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Saturday, June 11, 2011


No, nobody is pregnant!  I am just very late getting to Stephanie’s party at Angelic Accents.  I hope she’s okay with “better late than never”.

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bride bell
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Stephanie, thank you for letting me link up so late and for hosting all of this wedding fun.  Thank you to my visitors for staying late at the party!  laurie

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

JUNE BRIDES EVERYWHERE (but they are out of control around here)!

In the 60’s, when honeycomb decor wasn’t tacky, my mother had a wedding party.  Of course, I have kept the decorations she had left over from the party, but I’ve never had an occasion when I felt like the bride would appreciate the use of honeycomb decor, so they have stayed boxed up until now.  I’m so glad that Stephanie at Angelic Accents is hosting a Wedding Blog Party, so I can let my vintage honeycomb and plastic decorations out of the box for a day!
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 At an auction years ago, I bought a box for $5.00, because there was a silver tray I liked on the top of the box.  I didn’t know until I got home that there was a little collection of plastic wedding cake toppers in the box too. 
 plastic brd grm mos
 The little “doll-looking” bride and groom is an old bridge tally I found when I cleaned out Mother’s house, along with the small party invitation with the cutouts in the bride’s gown.  The 3D card is a reproduction.  
paper brd grm mos
 The faux pearls inside the conservatory were in my bridal bouquet. conservatory mos
cloche nap mos
 This sweet musical bride was a gift from my sister-in-law when her brother and I announced our engagement.
bride frm brnda
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I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday, and Stephanie at Angelic Accents for the Wedding Blog Party on Friday.
wdg prty tblscp thurs
A vintage wedding photo (Yikes!)
wedding photo 

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Thank you for stopping by today.  laurie