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Friday, May 8, 2009



This post is probably not going to interest anybody else (unless my sister, Julie, is reading this) (I guess that implies that I think other posts I do are interesting! I do try to post things that are a little more relevant to others than this post). I felt a need to post this, so please forgive me for indulging myself today. You may want to just skip to the end of this post, where I discuss a topic that caused more than a few questions on my Tablescape Thursday post! I am, of course, talking about "epergnes"!

Edited to Add: After I published this post, I learned that there is a lovely event going on in Blogville. "A Mother's Day Tribute" is being sponsored by Foley's Follies, so I am going to link this post to that event. I just read her post about her mother and grandmother, and it is both touching and humerous. Please go by and read it, and get the links to other Mother's Day tributes.

~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~


My mother was one of the most gentle, caring, loving, and kind people I've ever known, and she was such a LADY. (Of course, I'm a little prejudiced about this subject).

I never heard my mother say an unkind word about anybody. If I came home with gossip, she gently pointed out that we cannot believe everything we hear, and that we should not repeat anything negative about anyone, whether it is true or not.

I was 3 1/2 years old when I was adopted. In the 50's, when I was adopted, and maybe today too, people always said to adopted children.. "you are special, because your parents picked you". That worked for awhile, but then my grandmother told me that when our parents realized they were not going to be able to have children, they decided they would adopt a child. Because of their age, they didn't think they should adopt an infant. The orphanage contacted them and told them that they had sisters who were about the age my parents wanted, but they would not allow the sisters to be separated. That is how I ended up being raised with my biological sister, who is one year younger than me. We never knew which of us they would have taken if the agency had allowed us to be separated, so one of us really wasn't "picked", and my sister and I will never know which of us it was!

(Don't you just love these outfits-especially those shoes and Mother's glasses?)

Mother was always supportive, encouraging, and loving about anything my sister and I did. She made us feel that she was proud of us and of our accomplishments, no matter how small they were (and believe me, mine were small, and few!)

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you probably know that I don't have much self confidence, and you probably know that I do a lot of self-analyzing (probably a dangerous habit). I attribute my severe insecurities to the fact that I always felt that my biological mother didn't love me enough to raise me. (As an adult, I know that it is more likely that my biological mother simply couldn't raise me, but that isn't the way a child thinks.) When you grow up believing that the woman who gave birth to you didn't love you, how can you ever believe that anyone else could love you? The only way that can be overcome is if you are given the gift of a mother like mine. Had it not been for the loving encouragement of my adoptive mother, I believe that my insecurities would have been much worse than they are.

I never felt unloved. I never felt that things could have been better if I had been raised by my biological mother. Most of the time, I didn't even think about the fact that I was adopted. When you are adopted as an older child, you don't have to be told that you were adopted. You just know it, because you are aware of what is going on when you are being taken from an orphanage to a home, even if you don't remember a lot about the adoption. So, we never had to have that "you are an adopted child" talk that I'm sure all parents of adopted children dread, and all adopted children remember for the rest of their lives. Adoption was just seldom mentioned in our home.

The blessings that I received by being adopted by such loving parents overshadow any of the feelings of loss of not knowing my biological parents. My very special mothers made that possible...the mother who gave me up, as well as the mother who raised me. In my heart, the mother who raised me was, and will always be, my mother, and I know how blessed I was to have been loved by such a wonderful woman.

Since I live in my childhood home, and I am surrounded by so many things that belonged to my mother, I am reminded of my mother every day. Enough time has passed since I lost my mother that I can sometimes smile and even laugh when I think of her, although the tears still flow at times.

Our Daddy died when I was 17 years old. Mother was so strong and did everything on her own after we lost him, and she never complained. She sent me and my sister to college; gave us wonderful weddings; and never made us feel that there was anything she wouldn't do for us. Until a month before we lost her, mother had never been in the hospital! Every morning of her life, she put on her girdle, bra, hose, makeup, and usually a dress, (In the 60's, she did wear pants sometimes.) I'm sure she was appalled by the way I dressed at home after I got married, but she never told me that. The morning after she was admitted to the hospital, I went to see her in Intensive Care, and under her hospital gown, she had on her girdle!! (I don't really think it was intentional-she was just so accustomed to wearing it that she didn't realize she had it on!) (Since I've always just let my fat hang out, I know I could never become that accustomed to a girdle!)

