! (I’m sure some of you even saved a link to that post, so that the next time your beloved sees you come home with china, you can show him that post and tell him just how good he has it). So that’s how I almost doubled my viewers on my last post, and that’s why I feel that I have some ‘splainin’ to do.

When my husband and I got married, we selected two china patterns. Both of those sets were given to us as wedding gifts. (The china pattern selection was very small in 1969. We didn’t have a lot of choices.)

After I had been married for about 10 years, I selected another set of china (the same set that Susan at Thoughts from Over The Rainbow selected when she married). Those pieces were given to me as birthday and Christmas gifts from family for years.


In addition to those sets, I inherited several dish sets from my mother and my grandmother (and a few from an aunt too). My husband and I have been married for almost 41 years (I know, your parents are the only people you know who have been married that long), and I have purchased dishes from estate sales (never on the first day of the sale), flea markets, garage sales, and gift store sales. I have never paid full price or full value for any of the dishes I have purchased. Inexpensive dishes find me, and they beg me to buy them! (I know plates talk to you too – don’t deny it! My husband listens to the plates about like he listens to me, so he never believes that they have begged to come home with me).

Okay, does any of this make me sound less crazy? Of course not! (It probably just confirms the diagnosis of “crazy”!) I realize that no matter how many plates beg me, I don’t HAVE to buy them. I realize that I COULD sell some of my plates, and somebody else could worry about where to store them. My excuses are just that – excuses. Don’t all addicts make excuses for their illnesses?


Now, for those of you who thought you saw some extra space in my china storage, I should point out that I have two dishwashers. That might seem excessive too, but remember, I serve holiday meals to at LEAST 30 people, so I NEED two dishwashers – kind of like I NEED more china. I know what you’re thinking – just go ahead and say it – if I didn’t have so much china, I wouldn’t need so many dishwashers! When I took the photos in my china pantry, both dishwashers were fully loaded, so the spaces you see are where the dishes go after I unload the dishwashers! (Sadly, there are probably fewer spaces in the cabinets than there are dishes in the dishwashers.)

I know none of you called your husbands in to read about how I acquired my dish collection. That’s okay – it can be our little secret. Feel free to show your husband my previous post when you come home with a new set of dishes! (I have no shame -- I’ll take blog viewers any way I can get them!)
Don't ask me why there are two Linkys on this post. I've tried to get rid of one, and can't do it. Please use the first one to link up, and if you want to comment on my post, you have to scroll past the first AND the second Linky! (Oh My! An excess of Linkys to go along with my excess of dishes.) I also can’t get all my words the same size in this post. (Do ya think I’m having a bad blogging day?)
Thank you for visiting my blog today, and thank you for allowing me to attempt to “splain” away my addiction. Just click on the links below to be magically transported to other bloggers’ Favorite Things posts. laurie

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Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Laurie, I understand your addiction, as a fellow dish addict.

I bought dishes the other day, when I was just "window shopping/browsing" HomeGoods. It's a good thing HomeGoods is about a 40 minute drive from least that's what J says.

Happy weekend!

The Charm of Home said...

I will admit I went to the Tablescaper's the other day just to gawk, I mean to look, at how many dishes you tablescapers have. And, I had already seen your storage room so I was prepared. But, my friend you are not alone. LOL My grandmother has this addiction, she has many sets of dishes. Oh, and she has a seasonal storage room just like yours too! I had a couple of dish sets, and then I started to blog....
Come by blog and win $50 from CSN to buy some more goodies!

Mellodee said...

Although I love your tablescapes and decorating vignettes and all your dishes, plates/dishes only occasionally speak to me, which is good because I don't have a seasonal storage place that I could put them! I do, however, undersstand that when inanimate ofjects speak to you, you have no choice but to purchase them and bring them home. The only thing that speaks to me that I cannot resist is holiday things, especially Christmas things. Oh boy, do they speak to me! When I see something special, or clever, or beautiful, or delightful, you can pretty much bet it comes homes with me.

