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Saturday, July 25, 2015


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Back to School T-shirt
The front porch mascot! He stands guard for us. #frontporch #decor #front porch ideas
Container Garden Tips


From BDwL this week:
I apologize. Because I was having major dental surgery, I had prepared and scheduled my two most recent posts prior to the surgery. They posted on time, but under the influence of pain medication, I accidentally deleted both of them after they went live. I'm still on meds. I will attempt to come back and re-add the commentary to this post when I can. Thank you for understanding.
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Celestina Marie said...

Hi Laurie, I love Kim's chair too. She did an amazing job. I adore the mix of fabrics that she did so well. Thanks for sharing her chair and post.
Hope you are doing well and staying cool. HOT here too!!
Have a nice weekend. Hugs, cm

Shelley from Roots North and South said...

Hi, Laurie! Thanks for including my porch stairs! I love the toile tablescape, too. Hope you are feeling better from your dental surgery...