Mother would have been one of my biggest blog supporters! She would have told all of her friends how brilliant I am to be able to have a blog! She would have ignored the fact that millions of other women are blogging, because in her mind, nobody else's blog would have been as wonderful as mine.

When mother reached an age when she could no longer host holiday dinners at her house, I began having them at my house. After every one of those celebrations, mother would go home, pick up the phone and call me to tell me how wonderful everything looked and how delicious everything was (in spite of the fact that she had told me that several times during the celebration). I still feel terribly let down after I host family celebrations, because I don't get that call from mother.

My mother was a very generous and welcoming hostess. As she laid in a hospital bed in her home, she remained the ultimate Southern hostess. When a Hospice worker came to check on her, or when a friend came to visit her, she would ask me if I could get some cake or cookies and coffee for her guest. She was aware that she didn't have long to live, but she still wanted to show her visitors the hospitality that she had always shown them. She only lived for three weeks after we brought her home, but until the last few days, she was still a gracious hostess.

Mother, you taught me so many lessons, and I am so grateful for all I learned from you, but I am especially grateful for the lessons of love that you taught me. I miss you, and I love you.



One of the things that my mother taught me was the word "epergne". The entry for the word "epergne" in the online Webster's dictionary is as follows:


Pronunciation: \i-ˈpərn,
Function: noun
Etymology: probably from French épargne saving
Date: 1761
: an often ornate tiered centerpiece consisting typically of a frame of wrought metal (as silver or gold) bearing dishes, vases, or candle holders or a combination of these

This lesson did not come easily! When I married in 1969, a Southern bride wrote a thank you note for every wedding gift. Sadly, I cannot remember who gave us the epergne that was on my tablescape in Thursday's posting, but I will never forget the thank you note I wrote! I had to destroy four of my lovely monogrammed note cards before I spelled the word correctly! Since the meaning and spelling of the word is burned into my memory, I just assumed that everybody was familiar with the word, and I had no idea it was going to cause such a fuss when I posted about it! I am, however, very glad to know and appreciative of the visitors to my blog who are actually reading the words! Maybe I should throw in a "faux" word now and then just to see if anyone is reading all of my ramblings! Heck, I've probably had a faux word or two in my postings without even knowing it! (Example: "ya'll"-but I have it on good authority from several of my blog readers that "ya'll" is a word-and a very good word at that!) I have to share a very clever remark from one of my blog readers. If you read my previous post, you may remember that I talked about the sexy legs on an epergne. Linda (Mom of a German Shorthair) left a comment that the legs on my epergne reminded her of "a cowgirl who has just been on her horse too long, & has ended up BOW-LEGGED"! I loved that comment, and I laughed out loud when I read it. Linda, my epergne IS bow-legged!

I bought this piece at an estate sale years ago, and I think it is also an epergne.

I really just showed you my other epergne, because I wanted to show you my beautiful peonies that I cut yesterday!

Most epergnes are much more fancy than either of mine. Just look at these I found on the internet:

I love this one with the little hanging baskets.

A cranberry glass epergne

I think this one is so unique, but if it was mine, I can just hear my husband saying...I hope you didn't pay a lot for that fancy guy sitting on the toilet!

Okay, school's out, and there will not be an exam. I am always learning from all of you, so I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share information with some of you. A visitor to the same Thursday posting wanted to know where I got my high/low coffee table. It was another estate sale purchase.

If you are a first time visitor to my blog, I want to assure you that my posts are not always so wordy, so please come back on another day. I appreciate my visitors so much, and I really love reading your comments. It's almost like my mother is here to tell me how wonderful everything is!



Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh Laurie -- your mother was beautiful! And she taught you well - I was so happy to read ALL that you posted about her. My dear mother is gone as well - so I know how sweet those memories at Mother's Day are! And she was right you know ---- you are brilliant!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Laurie, your sweet and precious tribute to your mom brought tears to my eyes. I think yours and my mom came from the same mold. You so described my own mother. I lost her in 1986 at such a young age and like you, I think of her every day and miss her so much. I too cherish and appreciate all the love and wonderful memories she left me with. You are a true treasure and just like your mom, just as loving and gracious. I'm so proud to call you friend. Have a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Hugs, Marty

Domestic Designer said...

