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Thursday, January 26, 2017


I Love You Tablescape

I'm hosting my six grandchildren and their parents for an "I Love You" snack supper.

Valentine Dessert Plates

They can grab a heart-shaped plate and serve themselves.

Valentine Table

I'll put heart-shaped chicken salad sandwiches on the plate and nuts in the heart-shaped bowl.

Planters Peanut Spoon

I found the Planter's Peanut man spoon at a flea market one time.

Vintage Polka Dot Bowl for Valentine Table

The vintage, polka dot bowl will serve shrimp dip/spread, a family favorite. I'll put crackers and chips on the charger under the bowl.

Cake Plate for Valentine Table

There will be a Lemon Pound Cake on this plate, so the cake forks are waiting in a nearby red glass that belonged to my grandmother.

Iced Drinks on Valentine Table

There will be wine for the adults and soft drinks for the grandchildren.

Valentine Table Wine Stems

Hankies for Napkins on Valentine Table

Several years ago, I found these handkerchiefs at a going-out-of-business sale at a gift store. I'm using them for napkins. I ordered the lace napkin sleeves from the Polka Dot Closet Etsy about three years ago.

Ornaments on Valentine Tree

For the centerpiece, I hung ornaments on a pink aluminum tree.

Love Warms the Heart Votive Candle Holders

Votive candle holders remind us that "Love warms the heart".

Valentine Tree for Table Centerpiece

It warms my heart when you stop by for a visit at BDw/L. Thank you.



Darlene Gardner said...

Your family is so very lucky to have someone like you! You make every holiday fun for everyone. Love your table and pink tree!

Anonymous said...

This post just made me happy. The effort was done out of love and the items used were meaningful and special. In a blog world of bigger is better and home d├ęcor posts with NO heart, this was refreshing! I think I will do something like this for my grandbabies and parents too :) Angela

Ginger said...

It all looks beautiful.

Unknown said...

You do such lovely things for your family and I know that they adore you. What an inspiration you are.

GranthamLynn said...

Oh I love it. And what a special time. Your table is so sweet and full of love!
Love all the collections! I hope you'll come and link at the Fabulous Party!
This weeks link is here:
Come over and share the love!
Happy Valentines Day

Thelma said...

Your table is beautiful. Especially the tree.

Jackie See said...

Laurie, your table looks a like fun time, and your decorations are festive and happy. I too, remember the little trips I have made to find those little things. I think that adds a touch of yourself in all things.