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Friday, February 24, 2012


I’ve always had a “thing” for using old wooden pieces in an attempt to organize some of my treasures and necessities.  I love the sections provided by a flatware tray turned on end.  This one, in my study, corrals my alphabet stamps and some other treasures.
Do you see another wooden holder on top of the silverware tray?  That vintage pencil box is a favorite of mine.
pencil case
In front of the flatware tray is the beautiful little decorated wooden treasure box I won in a blog give-away a couple of years ago.
I also love my table-top library catalog box that I have in my study.  On top of the catalog box is a little wooden shelf (more stamps ~ you’d think I was a crafter, but I’m afraid I’m just a stamp collector!)
library card box
My button box also resides in the study.  (Some day, each section of this box will contain one color of button~of course, I’ve been saying that for a long time.)  All of these buttons were around my family home when I cleaned it out!
button box
Until I started working on this post, I didn’t realize how many wooden containers are in my study.  I need a lot of stashing places in my study, cause I’ve got a lot to stash in there.  I store pencils, scissors, etc. in my butter mold in the study.
butter mold
I told ya, I love flatware holders.  I have another one in the china cabinet in the kitchen.
kitchen china cbnt
I store some of my figural salt and pepper shakers in this one.
And there’s another flatware tray on one of the shelves in our family room.  It displays some vintage doll china and children’s mugs.
toy china
This lone wooden drawer is on a table in my family room. 
tbl by frplc
It sort of serves as a second frame for a needlepoint picture.
A new favorite wooden container is my faux dough bowl.  I’ve always wanted a dough bowl, but they are always sooo expensive, and I’m soooo tight.  When Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict showed her new dough bowl on her blog, I was kind of  jealous!  When she told us that her dough bowl was a reproduction that she ordered from WUSLU Daily Deals at a fabulous price, I was even more green with envy. (Thrilled for Debbie, of course, but still green with envy)  Debbie explained that WUSLU is an on-line company that offers one deal a day.  (You can only imagine how I was bristling over missing this one-time deal.)  I immediately signed up for their emails, and was shocked and thrilled when the dough bowl showed up in one of their flyers weeks later.  I’m still working on what to put in it.  Debbie always makes hers look so pretty.  Right now, I just have some moss balls and faux apples covered with printed paper.
dough bowl
I have finally come to the “sweetheart” part of this post.  I have seen so many bloggers use vintage wooden tool boxes to display treasures, and of course, I love them.  My husband had one out in the garage.  It was rustic, with a wonderful patina.  I began working on him… “If I find something else for you to use to store those nuts and bolts, or whatever is in that box, may I have the box?”  His response was always, just let me get my stuff out of it, and you can have it.  I tried to not nag, but I had to remind him several times, because I really wanted that box.  The other night, he walked in the kitchen and announced, “I know you didn’t really want that beat up old box, so I made you one.”  Such a sweet guy, and I’m so lucky to have found him, and he did a wonderful job of building me a tool box, and I realize that he couldn’t have understood that I reeeeely wanted the beat up old box with the beautiful patina. I mean, he even sanded and buffed this darn box. He did use Sassafras wood, because he knows I love the imperfections in that wood.  It’s what I selected to cover our ceiling beams in our family room. I love my sweetheart, and it means so much to me that he wanted to make a new one for me.  So….I’m not going to ask him to put his nuts and bolts in the newly-built box and let me have the beat up old box.  I’m just going to enjoy knowing that my new tool box was made and given with love.
tool box
I currently have it on my kitchen counter with pieces we are using for meals.  (I’ve already gone to the St. Patrick’s green for our meals.)  Included are these “Made in England” plates, which I consider to be my Irish plates!
So, in this post, I have shared a faux dough bowl, faux apples, a faux scissor holder (butter mold), faux shelves (flatware trays), a faux picture frame, a faux vintage tool box, and faux Irish plates.  Please don’t start thinking I am faux!  Thank you for your visit.  laurie