Lovely post in every way! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Ginny said...

Laurie, What a great tribute to your mother. My mother passed in 1999, and that pain of her loss is still with me. She never got to go to her first born granddaughter's wedding or see her great grand children and that makes me sad.
Have a wonderful mother's day!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Laurie: This was a beautiful post and loved every line! I wanted to do a post about my mother, but I can't, it's just still too raw! I went to the cemetery yeterday and totally lost it and cried all night. I think of her everyday and yearn for her so much!

Thank you for sharing.

Lou Cinda:)

Cindy J. said...

I could hardly see through the tears to read my dear friend.. You know ever since you shared with me that you were adopted I have visualized my precious the little Laurie. I am so grateful that God placed you in such loving arms. Happy Mother's Day! Love, Cindy

Connie said...

As Cindy above said, "God did place you in loving arms". What a wonderful place to be. You speak so lovingly of everyone, always, and her teachings have lived through you. To me you were describing yourself !!!
Never change ~~ be you.

Love you, Connie

Coloradolady said...

Laurie, I read every word, this was such a sweet post, I had tears in my eyes. You are a precious lady yourself....Have a Happy Mother's Day.

ellen b. said...

Happy Mother's Day Laurie! I really appreciated reading your story and how you came to know how to spell epergne :0) Blessings...

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Beautiful Mother's day post my friend...Hugs and smiles Gloria

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Very good post, Laurie! Thanks for Mr. Webster's pronunciation and definition of an epergne .

What a special lady your mom was. And so very pretty.

Tammy said...

Beautiful tribute to your mother. She's beautiful and I love the photo of all 3 of you. :)

Thanks for the lesson too!

Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Ps. Peonies are one of my favorites!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

This was the sweetest and most touching post I have ever read! I want to thank-you for this my friend, it means so much to me because my daughter Katie Rose is also adopted. She came to us as a newborn and she has met her birthmom and birthgrandma but I think she has had many of the same feelings that you shared. I love my daughter so much just like your mom loved you. My son is my bio-child and I can tell you there is no difference what so ever. Laurie, your mom was a very pretty woman and she taught you well. The birth announcements I sent out for Katie said, "You weren't grown under my heart, but in it." I think that really sums up how us adoptive moms feel. Hugs and Happy Mothers Day to you, Cindy

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Ohh dear...I am so taken aback by this tribute to your mama, Laurie! You just brought tears to my eyes with all of your sweet and precious words about your mama!!! I just know that she is looking down from heaven right now...and with that same sweet smile and bold encouragement...she is feeling a sense of glorious accomplishment!!! For a mother could raise no sweeter or loyal daughter than you!!! I'm so touched!!! I know that your mama was such a special lady...set apart from so many!!! I know this because of who you are!!!

I promise I will read and comment later about the epergne...I just want to celebrate your mama and you right now!!!

Happy Mother's Day Sweetie!!!
Love ya,

Unknown said...

I found your blog via The Nester. I must say I was very interested in your post and felt the love for your mom. Sounds like she was the epitome of a southern lady.
Hugs to you and a "bless your heart" for good measure. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Off to 'follow' you now...I love your blog!

Helen said...

Dear Laurie ~ I am not certain I knew the story of you and your sister BUT am so very glad you shared it in this post.

You have such a warm, friendly way of writing (and yes you are a good writer) and I never tire of reading your posts. I actually went back a few this evening as I've been slow in making the rounds. The happiest of Mother's Days to you, dear friend.

A Grain of Salt said...

What a heart-warming post. Your Mother truly was special.
Happy Mother's Day!

Judi said...

Your mother is so beautiful...the first picture oh my goodness. She looks so gracious.... I so enjoyed reading this post its so very beautiful too. You and your sister were very special to be adopted into such a lovely and caring home.
You have wonderful memories of your mother and I hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day Laurie..

Four Paws and Co said...

Laurie, That was such a beautiful tribute to your mom. The tears were/and are rolling down my face. You're such a treasure and I know your mom would agree with me! I'm sending you a great big cyber HUG! ♥

Love you epergnes too - even the bow legged one... ☺

Happy Mother's Day my friend! ♥ Diane

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I usually don't bother to read an entire post as long as this but I read beginning to end. I could pass the test ;) Your mother must have been a wonderful person!

