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Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'll be the first to admit that it doesn't take much to confuse me, but I got this meme from Kristen and then the next day, I got this meme from Kristen. Let me just say, my confusion had me running all over the internet! Now, I have to ask--did you girls get together and say, "let's gang up on Laurie and see how much it will take to get her worked up into a frenzy"? Well, I'll tell you now, it doesn't take much! I have had to go back and check both of your blogs numerous times to make sure you both sent me this meme! (You know... was it this Kristen or the other Kristen who sent me this meme? And do both of them spell their name the same way?) And yep, I think I got it right. Kristen at Something About Nothing and Kristen at Kristen's Creations honored me with this meme. And as if that wasn't confusing enough, I didn't even know what a meme was! So off to the dictionary to learn something new.

meme (pronounced /miːm/)[1] consists of any idea or behavior that can pass from one person to another by learning or imitation. Examples include thoughts, ideas, theories, gestures, practices, fashions, habits, songs, and dances. Memes propagate themselves and can move through the cultural sociosphere in a manner similar to the contagious behavior of a virus.

Okay, now back to the two Kristen's blogs (again!) to make sure I had that part correct (yep, they both gave me this meme).

Then, as I was preparing this posting, I got into a frenzy about the meaning of the word "frenzy"! You know ... am I using this word correctly; does it really describe the way I'm feeling? So, back to the dictionary, where I found that it is a perfect description of the way I'm feeling:

n. pl. fren·zies
1. A state of violent mental agitation or wild excitement.
2. Temporary madness or delirium.
3. A mania; a craze.
tr.v. fren·zied, fren·zy·ing, fren·zies
To drive into a frenzy.

Do you see that? "A state of violent mental agitation". That's me right now. Yeah, yeah, I know, I still haven't done the meme. Well, I've had a few distractions here (like violent mental agitation)!

Okay, let me go check Kristen's blog and Kristen's blog one more time to make sure. I'll be right back. Yep, they both sent me this meme and got me into this agitated state

NOW they want me to read something! I am not kidding, these two have me in an agitated mental state, and now they want me to read something! Can you read anything when you are in a frenzy? Well, I'll give it a try. Oh My Gosh! They want me to go to a specific line on a specific page in the book that is closest to me! My frenzy is getting out of control now!

The book that I have on my desk is George Hamilton's "Don't Mind if I Do". Those who read my blog regularly know that George and I are big buddies! So, of course, I am reading my bud's book! If you missed it and want to read about mine and George's close relationship, go here:

To prove our close relationship, here is the picture of me with my buddy, George, which I did not get in time for my posting about him:

Here's another picture of my buddy George. I'm the one in the background with stars in my eyes! After seeing this look on my face, can you believe I was able to stand there with his arm around me for a picture? After I left the theater, my husband did have to hold me up-my knees were weak! Okay, that was another frenzy. I may be the queen of frenzies!

Sorry, I know I still haven't done the meme. I'm supposed to be going to page 56, and tell you what it says on line 5 and 2 to 3 lines following.

"...had always intrigued him to go to Rollins College, a country club school with the best tennis team in the nation. Bill's roommate was Tony Perkins, the preppy son of the noted Broadway actor Osgood Perkins."

Whew! I did it! I am so relieved that I struggled through this frenzy without being put into a straight jacket! Thanks Kristen and Kristen! Your little plan worked! Okay, everybody go over to Kristen's at Kristen's Creations and Kristen's at Something About Nothing, and let's see if we can get them into a frenzy! laurie


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Laurie...You are so funny! Yes, we all know how you and George are best buds. I hope you have recovered from your frenzied state! Have a great evening. It sounds like you need it lol..Debbie

squawmama said...

My friend Miss Laurie... Dang girlfriemd you had me sooooo confused... but towards the end it all came together... Thank goodness... LOL LOL Good one my friend... Next time you see George lay a BIG one on him from me...


imjacobsmom said...

Oh My Gosh, this is just the funniest coincidence! And you & George are really tight! Thanks for defining Meme for me, I never knew what the heck it was either....Frenzy on the other hand is my life I know that well. LOL ~ Robyn

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Laurie, Congrats and well desereved. Your knees were weak! Love it! What a cute and funny post. Thanks for visiting my red tree today and your kindness. It's always appreciated. ~Melissa

Anonymous said...

