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Friday, February 13, 2009


ADDED TO ORIGINAL POSTING: For all of my friends out there who don't have a significant other, please go watch this. I love this video! Even if you have a significant other, you should go watch it. I'm sorry I'm not smart enough to get this video on my blog!
If you've visited my blog before, you have probably read about one of my VBF, Susie. We grew up together, and even though she lives across the state, we still manage to keep in touch regularly. I've said on my blog before that Susie should have a blog. She is just one of the most creative people I've ever known. And NOBODY can throw a party like Susie. She is often called "Party In A Box", because wherever she goes, she brings the makings of a party. Of course, Susie is so much fun to be around, she doesn't need to bring anything but herself, and you still feel like you are at a party.

Well, get ready now. You are not going to believe our good fortune! Susie's neighborhood ladies have been having a Valentine party for 18 years, and this year we are invited to join them at Susie's house. Let's go!

Her cute Valentine door decor is from Hobby Lobby. I hear Susie calling from the kitchen for us to let ourselves in.

We are in the beautiful entryway. I just love the wallpaper in here, and can you see those pretty pictures she got at Pottery Barn? See that beautiful grandfather clock? When she retired from teaching, she bought that with her retirement check. Now her husband has retired too. I sure hope they don't start needing her retirement check. Only TIME will tell.

Oh Look! Here's Susie in the kitchen, wearing that darling Valentine apron that one of her friends, Sarah, made for her.

How cute is that? The pocket on the apron says "Queen of Hearts".

Oh Yea! We can do a little house exploring before the other guests arrive. Let's check out the master bedroom. Look at that gorgeous wallpaper. Can you see where the birds bleed over into the companion print wallpaper on the other wall? I understand that it took the wallpaper hanger hours to do that. Susie's good friend, Georg Anderson (a fabulous designer who has decorated rooms in our State Capitol) made this suggestion, and I think it was worth all of the extra effort, don't you?
The desk and chair belonged to Susie's mother, who was my Home Economics teacher and a very dear friend of my mother. She got the bedding at TJ Maxx and More (her fav. store). She switches out the yellow matalasse on top for summer and uses the rusty brown on top in winter.

How cozy her window seat looks with the window treatment that matches her wallpaper.

She made the pillow on her bed out of a scrap of fabric. Isn't it pretty?

Susie says Mr. Soxx is practicing for CATaloug work!

Oh, I do love snooping around people's homes. Let's check out her charming den. When Susie saw this wallpaper in the state capitol, she fell in love with it. Yes, that is wallpaper that looks like wood paneling! Isn't that neat?

The ceiling is wallpapered in the same leather-like wallpaper that was also in the room at the State Capitol.

One of my favorite things in this house is this darling rocking duck. She purchased this antique toy in Little Rock, and she tells me that her grandchildren love it.

Look how she has displayed this treasure trove of memories in a wooden box (silver shoe spoon, family pocket watches,wedding cake topper...) What a great idea!

Susie collects boxes, and she has some beauties. She says that boxes are her eternal weakness. It's one of the few things I don't collect, and every time I see her beautiful boxes, I think I want to collect them.

OOOO! Look at this beautiful antique chest she just purchased at Jenifer's Antiques in Conway, Arkansas.

Okay, all of this touring has made me kind of hungry. Susie has told me she will be serving creme brulee casserole, fresh fruit, brown sugar bacon, Valentine sugar cookies, Snickerdoodle coffee, and orange Julius Let's go into her dining room and see this beautiful table she has set. Look at those lovely pink cabbage plates.

Look at that napkin with a luggage tag and a heart shaped lollipop for each guest to take home

And the guests names are on the place mats!

Aren't these just the cutest little gift boxes?

Oh Look! Susie has it set up for each of us to make a luggage tag.

One of the guests has made an origami valentine for each of us.

Just look at all of these cute vintage and reproduction valentines.

AWWW! Isn't this a LOVE ly plate?