Love the old photos!

I have an epergne and didn't know it :)

Silvia said...

hi laurie , your pics are absolutely beautiful your mother was a beautiful,gorgeous lady....
happy mothers day my friend...

Jewel Sauls said...

I was feeling a little misty since my "baby" is at her senior prom and next year I will be an empty nester, so I decided to visit some blogs. Now I am boo-hooing. Your lovely post is such a wonderful tribute to your mother. You and your sister have been truly blessed. Sounds like you "inherited" a lot from her.

I love epernges also and noticed that yours looked like my chafing dish holder with a bowl inserted where the warmer goes in mine. I may have to rig up a new epernge based on yours. If it works, I will give you all the credit!!!

Happy Mother's Day! :D Jewel

Chandy said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Laurie! Your mom is such a lovely person to deserve such tribute...

Glad I came by to read it!

Dawn Marie said...

You know, your posts are awesome, you can surely tell you were blessed and given much love and support. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful loving mom..and what a gift i'm sure you and your sister were to her. I loved this post and I love your pictures,,I had tears in my eyes, my experience as a child was not a good one but i never tire of hearing of those who were so blessed.

Foley said...

Laurie - I read every word, and you wrote it in such a rhythm that I was crying , then a chuckle, then back to crying... You were indeed very lucky to have such a loving Mother who raised you well. I do believe she would be extremely proud of your blogging!

The photos are so precious and I'm sure your sister is enjoying this as well!

Thank you so much for participating in my Tribute to made it very special!

Stacey said...

Laurie, I really enjoyed reading about your mother. You shared some great pictures and stories. Sounds like she was a real role model.

Thanks for the info about the ipern...sorry I couldn't resist spelling it that way. I'll never remember the correct spelling. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

KBeau said...

What a special mother you had. I know you will always treasure those memories. Thanks for sharing.

Kammy said...

What a beautiful post about your Mother (I am sure she is up in Heaven looking down at you and still very proud !) Your memories
are precious and it sounds like you were very close...I really enjoyed reading your post.
Have a Happy Mothers Day !
Hugs ~ Kammy

bj said...

What a beautiful lady your mother was.
Happy Mother's Day...

Anonymous said...

Laurie= What a wonderful tribute to your Mother!! After reading I wished that I had done this for my Mother- and hope to do so- though a little late for bloggy land as I am so tired from hosting a little tea party for a few mothers and their daughters (and sons actually!)

I was on the hunt for an epergne for the longest and they never got any less expensive so had quit but your entry has made me rethink the possibility of starting the hunt again!!

Have a lovely Mother's day !


xinex said...

Oh Laurie, your mother was beautiful, both inside and out. I know about you being adopted but I did not know that you were adopted with your sister. That is so wonderful. And you both looks so alike and so beautiful. Your mother really raised both of you well. Thanks for sharing this story, such a sweet tribute to a deserving Southern woman. Thanks for the info about the epergne, looks like it is similar to a compote...Christiner

Sue said...

Hi Laurie, This is one of the most touching tributes a child could ever give a Mother, I am truly touched. I had to smile when you were telling of your Mother wearing her girdle, to this day my Mother puts hers on first thing in the morning, she even wears it while walking on the walking track,I wouldn't be able to I have enjoyed visiting with you, I want to wish you a very blessed and Happy Mother's Day.

Just a word of encouragement, God new you before you were conceived and he had a plan for your life, and He had the right people who you were suppose to be with, and it seems like they were very special too!And from what I have read they fulfilled God's plan in your life and did a great job.

puddin07 said...

Laurie, I read and loved every word! You beautiful Mother was such a sweet soul! You are so like her! I loved all of the pics, and the one of you and your sister was so cute, you looked like twins! I also loved the epergnes, my neighbor has a beautiful one she keeps on her DR table, so I am very familiar with them. Happy Mother's Day! Love Ya! Connie

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Laurie, first of all I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. I enjoyed reading your post about your mother and about you and your sister. The memories you have of your mother are forever written on your heart! She was a grand lady! Hugs!

Carol said...

Dear Laurie,
I enjoyed reading your beautiful story about your sweet Mother. What a special lady she was!

Happy Mother's Day to you, friend!

Blessings & Hugs,

The Raggedy Girl said...

