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Monday, May 29, 2017


Summer Decor Ideas

Plates are an easy way to add to d├ęcor for the seasons, and since I am a plateaholic, (can you believe spell check thinks there is no such thing as a plateaholic?) I have them for every season! I pulled out some summer-themed plates to use in our sunroom.
Needlepoint bird and flowers for Summer Decor

I know you're saying, "Laurie, that is not a plate". You're right, but I put this summery needlepoint on a plate rack.
Summer on the Plate Rack

I did use some plates on the plate rack too. The floral bowl belonged to my mother. The green bird and flowers plate was a flea market purchase.

Summer in the sunroom
Another Summer needlepoint snuck into the post. I bought the daffodil needlepoint at an estate sale.
Summer Scene on Plate

This plate, from a junk store, features a boy flying a kite, a woman hanging clothes on the line, and a couple taking a Summer stroll.
Summer Vignette

This vignette is on a table in the sunroom.
Plates used for Summer decor

Birds and Nests in trees on plate

This plate decorated in blue features birds and birds' nests in trees.
Duck on Plate used in Summer decor

The duck on a plate was another flea market purchase.
Toolbox decorated with Summer Plates

Another table holds my toolbox filled with plates.
Decorating with Summer themed plates

The floral Blue Ridge plates belonged to my grandmother.

Baseball themed bowl for Summer Decor

I found the bowl depicting a baseball game at a local thrift store.
Bird Plate for Summer Decor

This bird plate was another thrift store buy.

Summer Decor Frog Fright Plate

When I found this humorous plate at an estate sale, I fell in love with it. I can't decide if the little boy is protecting the girl from the frog, or if he's as frightened as she is. What do you think?
bunny lamp base

My mother's bunny lamp sheds light on the plate--filled tool box.
Bunny with Pouch of Flowers

Mother's bunny carrying a basket of flowers made it into this vignette too.
Frog Decor for Summer

I love to add a little humor to a vignette. This table is where the frogs are living now.
Studious frog for Summer decor

This wise and studious frog advises the younger frogs that they should spend their summer day reading a good book.
This couple ignored his advice and put on their swimsuits. This was a purchase from a going-out-of business sale at a gift store.

Swiming Pool Ashtray

 The swim-suited frogs are headed to the Blue Haven Pool, an ashtray I found at a junk store.

 Thank you for coming to see some of my Summer vignettes. I hope my U.S. friends are having a wonderful Memorial Day as we give thanks for those who have courageously given their lives for our country.
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Unknown said...

I would love to shop with you some time as you find the most fun items. Before we remodeled the kitchen last year, I had shelves in there that displayed a lot of seasonal items but some of it was just fun little things. Once we put the new wallpaper up, we just didn't want to clutter it up again. I need to sort through all of that stuff and make some sweet little vignettes myself.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

I love the unexpected ways you use your plates. They all look amazing.