I'd almost hate to eat one of these-they are works of art! I did say "ALMOST"

Even her pretty shelf/mug rack in the kitchen is decorated for Valentines!

I'm in love with this wire rack with clips. It's hanging on a beautiful piece of furniture that Susie uses for place mat storage in her kitchen.

I'm lovin' that piece of furniture too!

She has displayed a picture of her neighborhood friends. I'm sure that will spark some conversation about previous parties this party diva has thrown!

That cute little Valentine mailman looks like he's guarding that little dish of candy. I guess I won't try to sneak one--oh heck, he's a little bitty thing. I'm going in for a hand full!

I KNOW I'm going to grab one of these darling cupcakes with the Valentine picks on my way out the door!

Susie sat everyone down at the craft table to make Valentines. What fun! Elaine was so good at the craft, that she ended up making a lot of Valentines. Aren't they cute?

Now, we'll all thank our hostess for this wonderful party, and especially for the tour of her gorgeous home! THANK YOU SUSIE from me and all of Blogland (at least the Blogland citizens who are lucky enough to visit me today). laurie


Anonymous said...

Dear Susie~ I'm sure glad you've been best friends w/ "our" Laurie since, when, the days of yore when women vacuumed in pearls? You are soooo GENEROUS to share your BEAUTIFUL HOME & WONDERFUL, CREATIVE & OBVIOUSLY FUN 18-Year Valentine's Day Tradition w us~~~ you're, well, just "AMAZINGLY GIFTED & TALENTED!!! And, with Laurie's ALWAYS SPIRITED & DELIGHTFUL writing, it's VERRRY SPECIAL INDEED!!! I KNOW I won't be able to get back to sleep now, because I'm trying to remember ALLLLL that was so FABULOUS here, altho I certainly don't need a "gentle reminder" about the EYE-CATCHING wooden box w/ the TURTLE LATCH ("love at first sight!")& the TO-DIE-FOR BUNNY (!!!) scampering across the top!!! I feel like I've just attended "the best party in town", and send SINCEREST THANKS to you both ~~~ for the fun, the inspiration and "just EVERYTHING"!!! "L-O-V-E", Linda

Anonymous said...

What an awesome house (love the cat posing on the bed) and Valentine's party! :D

santamaker said...

Hi Laurie,
Thanks so much for sharing your best friend's home and valentine's decor. Everything looks so pretty. Those cookies are maaaahvalous !

Unknown said...

Laurie, I absolutely loved the party what a fabulous time we had, thanks for the invite! Please tell Susie she was the perfect hostess and i cant wait to come over again!
Honestly wow, what a party, I would hate to be one of the neighborhood ladies that wasnt included in that! I took alot of notes for my party next year, I better start planning now if i want it to be half as nice! Happy Valentines Day, sue

Unknown said...

Oh shoot, I was just going back thru that post saving some pics for my "notes" and I realized I forgot to mention her home, what a beautiful home Susie has, oh my I love it! Sue

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Dear Susie...Happy Valentine's Day to you and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful home and crafts and party with us gals..I really liked that one chest with the turtle clasp on it..Your home is beautiful and Laurie how special to have a friend for so many years like your VBF died 2 years ago and I miss her so much..what a void in my heart..Laurie and a Happy Valentine's day to you and your BOSS..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Jewel Sauls said...

Thank you Susie for letting Laurie take us to you amazing house for such a special party! :D Jewel

Nicole ~ said...

Susie's home is BEAUTIFUL!! It feels so warm & welcoming. I really want to go to her Valentine’s Day party, it looks like so much fun!! Thank you so much Susie & Laurie for sharing these great pictures. Happy Valentine’s Day, Nicole~

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Susie.. how generous of you to share your home with all of us. I enjoyed the tour..Your home is just lovely..I love, love, love your bunny on top of all your beautiful boxes...your goodies look so yummy..but I must resist..haven't had breakfast Wonderful post..
Happy Valentine's Day!!
hugs ~lynne~

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous home, Laurie! Happy Valentines Day!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh Laurie, what a beautiful home she has and what a great party. Isn't it wonderful to have such a lovely "old" friend that you can always share with. Her home is just so pretty. How nice that she used some of the same wallpapers that are used in the State Buildings. Her collections are also very pretty. Such a warm and inviting home. You were a fabulous tour guide. I hope you have a very happy VD. Thanks for stoppy by again at my place, I always cherish your visits. Hugs, Marty

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Laurie...Happy Valentines Day, my friend!!!