Oh what a loving and lovely post. I read every word of it and through my tears I could see my mother in yours. I wish you a Happy Mother's Day. A really special post.

The Raggedy Girl

Joyce said...

What a pretty Mom you had and what a wonderful life story and tribute to your Mother. I also participated at FFs site. It was a whole lot cheaper for me to write my feelings then to see a shrink! I wrote my post and debated several times if I should post it as I was feeling so many emotions that I hadn't let surface in ages. OK so call me nutty but most times I think I am sane. I know writing your post was not easy either. Happy Mother's day to you today.

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

This is the mosy touching story!!!
How lovely of you to share it with us. I am so moved I barely can think of any thing to say. This story explains alot about the woman you are. It is easy to see now why you are sooo generous of heart and had a marvelous example to follow.

Thank you again for sharing this. I will never forget it.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful mother. I believe there was never a question that both of you were chosen by God to have her as your mom.
Epergne is a new word for me, I think bloggers must be some of the smartest people in the world because we are always learning! Thanks for sharing! Sue

Carol said...

What a beautiful and touching post! I'm glad I stopped by from Foley's Follies!

Have a very Happy Mother's Day!

Nicole ~ said...

Laurie, this was such a lovely, touching tribute to your wonderful mother. Your mother was so beautiful not only on the outside but also on the inside. She is absolutely everything any child could ask for in a mother and grandmother. She sounds like she was a true lady in every aspect of her life. I enjoyed hearing about her so much. I hope you have a wonderful mother’s day today, Hugs Nicole

The Muse said...

You have touched my heart..and have made me cry! tears mingled with sadness and joy...humility and honor...

Honor that I have by some wonderfully inexplicable, heaven mandated way...come to meet you here in the vastness of blogland!

Your mom is, I believe, telling all those saints about YOUR BLOG ! :)


May the blessings of the Lord bathe you in peace Ms Laurie!

Ginger said...

What a beautiful story of your adoption, and a beautiful tribute to your mother. She sounds like she was a very loving mom.
I am going to have to look for an epergnes now that I know what they are. I think the ones you have are pretty neat. And your flowers are beautiful too.
Happy Mother's day.

Tomarie said...

What a beautiful and touching post Laurie!
The first picture of your mother took my breath away! What a beautiful person inside and out!
Happy Mother's Day! Love ya! L~

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie, Happy Mom's Day. I laughed and cried at your wonderful post today. Your Mom was so pretty and I can't believe she had never been in the hospital before and wearing her girdle when she did. I literally laughed out loud. I hope you have a wonderful week. ~ Lynn
P.S. Laurie, I always love your post. They truly are from the heart.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dear Laurie! What a wonderful post about your mother! It just blesses my heart to hear she was such a lady and really cared about teaching you the important things! Dear One, I can see the love and care from your heart in your post! I have felt connected to you because you make me feel that way when you comment to me! What your mother taught you - you learned it well!
I pray you had a beautiful Mother's Day!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hey Girlfriend...

I'm back!!! muaahhhh!!! Ohhh, I am in a mood today!!! Hehe!!!

I wanted to come back and read about your epergne...especially since I was on of the commentors who asked what it was! hehe! I just hadn't ever heard of the word and I wasn't sure if your beautiful epergne was for food or what. Anyway, I'm so glad to you gave us a lesson all about what an epergne is...and I paid close attention and believe that I could pass the test if ever presented with one! Hehe!!! Thanks so much for the definition. Ohhh myyyy...I do love those equisite epergnes with the little baskets hanging off of their arms! I would love to have one!!! Such pretty photos. I really enjoyed your beautiful pink flowers from your yard..they're gorgeous and so beautiful in your silver epergne!!!

I hope that you're having a lovely Mother's Day Darlin'!
Love ya,

Salmagundi said...

I'm almost old enough to be your mother, and you are wonderful!! Great post. Sally

Tootsie said...

what a great post! Happy Mom's Day!

debianne said...

Laurie, we all long to have had that kind of "mother" love! You are truly blessed...and very special to have been loved by two mothers.
Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your heart!

A Collector At Heart said...

