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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Thanksgiving Table-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

I previously shared our Thanksgiving table for 10 and our Thanksgiving table for 8.  I seat approximately 30 people for Thanksgiving dinner, so I have a few more tables to share.

Thanksgiving Table-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

Since I also cook for 30 people, the commentary on this post will be brief.  I’m using my European flatware.  The upside down monogram dictates that I place it upside down.

Thanksgiving Table-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

I used a mixture of red transferware on this table for 5.  Yes, there are only four plates shown, but two of the plates on the table are the same.

Thanksgiving-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

Chargers/placemats are Fall platters that I bought at auction a few years ago.  When I got the first platter for $6.00, the auctioneer asked how many I wanted to buy at that price, and I replied, all of them!  I’m only showing four platters, because two of them are the same.

Thanksgiving-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

In a former life, this tablecloth was a window curtain.  I’m seating three at the game table.

Thanksgiving-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

I bought the Pier One Oralia plates several years ago.  Brown metal chargers.

Thanksgiving-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

Thanksgiving-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

Thanksgiving-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

Thanksgiving Dessert Buffet-Bargain Decorating w Laurie

The dessert table is set up in the study.  The bay window on one side, and no natural light on the other makes it difficult to get a good picture in here.  Normally, this table is covered with books.  (You can see that some of the books remain as part of the centerpiece – that’s because I ran out of places to stash books!)

Fall-Bargain Decorating with Laurie


Thanksgiving-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

Ready for the banana pudding.

Fall-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

Grab something to put your banana pudding in.

brwne pltr

A platter (Poppytrail by Metlox) awaits the brownies.

Thanksgiving Dessert Buffet-Bargain Decorating w Laurie


Thanksgiving-Bargain Decorating with Laurie


Thanksgiving Cake-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

Can you tell my cake is a cornucopia?  I won the cake mold last year from a Cuisine Kathleen giveaway.  For my Canadian friends, I surrounded the cake with store-bought Maple leaf cookies.

ktchn plc stg

A few of us will sit at the kitchen table.  I’ll say I’m sitting there so I can watch the buffet (set up on the kitchen island) to refill when necessary.  I’m really sitting there, because that’s where those candy kisses in a cornucopia are (which I showed you in my previous post).  Sadly, there are fewer kisses in it than there were only a few days ago when I shared it.  (I don’t know who is eating those!)

Thanksgiving-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

These plates belonged to my mother.  They are Eggshell Nautilus.  It is a wheat pattern, so I’m not sure why that isn’t reflected in the name of the plate.

Fall-Bargain Decorating with Laurie

Several years ago, I was excited to find this vintage wheat pattern tablecloth to use with her plates.

pilgrm crd

I’ll be linking to:  Let’s Dish Wednesday at Cuisine Kathleen, Centerpiece Wednesday at The Style Sisters, and Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.


ellen b. said...

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your 29 guests!!
You are the hostess with the mostess!
I'm making yams for 45 and NO...I'm not hosting!

xinex said...

Happy thanksgiving to you all! Laurie. I love all your tables and I really like your transferware esp the platters. I am sure you are very busy. I am having a quiet one this year...Christine

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Wow, Laurie, your settings are spectacular! Have a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

Kathleen said...

God bless you for hosting so many and making each table so lovely! Your cake came out great! You are right, I didn't make it this year, no sense to make it just for the 2 of us. I wasn't even going to bother with a turkey, I thought I would just get a big chicken! The turkeys were much cheaper, so I got one. It just doesn't feel like Tgiving not being with my family, but it would just be too much for dh. It does make you appreciate the holiday, no matter how much we gripe about all the work!

Have a wonderful day with your family, they are so blessed to have you!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Laurie, your tables are stunning and so pretty. I hope that you and your 29 guests have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sure glad that I don't have to do all those dishes. Thank God for dishwashers.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Where did you get the maple leaf cookies? I bought some a couple of years ago and don't remember where I found them - thinking aldi's.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

Marigene said...

I am really impressed, Laurie...decorating so many tables for your guests, plus doing all the cooking. You got a great deal on those turkey platters.
Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Miss Jane said...

WOW!! Cooking for 30 people, that's amazing and quite an accomplishment. I love your turkey platters and the beautiful mix of dishes.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Happy Thanksgiving Laurie!
You are going to be one worn out little gal.
Everything you touch is festive, and oh so pretty!
Try to enjoy and sit down and get off your feet!
My brother is hosting and 43 are coming to his home tomorrow.

lynne said...

Laurie, the work that you have done!It's all just beautiful! I hope they all appreciate it!

Peggy Thal said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Everything looks beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I could tell your cake was a cornucopia, but at first I didn't realize your cornucopia was a cake! It looks amazing! Love all your dishes and lovely tablecloths. You're gonna have a busy day. I'm about to get on the road. Happy Thanksgiving. Dawn @ We Call It

Celestina Marie said...

When is dinner? LOL~~ Love your gorgeous setting and each and every detail you added. You always make the dinner special with your table settings and collections. Love your cornucopia cake with the maple leaf cookies.
Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

Perfectly Printed said...

Your tables are inspiration! I need to set mine up a little closer to dinner, we need the space to cook!! Happy Thanksgiving!! said...

What a great idea to set tables all over the house and you certainly have the plates platters and silver to do it! Love the dessert table idea and your cornucopia cake! I am going to have to start getting creative as our family is growing growing growing!
Happy Thanksgiving Laurie! I know you're going to have a wonderful day!

Rosie M. said...

What an inspiration you are! Your guests will be welcomed by all those beautiful table settings and I'm sure they will feel appreciated and grateful for all the work you have done to make their Thanksgiving special! Have a wonderful day and REST tomorrow!
Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

allisamazing said...

Have a wonderful thanksgiving! Your tables have been wonderful :)

mzzbev said...

Beautiful, festive plate settings! I'm envious of the variety, especially the Turkey plates. Visiting from Tablescape Thursday.

vignette design said...

I always enjoy seeing your table settings and how you mix it all up. Love the idea of using platters as chargers.
You must be exhausted this morning after cooking for 30 yesterday. I know I am and I only had 12.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and now let the Christmas decorating begin! ~Delores