And there is one more tiny little addiction....chickens on sticks!! Can't resist the ones that "cluck" at me!! Someday soon I'll be blogging about my "barnyard", just as soon as I can get some decent photographs of the silly things!!

The key to being able to indulge in one's addiction is the support of those around you, like husbands especially! You've got a good one and luckily, so do I.

vignette design said...

Oh My Gosh Laurie, you are preaching to the choir about your addiction! We all understand! I'm just impressed that you have it all organized! I took some pictures to enter The Tablescaper's party, but my cupboards looked messy. I will say though that you win! Yes, you have the most dishes!
Thanks for hosting Favorite Things. I hope you don't mind, I entered twice! xoxo Delores

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Laurie~ excess is defiantly in the eyes beholden to our hubby's.
I have a meager collection to yours and yet I still find myself hiding every dish and stemware that crosses the threshold to my house.
I always distract my hubs with the food that's going on the plates. A hungry man will ignore (for the time being) the elephant in the room if it's accompanied with a delicious meal followed with a decadent dessert plated on fashionable dishware of course.

Sweet wishes,

Unknown said...

Laurie, I love this explanation of an addiction that I share with you. We are clearing my uncle's home in PA, the last of my tribe and I had to bring some dishes home with me! To which Jerry (we ae 42 years married) remarked, "I thought you said you had enough china, dishes,,!" Well like how can I leave the old Japanese lustreware, or the roses on Canonsburg pottery, etc!! I'm still kicking myself for not bringing home the china from my aunt's last year but letting it go to the estate sale. I was over whelmed at the time and got weak.

Your mention of dishwashers for china, got my eye???Do you put fine china in there? It's one thing I dislike, hand washing my fine china, because I don't think the dishwasher is good for it??? Maybe you are onto something?

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Laurie, I love that poster how fun is that and to have Donna Reed body ha ha!! and NO I did not show Len your dishes girl he would of thought we were twins and send me to live with you ha ha!! Girl I have dishes stuffed under beds, couch etc. any place I can find to stuff I stuff...What a fun post today my Dear friend...May you have a GREAT weekend sleeping with the BOSS kwim...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Annie Joy said...

Laurie, it seems that we have two things in common. The first is an addiction to dishes and the second is a connection to the bootheel of Missouri. I grew up in Kennett and have fond memories of going to the Gobler Merchantile when I was a child. As you may know, it was a precursor to WalMart and I remember seeing dishes there, too! Anyway, I noticed your mention of Steele and thought I would touch base. And I love your blog! Annie Joy

Anonymous said...

How fabulous is that "Wonderful Life" print! I love it! You sure do have some fabulous things on your walls. You also have some amazing china! What a collection.

Best wishes for a great weekend and thanks for having us again, Laurie.

Natasha, Stacey and Holly.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Laurie,
I have to admit, I did show your's and Christine's to my hubby. It does work as kind of a good bargaining chip. I can say, just look at their's! hehe. Anyway I love all your pretties today, love that poster idea, and that wall pocket is awesome~
I do love how you find things, same as me. I never pay full price and I'm always scouring sales for my meager collection of dishes.
Have a great weekend,
Hugs, Cindy

susan said...

Laurie-No explanation is needed for me--I get it :) I LOVE those first two pictures. I have always loved pictures with children in them and have my eye on one for my bedroom. I LOVE you in the poster!!!! That is my 2nd favorite movie. You are SO clever! I was late linking. We went out for a fabulous dinner to a new place (not far from Poplar:) and now I am typing with CHUBBY little fingers :) Thanks for having the party!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Laurie! Yes, you know I do understand your addiciton...although I must say that you have me beat in the plate department! Most of my favorites are on the wall! lol And I love your art...especially the faux movie cute! How can I help but love your wall pocket! It's wonderful that you have so many special things from your family! Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Dear Laurie, I want to be just like you when I grow up :-) That means I need to accumulate even more dishes, and stay married for another sixteen years ;-)

Enjoyed this post tremendously!

Susan Freeman said...