Laurie - Such a tribute to your wonderful mother! I love that you still live in your childhood home and are surrounded by lifelong memories. I am truly envious! I was raised in a military family and we moved every 2-4 years and we never lived around our families. I have few memories, let alone personal belongings, of my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. It amazes me to see people sell such valuable treasures. I think that is why I collect things. I want to be able to give my children not only things, but the memory of collecting those things. When I am long gone, I want my children to be surrounded by reminders that trigger memories of their 'mommy!'
P.S. Thank you from the bottom of my lonely heart for your prayers for my son and I!

Marsha said...

My first visit to your blog after seeing the link at Foley's Mother's Day tributes.

Your tribute to your mother was heartwarming and your love for her was evident in your words. She sounds like a truly wonderful and great lady.

Suzy said...

What a beautiful, reflective post. I don't think you used one word too many and I know she would have loved it.

Kathleen said...

Well thanks for making me cry on Mother's Day! :)
Really, that was just beautiful...and what a beautiful woman she was all ways!
Your post was lovely, Laurie, and the kind of person you are shines through!
Thanks for sharing your story...I loved this post...
Happy Mother's Day, dear Laurie!

xashee's corner said...

HUGS!!!!!!!! your first half of this post is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! and God has Blessed you with a LOVELY Mother! :)
Thank you, too, for sharing the second part of this post as i learned something new, yet again!! You are such WONDERFUL inspiration!! Have an AWESOME Mother's Day!! :)

OCDesigner ~Athella said...

What an awesome tribute to your mother. Gave me chills.
FYI, I have never thought you to be... in anyway at all...,insecure.
Funny how other people see us. ~Athella

debbie said...


Linda in AZ * said...

* Dearest Laurie-girl~~~ I haven't read the comments from the others, but I'm UNDOUBTEDLY not the ONLY one who, during & at the very end of this sincerely beautiful tribute to your precious Mother, was just in tears... It's so obvious you were speaking DIRECTLY from your loving heart about this special, wonderful woman and your dear Father...... Personally, I can only dream that MAYBE, if we would have been able to follow-thru on adopting TWO much-wanted children, that they would remember Jim & I in such an incrediby loving & honoring way. You & Julie were indeed blessed with the best, and I think that's cuz you were RAISED by two of "THE BEST"!!!

Every epergne was soooo delightful to see, too~~~ sooo pretty & each unique, w/ its OWN special abundance of creativity! (And THANK YOU for ENJOYING my "bow-legged" comment~~~ makes me feel so good that I made you chuckle, sweet pal!)~~~

I lost my darling, "best-friend-besides-Jim" Mom, when she was only 58, (& Daddy two years later at about 62)~~~ its devestating, whether adopted or not, so my heart is with you on this very special day.

I like to think we're all remembering our Moms today (whether still with us or not), w/ so much thanks, as the grateful daughters we surely are...

Linda *

Linda in AZ * said...

* P.S. Your mother was soooo beautiful in that picture~~~ I especially loved witnessing (in that photo) the very gentleness about her, expressed by the way in which she held he left hand... so delicate, like a beautiful flower. And her clothing? Exquisite~~~ yes, a true Southern Beauty like your peonies~ May you sleep well tonight, my friend~~~ Me *

Mama said...

This is my first visit to your blog, but it won't be my last. I loved your story about your mom!

Anonymous said...

Your Mother is a beautiful woman inside and out. I can say this based on what i read. And you did share it beautifully. Not boring at all but very sweet Laurie. I also love you photos. Especially where the three of you have your arms together.

Aren't Mamas wonderful and such a blessing? :-)

Happy Mother's day Laurie!

Becky said...

Beautiful post about a beautiful Mother...I enjoyed reading about you and your Mother...

Soosie said...

laurie Eve..What a beautiful tribute to Weymouth Jones, your fabulous mother. Everything you have written is the absolute truth..she was a KIND soul to all of us young un's, who were always invading her lovely home. This did make me cry, thinking of her..and how much my mom loved her..and she was my daddies' age..1910 birth. They would have been 99, if they were both still living. Your mother and you always had the greatest "bunking" is such a joy to be able to visit you in your mom's home, that now carries on her old traditions and your new ones. I am sure she and Riley are smiling down on all the love your house exudes..
Oh, btw, I have an epergne story also..when Mother died, someone in either PEO or the church, had left their silver epergne at our house for a "function." I had to search the house, looking for the "epergne"..I didn't even know what I was looking for amongst all of mother's silver..could have used your tutorial! Love you, Susie

The Kramer Angle said...

