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Sunday, September 1, 2013


It’s too early for me to start getting out Halloween or Fall décor, but I probably need to put away some of the Summer décor.  In order to begin a transition toward Fall, French villagers have moved to our mantel.
Santons on Mantel-Bargain Hunting w/Laurie
My small collection of doll-like Santons have been collected from a few estate sales.  I had never run across any Santons at an estate sale until a year or so ago.  Within one month, I found eight of them (one of them isn’t on the mantel) at three different estate sales, and I haven’t found any since then.  (It was like somebody put out the word that there was a sucker for Santons attending estate sales in the area!) 

Mantel-Bargain Hunting with Laurie

This elderly couple has just tottered down the path from their cottage, to sell some of their produce on the street.

[From the site:  Santons Richard:

“In 1223, Saint Francis of Assisi, whose mother came from Provence, created a nativity scene with live people and animals. Shortly afterwards, Christmas cribs appeared in the churches.
In 1789, during the French Revolution, all places of worship were closed down. The people of Provence, who were attached to their traditions and could no longer pray in front of the church crèches, started making santons (Christmas crib figures).”]
Bargain Hunting with Laurie
This gentleman may be selling oil from his jugs.  I want to buy one of his jugs!
Bargain Hunting with Laurie
Maybe she is selling milk from that can.
[From the site Provence Beyond-French Provence Themes:
“Santon comes from the Provençal "santoùon…. Santons have come to typify the people of Provence, their work and their trades, and they are generally depicted in 19th-century dress.”]
Bargain Hunting with Laurie
She’s spinning wool to sell.
Bargain Hunting with Laurie
Can you smell the Lavender she is selling?
Bargain Hunting with Laurie
She sold me a few sprigs for the bows on my lamps.
Bargain Hunting with Laurie
Maybe she’s like me – she has nothing to sell; she’s just looking for a bargain to buy!
Bargain Hunting with Laurie
Don’t ask me what the Peacock feathers have to do with this French village on the mantel.  I just thought the demijohns needed something with a little color.  My friend, Cindy, whose mother raised Peacocks, gave me these.
Wishing you a safe and happy Labor Day.  laurie
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