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Sunday, August 22, 2010


I recently found this little vanity bench at a yard sale.  I paid $15.00 for it.  I like shabby chic, but this one was just a little too shabby for me.  That’s why there is a photo of the chair with a paint brush on the seat – actually I forgot it was there when I took this picture. (I don’t know why, when I’m looking through the camera, I don’t see something like that.  It’s only after I post it on my blog that I see it!)


At first, I thought I would paint the chair and then sand some spots to make it look a little shabby.  When I began painting the chair, and the paint didn’t get into the crevices as much as it did the flat wood, I was worrying that I would have to go back with a tiny brush and paint the crevices.  Then, I decided (lazy painter that I am) that I could just not worry about getting the paint into the crevices, and it might give me enough of the sort of shabby look I wanted.  After I finished, I decided (lazy painter that I am) that it was just the right amount of shabby!


It’s going to look a lot better when I cover the seat with some pretty fabric.  Have you seen this fabric designed by Karen Harvey Cox at A Scrapbook of Inspiration?  I fell in love with it and immediately upon seeing it, I ordered some from her Etsy.  I’ll feel like I’m getting ready for an evening in Paris when I sit at my vanity.


Of course, when I sit on my vanity chair, I won’t be able to see the fabric (nobody will be able to see the fabric if I’m sitting on the chair!), so I’ll put Karen’s framed art on my vanity to remind me that I’m going out for dreaming of an evening in Paris.  Do you think I’ll look better after I get ready if I was dreaming of Paris while I was getting ready?  If dreaming of Paris made me look better, I’d be knockout gorgeous by now!

I’m joining Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.  It seems that when I join Met Monday, I post something that looks almost the same in the “before” pictures as it looks in the “after” pictures.  I don’t think Susan’s going to kick me out of Met Monday though. 
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