Oooh...thank you so much for taking us with you to Susie's neighborhood Valentines Day party...I sure had fun!!! Such a gracious hostess...and her home is so beautiful! I loved the bedroom, that wallpaper is fabulous!!! Oh yes, the leather paper on the ceiling...I love, love, love that!!! WOW!!!

Well Girlfriend, your friend Susie sure knows how to throw a party...and I just loved all of the creativity! They say, "birds of a feather...all flock together"...and I think that you and Susie are so alike in so many ways!!!

Love ya Sweetie,

squawmama said...

Hey Laurie what a wonderful post on your BFF's home and Valentine Party.... Looked like so much fun that I was sad I wasn't there with you all... She is so thoughful and talented... Happy Valentine’s Day to you & your adorable family... Hope your day is filled with love, laughter and fun...


Rue said...

Good morning Laurie :)

You've had a busy last few days! Susie's house is wonderful and like her and like you I love my stuff too ;)

You met Gollum?! That is so neat!! I would love to meet her in person one day :)

Oh and I remember Tomarie!! Her log cabin always received 5 stars from me :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Susan @ The Good Life! said...

I love your friends home and yes she should start a blog! Happy Valentine's Day!

SmilingSally said...

What a special friend Susie is! Thank you for sharing that LOVEly party. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! Oh, thank Susie for letting ramble through her lovely home! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Dear One.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Helen said...

Dear Laurie, Both you and susie sound like the kind of friends everyone should be so fortunate to have ... I am a wee bit envious I confess ... I don't have friends close by. BUT I do have son, daughter and grandchildren right here so I'm blessed too. Thank you so much for inviting me to your virtual party!

Knittings Nice! said...

Oh what a wonderful tour of your friends house this has been and what delightfull traditional home decor this is....very English in its essence....wonderful.

Ginger said...

Hi Laurie:
Thanks for taking me with you to Susie's Valentine party. I had a great time!!! I am moving in with her next her home. I am going to move around between all your friends and you...cause you all have beautiful homes.
Happy Valentine's Day

Glenda said...

I think I can say without fear of contradiction that a good time was had by all attendees. This shall have to serve as my thank you for inviting me. Mrs. Bucket (ask Laurie about Mrs. Bucket, Susie) would not be pleased if I didn't formally thank you for the invitation.

The food was as yummy as it looked. The added bonus of being shown around such a lovely home was much appreciated. Hope Vanna leaves her "big" purse at her own home. I believe you might be the same Susie that blew the cover on Laurie's middle name. Only a dear friend or a Mother sometimes uses the middle name.

Thanks again to the both of you, Laurie for letting me tag along and Susie for hosting such a delightful party.

Linda said...

Your friend is a creative genius. Her house is beauiful and her parties must be glorious! How blessed you are to have such a friend! Everything looked simply beauiful!

Susie would give Martha Stewart a run for her money!

Anonymous said...

Now how come I wasn't invited to this fabulous party? LOL....I just signed your TV thing and accidentally clicked on the wrong photo for me....oh no! It was a test photos I was working's awful. LOL.... so I did it again. ~ Lynn

ellen b. said...

Oh what a fabulous home and wonderful party table! I loved the tour and I spotted all those boxes right away because I have a thing for boxes too. Mine are a little smaller :0)
Happy Valentine's Day Laurie!!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh Laurie...Thanks for sharing your friend Susie's home with us! And Susie...You have such a gorgeous home! I love all the special little touches that you added! Your party looks like so much fun! Thanks for letting us come, too. Happy Valentines Day to you both!...hugs...Debbie

artis1111 said...