Laurie, you are so good at this! So entertaining, you are a truly wonderful writer. Gosh, I am so in awe, this is definitely not a gift I was bestowed but sure do enjoy. You and George make a beautiful couple. LOL! Love, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Laurie, you crack me up! LOL!! I agree with Cindy, you are so good at this, And I couldn't begin to do what you did! Shoot! You had me in a frenzy,too! LOL!!! I also agree with Cindy, you should be a writer! Love Ya! Connie

Anonymous said...

OMG, Laurie - you are hilarious! LOL Wow, you and George really are best buds!! Love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog!.. Donna

RetiredAtLast said...

Glad you have a sense of humor about something that had to be extremely confusing, to say the least. Your friends think too much of you for me to even consider a conspiracy. But it sure is one heck of a coincidence.
Have you thought about playing the lottery lately? With your current karma, who knows what might happen.

Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

Ha! Funny! I have wondered what a meme was. Thanks for the info.


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Laurie I am in a Frenzy just reading are too funny..lookin good with Georgie girl..hey wasn't that a song...Oh I wished I haven't said that now I'll be singing that sone " hey there Georgie Girl" Hey don't tell anyone but I do weird things like that and then can't get it out of my head for days..I'm a mess but a good mess...hugs and sniles Gloria

Bo said...

Hi Laurie...Thank you for finding a definition AND pronunciation for meme...I just thought it was a word made up in Blogland...Haha...
I really got a kick out of your post today...way to go! ;-) bo

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Laurie! I'm so sorry I got you worked up into a frenzy! lol!! I've been a little confused too when I'm blogging, I'll think....are they referring to me or the other Kristen? So I sent you a meme? I didn't know that was what it was called. Glad you defined it. Thanks so much for stopping by today, you're always so sweet! Loved you picture with the tan George Hamilton, I'm surprised he's not wrinkled up like a prune! He probably has the best skincare and a little botox too. He He. Talk to you soon, KristenB ;)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Ok, deep breaths now...there that's better!! Glad you got your meme done. When I get things that send me into a frenzy....I say is my code word, my very special word to take me to that ZEN space....WHATEVER!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Lynette said...

Thanks for setting the record straight!! Your post was very funny, but then all of your posts are funny. I keep the Kristens straight by calling Kristen that decorates KristenB and "something about nothing" Kristen just Kristen - it works for me and since "something about nothing" Kristen and I work together, it makes it much easier for me in general - now, have I worked you back into a frenzy?? LOL
Have a good weekend ~

Unknown said...

Hi Laurie,

I had planned on tagging you early this week before you did this post.
I'm sorry. Your tagged but you don't have to do it.


How cool that you met George Hamilton!

Kristen said...

So sorry I got you into a frenzy. Your post was very funny. You did a great job with the award and thanks for letting me know what a meme is. I didn't know that's what I sent you. Like Lynette said KristenB is the great decorater and I'm just Kristen.
Hope you are having a better day now that all this is over.

CIELO said...

Please say hi to George for me next time you see him... ;)

have a blessed day


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Laurie.. you should be a stand up comic.. you are just the funniest thing...I hope you recover from this frenzied state soon.. hugs~lynne~

nikkicrumpet said...

That really gave me the giggles...and I finally learned what a meme is!!! YAY you made me laugh and taught me something at the same time...all while you were in a dither....NOOO don't look that one up!! Loved it..great post!

LillyB said...

I am laughing so hard right now! You are so funny please do not send me a meme, I am confused enough!!
Have a great weekend!
p.s. Loved your picture with George!!

Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Oh that was funny! I could just picture you flipping back and forth, searching the internet! I know, most mornings I am in that "state of violent mental agitation" trying to get the kids off to school on time! But you did your Meme! and I liked revisiting George with you. So cute about your hubby having to help you with your "weak knees"! Great pictures, that I am sure have a special place in your home (maybe on your nightstand..?;) Thanks for stopping by to see the FP screen. Glad you like the changes and I think I must have thought I needed more Toile in my home after seeing yours! I had two different fabric choices in mind and I went for the toile!! And thank you for saying that the toile brightened up the room more than the needlepoint. After all the screen will be used in the spring/summer months, and that's the point, right? to brighten it up (can you tell I still have lingering guilt issues?!) Have a great weekend! :) ~ Laurie

Dawn Marie said...

lol that is so cute you loving George! I still remember him from my Gidget and Tammy days of TV. He's always so tan. He really does seem like a pretty nice man.

Anonymous said...

You are too cute! Thanks for entertaining us!Nanette

Lady Katherine said...

Funny but confusing too. I guess you were too. Love the picture of George and you.