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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


4th of July 1

Our house is decorated for Independence Day.  (Yes, we live in a plastic house.)

4th of July 3

The 4th of July parade is about to begin.  (Yes, we begin celebrating the 4th of July in June.)

4th of July 2

If that young man lights fireworks now, the parade may begin even earlier!

4th of July Parde 3

Coca-Cola’s entry is a train with patriotic gnomes riding in it.

4th of July Parde 4

Hershey truck

I hope they will be throwing Hershey’s candy from the Hershey parade entry.  I’ll be the one standing close to the road with my mouth wide open!

4th of July Parade 1

There’s our cute little drum majorette, and two band member wannabes are following behind her.

4th of July Parade 2

Here comes our community band, all decked out in their colonial outfits.

4th of July 5

I think it’s time to turn on the lights at the house.   (The Grizwolds do patriotic d├ęcor too.)

4th of July Decor


4th of July 8

 Yippeee!  We are still celebrating the red, white, and blue with a patriotic blog tour. 

red white  & blue blog tour

You’ll find Monday’s and Tuesday’s links below.  Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday and Thursday for more links!

1. Patriotic Drop Cloth Pillow

2. DIY Flag- Reversible Tray / Wall Art | DIO Home Improvements

3. Easy Bandana Wreath - Girl in the Garage

4. Navy and White Striped Nightstand - Restoration Redoux

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    1. Patriotic Industrial Star

    2. Patriotic Straw Hats

    3. Berry Shortcake Trifle

    4. Easy 4th of July Buffet

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        Collection closes in 1h 32m.
        Let other people know about it through twitter.

        Hooray for the red, white, and blue, and hooray for you, because you came to visit me!  laurie


        Debbie said...

        You crack me up.
        And then, I finished all that cracking and started thinking.

        Hmmm.... I have a wonderful old doll house up in the attic just sitting there doing nothing at all.

        And as I said, Hmmmmmm....

        (I'm so out of it that I didn't even know there was such a party going on.)

        Sarah said...

        Laurie, I suspect your grands have fun with this. Is it interactive? Creative play is great for child development!!! ;-)

        I see that the link is open today. Is that a mistake or is this party open to others to add patriotic links?

        Fun party! Thanks for hosting……….Sarah

        Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

        Oh Laurie, how great! Love all your 4th of July decorations. You have so many wonderful items. Your grands must love coming over to your house and seeing all the fun things.
        I'm off to check out the rest of the posts.
        Have a great week.

        FABBY'S LIVING said...

        Oh boy, I didn't know about the 4th. of July party! I was away for 10 days too. Anyhow, I'm just into Father's Day 2014 still! I'm hosting a buffet this Sunday! I'm so inspired by all this anyway!

        Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

        What a cute display and you've really got a storyline going here, Laurie! : ) If I put something like this out my granddaughter would have a field day.

        P.S. The Bowdabra people tell me they sent your package out last week. Did you get it?

        Celestina Marie said...

        Hi Laurie, I just love your sweet neighborhood patriotic display. Wouldn't you love to be small and be in a little town like this?? Your grands have to love your display and the creativity you put into it.
        So much fun.
        Happy Wednesday.

        Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

        Laurie, this has to be one of the cutest Fourth of July vignettes ever! I smiled all the way through your post. Everything is just so cute! You always have the cutest things!

        BECKY said...