Happy hearts day to you. Chocolate dreamsto you.♥♥♥♥♥♥Kathy

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Laurie,

It is nice to meet you and I am glad that you enjoyed your visit to my blog . . . now I get to visit your beautiful blog and just in time for a party!!!

What a treat to get to visit Suie's beautiful home. Thank you for sharing the Valentine Party house tour - and for letting us "snoop" - well - check out all of the fabulous decorating ideas in her lovely home.

Happy Valentine's Day to both of you lovely ladies.

Anonymous said...


Four Paws and Co said...

What a treat! Susie's home is beautiful and the party looked so fun.

Laurie, Thank you for sharing Susie with us! Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Laurie,
Thank-you for the lovely tour of your friend's home. What outstanding wallpaper in the M/B, so many lovely things to see. Your a great little tour guide! Cindy

xinex said...

Hi Laurie! I love Susie's house. I can see the warmth in it just like yours. No wonder you are the best of friends. What a wonderful Valentine's party, so many beautiful crafty hearts. Love her bench and her wallpapers. I love her boxes too, you know I have a weakness for them too? they are all over my house too, just like everything! Thanks for introducing us to her and thank her for opening up her home to us. Happy Valentine's Day!...Christine

Tardevil said...

That was a nice party! I love her brown/white dishes! Oh, and I think you need to collect angels & gives you something new to be looking for! :O) Thanks for taking us along! Hope she'll have an Easter party we can attend! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me tag along for the party! I am so glad I did as today has not been too much of a party around here unless- I guess maybe we coule have made a party out of unstopping the bathroom sink. It was the pink sink- so I guess it had a little heart in stopping up or no heart because we are looking at tearing her out and she overheard our conversation!!


Unknown said...

Great tour and lucky to have A Valentine lunch with friends, I wish she lived by me. mishelle

Anonymous said...

Had to come back by and thank you for the laugh- the She's Got you video is a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie, I enjoyed the party, and her home is very pretty. Thanks for sharing, she is lucky to have you for a friend! Love Ya! Connie

Tomarie said...

Oh my goodness! I feel like taking notes on all the fabulous ideas here! Wait! I think I AM going to take notes! :-)
Suzie, your home is absolutely delightful, warm, and GOOORGEOUS!!
And the PARTY...well I've just never seen anything as pretty! Now I know why Laurie says you're the "party in a box"! There are just too many wonderful things that I saw to list!
Oh, and I love your box collection and that wire card holder is to die for! THANK YOU so much for allowing Laurie to show us your beautiful home! It truly has been a treat!!!!
Laurie, thanks for such a wonderful Valentine's post and for being the special YOU that your are!! Love ya! L~

~CC Catherine said...

Laurie, I loved your tour of Susie's house! How sweet her home is! It looks like you all had a blast! Hey...thanks for stopping by my blog...and just wanted to answer your question on Memphis..., I actually live in GA, we had made a special trip to take our mom to Memphis for her 75th, no, I don't live near Arkansas. :( I will be joining the GA bloggers for lunch on Mar 2nd...sure wish you could hop on a place & lunch with us! We'd all enjoy having you! IT will be my first time meeting anyone in person, I'm excited, so far...I think there is 10 of us lunching together. Thanks for coming to visit me at my place! Always enjoy the company! ;) ~CC Catherine

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

This was soooo fun Laurie! I loved being at this party. Thanks! Boy what a wonderful house and wonderful cookies, decorations. I love those cookies! Yum. Laurie I hope you had a wonderful day!

playsdolls said...

Thank you Laurie for inviting us to the party with you.It was a wonderful trip everything was so beautiful in Susie's home and the party was Fabulous

Lady Katherine said...

Just love the table setting! How fun! Laurie, did you sneak a cupcake out for me? So creative, the hearts, the boxes so wonderful!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Laurie! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, that bib is enormous, huh? The Valentine's made with the tags are so cute and I would love to have one of those cookies. Cookies are my weakness. Have a good rest of your weekend.

