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Monday, January 21, 2013


I know there are some in Blogville who have a “thing” against Valentine’s Day.  I can only hope that everyone has someone (even if it is a pet) who loves them, because love (even if it is not romantic love) warms the heart.
piano w doves
crd hldr 1
I guess you can tell that I have nothing against Valentine’s Day.  It’s obvious I have nothing against collecting Valentine’s cards, since I’ve covered the top of the piano with them!
card hldr 2

Some of the cards I showed in my previous post were kept by my mother from mine and my sister’s childhood.  When I cleaned out her house, I was happy to find them.  The older ones were collected by a friend of mine.  When Charlie Ann no longer wanted her collection of Valentine cards, I was the very lucky recipient of her collection!  I have mixed a few reproduction cards in with the vintage cards.
I printed this game from a blog last year (I’m so sorry I can’t remember the blog name).  I always point the arrow to “Rich Man”.  I know, it’s a little late for that kind of wishful thinking, but my sweetheart is rich in wonderful attributes, so I consider myself fortunate to have married a rich man.
Those of you who have visited my blog long enough know that this collection is usually on the mantel in our family room.  I recently posted about my “snow birds” I used on my mantel (here).  I was enjoying my birds so much that I wasn’t ready to replace them with Valentines.  I did add a little Valentine d├ęcor to the birds on that mantel, and I’ll share that soon.
Don’t forget my Valentine Party Linkup on February 11th!  I hope you’ll join the party.
I am linking to A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday.  It warms my heart that you came by for a visit.  laurie


Anonymous said...

Oh MY! I am in awe of your beautiful display - it's just so exciting to look at it! I am inspired! I found about 70 vintage valentines in my childhood scrapbook that had been packed away in the rafters of our old house. I am having fun decorating with them. Please come and see! Your blog is wonderful!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I absolutely LOVE seeing your beautiful collection! I'm going to try to print some off to at least enjoy some prints of the vintage cards! They are so much fun! You always have the most beautiful holiday decor!

Sarah said...

Laurie, I'm always amazed at seeing this incredible collection of vintage valentines. You are so lucky you had a mom who held on to things. Some of these are priceless.
Looking forward to the Valentine Party. You button is on my sidebar.

Dewena said...

These are just beautiful! You are so lucky to have this collection and that your mother kept some. It really reminds me of the excitement in elementary school when Valentine's Day approached and we each brought a shoebox from home to decorate, and then hoping that some snotty-nosed little boy would give us a Valentine! And always being disappointed because the one he gave was just plain ugly! Oh, well.

xinex said...

I can tell you are a romantic, Laurie. You have an awesome valentine card and decor collection....Christine

Phyllis @Around the House said...

Love the valentines, the are the sweetest,I was looking for Dolly Dingle in the collections I know they are all related with those fat little cheeks..I think I am now inspired to do a valentines day tablescape....

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

I too have a lot of vintage valentines. 95% were mine, my dad's, or my Grandma's. The church valentine is so cute.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your vintage Valentine collection is so much fun to look at! I don't have but a few older Valentine's. I'll be here for your Party on the 11th! Hugs, Linda

Palomasea said...

Thank you, dear and wonderful Laurie, for your lovely visit!! Your presence makes me so happy!
I LOVE this holiday, and I LOVE your decor, as always...
I am so inspired, and can't wait to begin my Valentine's decorating...
You give me many creative ideas! :)))
Enjoy, sweet friend...
- Irina

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh your Valentine display is the best! If anyone had something against Valentine's day....I believe your fun decor would just inspire them to fall in love. Sometimes it's fun to move our displays to a new spot to enjoy.....I always love to see what's going on at your "Holiday House" ---- Happy Valentine's Friend.....thanks for sharing the Love!

Abi's Blog said...

I love your vintage valentines! I recently put up one from my daddy (he passed away in Sept of 2011) to his mother and 2 from my husband to me when we were in elementary school - we were in the same class. :) Blessings, Ava
One day, I'll get around to updating my blog!

Ruthie Miller said...

Dear Laurie,
What a joy-filled post!! It makes me smile. What a treasure trove of old Valentine cards you. Darling and sweet.
I Believe~ in love and Valentine's Day.
Come visit Lady B and me at:

Unknown said...

Who could not believe in Valentine's Day??? Is Love not blind? Is Love not real? Has Cupid forgot someone??? I think not! I for sure will be at the party..
Love and Friendship...

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

I love, love, love this Valentine display!