I can't add anything more eloquent than what the other posters already said, except to offer that I too, thought your post was beautiful.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Laurie: Thank you so much for your sweet comment and your prayer for me yesterday. I needed it and I felt it! You were so sweet to think of me!

Lou Cinda :)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh Laurie.

I've had so much fun reading your seems just like you're sitting here, having tea and telling me your story. :-)

I laughed out loud when you talked about your Mom and her girdle. What a fun memory.

I'm so happy that you had a wonderful sounds like she worked hard to make you and your sister feel loved and special; it's so dear that she never made you "feel" adopted. I once knew a gal and her husband who had two biological children (a boy and a girl) then adopted two (a boy and a girl) and CONSTANTLY referred to the adopted children as the ADOPTED children. I found it so sad and offensive. Every time they did it my heart went out to those kids.

By the way.......your Mom's glasses are probably worth BIG money now! :-)

Hugs to you!

Melissa Miller said...

Laurie that was beautiful. Words fail me right now.
I wish I had more words
like you share.
It's a gift that you have been given and I consider it an honor to read your blog.

Love ya my friend.
Happy Mother's Day.
~Melissa :)

Kathy said...

Hello Laurie, This post is such a wonderful tribute to your beautiful mother. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day, Kathy.

Unknown said...

Hi Laurie,
You mom was beautiful...both inside and out!
What a wonderful tribute to her!
:) Diane

Donna said...

Oh, Laurie, what a fantastic post!!! I just loved it. Your mom sounds like an incredible woman! Thank you for sharing your memories and photos of her!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Tardevil said...


I came by to see what you've been up to, and saw a beautiful tribute to your mother! What a wonderful woman she must have been. I'm sure you miss her every day. It makes me sad that you have low self-esteem because I think you're perfect just the way you are! And because of your adoption experience, it probably taught you to be a better mom! So, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, and thanks for teaching me what an epergne (sp?) is. I would have never known! LOL! Penny

Beth in NC said...

Hi Laurie,

Tardevil sent me over to read your post. I am an adoptive Mommy and let me tell you -- there is no way you can know how much your parents loved you (and your sister). You both were an answer to your parent's prayers.

Your mother sounds like she was such a wonderful southern lady! She was definitely beautiful!

Thank you for sharing your lovely story! Nice to meet you. Come over sometime and see my beautiful daughter -- a complete joy!


Lady Katherine said...

Hello Laurie, What a gracious Southern Lady your Mother was. How special to be adopted with your bio sister! How pretty the two of you are, no one could have turned down you two! I know your Mother was proud to have you both at her side. Such wonderful memories of your Mother and she is so lovely! I adore her dress, looks right out of the 1920's. You are such a special lady, and the love for your Mother, shows through all your post,as you show all the items, you cherish, from your family. I do love the epergnes. My daughter said she almost bought me one for Mother's Day, I going to give her a call and find out where it is! lol What a treasure you are, I know your Mother would be so proud of you, with all the lovely tablescapes you have done. You have your Mother's Touch.

Unknown said...

I was very touched by this story. It's sad that you don't have your mom around to tell you how wonderful your blog is. But should you feel like you are down on yourself, just look at the number of subscribers you have to your blog and then look at how many comments you receive on just one post. Obviously, there are many of us out there in blogland that think you are just as special as your mother told you. I hope to one day hold the attention of readers as successfully as you.

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Laurie...Your Mom was beautiful and she sounds completely amazing! I loved reading this post and the pics were wonderful. Love the one of you and your sis with your Mom! I think your Mom picked both of you...she must have been thrilled to find out she was to have two daughters! :-) Susan

Anonymous said...

What a sweet blog. I just found it. I love your description of your mother-- we can all learn from classy ladies like her (and you!) I also found your perspective interesting, because my husband and I plan to adopt two boys in the next few years. I'll be checking your blog regularly.... Lara

The Stylish House said...

This is my first visit since returning from my trip and I am so glad I read all your posts I missed. You seriously must write a book. I absolutely loved this post your style draws a reader in. Not to mention you and your sister had one amazing mom! ~Cathy~

Joanne said...


I just came across this blog post and would like permission to repost it at my adoption blog & forum.

Please ket me know.