Tommie Jo said...

What fun! Thanks for inviting even a new reader of your blog to the party! Beautiful home!

xashee's corner said...

WOW! That was one FABULOUS party! Thank you so very much for the invite! i LOVED Susie's home and what a GREAT hostess too!! i had a BLAST! (now i REALLY want to party with you and Susie, hehe) Have a BEAUTIFUL day! ;)

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

That was a great party, I'm sure! Oh, and I agree...the wallpaper in the entry is amazing! The heart shaped cookies were decorated to beautiful perfection - I would have wanted to decopage one! Linda

nikkicrumpet said...

WHat a GREAT much to see! I think her home is spectacular....the table was set so beautifully...and those cookies were gorgeous! Thanks for sharing a truly beautiful party with us. Sheesh Martha Stewart has nothing on that lady!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hey Dearheart...

Just spending a leisurely Sunday afternoon visiting with all my friends...wanted to stop by to say hello! How are you doing today, my friend? Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day with your honey!!!

Russell took me shopping in the city for Valentines Day. I got to go to all of my favorite antique shops and Hobby Lobby...ohhh my, I was in my 7th heaven...hehe!!! I literally shopped till I dropped...can't hardly walk today! But it was so worth it, I had a blast!

Well my friend, I hope that you and honey are having a super Sunday!
Love ya,

Bo said...

Hi Laurie...I know V-Day is over, but I sure have enjoyed this party!
Your friend Susie has thought of every detail to make it special, fun & no doubt delicious! Her home is beautiful as well...tell her thanks for letting us snoop...and be sure to let us know when you talk her into blogging! ;-) Bo

Miss Janice said...

Dang it! I wish Susie was my friend also:-) Her home is lovely and that's the cutest tablescape for a Valentine celebration. It sounds like she created such an awesome event for her friends! Just too cute!

Rattlebridge Farm said...

For some reason the pictures aren't showing up. All I see are Xs.
:-( Sniff, sniff....

KBeau said...

I can't believe Susie is just now giving me the link to your blog. We should really work on your suggestion to get Susie to start one, but keep in mind how long it took her to do email. I am going to link your blog on mine.

Kathy (Susie's sister-in-law)

Rattlebridge Farm said...

I'm back--and this time the pics loaded. Oh, I love Susie's house. I want her to be my other Arkansas cousin. The wallpaper in her bedroom is gorgeous! Susie shares my love of boxes!! I love her attention to detail--the names on the placemats, the placesettings, the napkin rings with lollypops, the gorgeous cookies.
Take us back to Susie's house again!!!!

I am praying your electricity is restored soon!

Lisa (aka) French said...

Ah how nice of her to do this and provide such beautiful pics;;;Loved the tour! French;)

Judi said...

What a lovely Valentine's Tour we were invited to!
Your friend's home is so darling. She has so many special pieces in there and the boxes are a real collection. I love the one with the turle on it.

The goodies she served us were delish..yum! I had a great time...and I grabbed a cupcake on the way out to!

Thank you again.

Dawn Marie said...

wow! amazing post. your pictures are awesome. such a beautiful home, i love the wallpaper.

and the cookies....your right it would be hard to eat them. (i'd manage though).

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I love your blog site and plan to peep in regularly! I was a guest at Susie's Valentine Brunch
and we all had the best time. Susie is the "hostess with the mostest" and makes everyone feel welcome and special. Her home is beautiful but more importantly, it is warm and inviting. Susie is a special lady and we are fortunate to have her as a friend. Virginia

Cindy J. said...

You know I am terribly behind on my visits to everyone with my Mom being under the weather. She is feeling so much better, and I just had to comment on how much I love your dear friends home. Every wallpaper and fabric just calls to me.. so beautiful and what a lovely lady. Laurie I can only imagine how much fun you have together. Dear Susie I thank-you for this wonderful tour of your gracious home and I know you understand how we all love Laurie. Hugs, Cindy