I must confess, I have a plate addiction too. But then I also have a linen one, a pillow one, oh and then there are lamps and anything red for the kitchen. If it's vintage, I will probably like it. I suppose there are more harmful addictions. I do love your movie poster! It's just the sweetest thing that your husband replaced Donna Reed with you!!

Susan and Bentley

Sweet European Dreams said...

You are SO funny. I met a sweet lady at an antiques market who showed me that I was NOT a fabric addict, but a "COLLECTOR of fabrics". I like the sound of that MUCH better! I do love china, but it's better for me that I collect linens and fabric instead- we move often and they travel well!

Sweet European Dreams said...

hi again! I just realized you put my button link on your page - THANK YOU!

xinex said...

From a dish addict to another one, lol! I had a lot of comments about them showing my post to their husbands too so they can stop hounding them when they buy dishes. I guess they appreciate our posts b/ it makes them look better to their hubbies. I love your pic on the Wonderful Life poster. You look so cute. I also like the baby pic, iut looks like a Gerber baby...Christine

Unknown said...

Oh Laurie, your husband must be a dream to do that for you. Personally I think that you are much prettier than Donna! I love all of your treasures, but the illustration of the little boy is brilliant.


Debbiedoos said...

Well we all have something don't we? You sure have a beautiful collection though.

Kathysue said...

Laurie is there anyone in blogland with a better sense of humor than you? I don't think so. You always make me laugh!! Thank you for always coming by for a visit on my blog post. You are really so faithful, I don't know how you do it. God has given you a gift my dear. I was so tickled when I read that you saw that episode on HGTV and you could see why Little Jimmy had the feel even in miniature. He is not dipping his toe in the water but he is dipping his sweet little hand to pick up rocks. Wasn't that Indian Maiden amazing?!! Happy Monday,Kathysue

Lisa said...

You are so funny! The dish storage post was really fun but I DID NOT show it to the Hubs.:)
PS I love "It's a Wonderful Life," too. They always play it on Christmas Eve here in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! Don't worry! You're in good company with all of us dishaholics! But honey, you've got some of the most wonderful dishes! I love all of your storage. Now this does make me jealous!! :)
Love your pretty wall pocket but the most wonderfulness is your cute tiny head on Donna Reed's body! That is precious!
Be a sweetie and thanks for helping me decide where to keep my pillow!
Shelia ;)

Kathleen said...

Hi Laurie, sorry I missed this week, but it has been a hectic one..Sis from TX is here and my other sis celebrated her 50th wedding anniv. Party with 150 crazy Irish people, lots of laughing and dancing..
A few more days of house guests..and then I am back!
Love all your paintings and QUIMPER, AND , yes, I feel so much better that you have more dishes than me! :)

Melanie said...

I enjoyed this, Laurie. You're such a sweetheart!
And you DO have a wonderful life with a wonderful husband!

Sonny G said...

well Sweetums, there are lots worse addictions than, Dishes:) but it was mighty nice of ya to try to splain it to use Lucy lol

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I totally understand! I love dishes too. I've been looking for a bigger china cabinet for my dining room for a year now and I know every time I mention it my husband is thinking "why doesn't she just get rid of some of those dishes" LOL!


Sarah said...

Laurie, I thought I'd left a message on this one Sunday, but don't see it. Thanks for helping out with the link for me. I appreciate it!
Your drawing of the child with the butterfly is one of the sweetest pieces, and the wall pocket is the perfect holder for those special notes and envelopes. I'm so happy you got that one! As for the poster - your husband is too clever! What a treasure he is! :-) And the poster too!!!
Thanks again, Laurie. ~ Sarah

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You truly amaze me. Your house is like a museum filled with all the treasures that I love! I love the "It's A Wonderful Life" items that you have. Love what your husband had done :) Thank you for showing us these items.

Foley said...

Love the drawing of the baby - just too cute! ARe you SURE it's not YOU!!!

Your post on your dishes made me feel terribly inept! Wouldn;t know where to store half of the dishes. But I think since you host all of the holidays you are entitled to the collection and should add more - you have to make room for 'breakage' !!