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Monday, May 2, 2011




bird eggs-vert

btrflies-vert 2

flowers mos


mantel closup


blackout When I took the Easter décor off my mantel, I had Birds, Butterflies, Blooms, and Bows on the Brain!  (And you thought I didn’t have a brain!  Yeah, declaring, in writing, that I have a brain is  probably stretching again!)  I didn’t really have blackouts on the brain, but we had one shortly after I got all of these b’s cluttering our mantel (due to the bad weather), so I lit the candles for a little blackout ambiance!

I am joining these fun events (click on the button to go to the host blog):



home sweet hm fri

thrifty things fri(The “paintings” of flowers cost $3 each at a discount store; the 2 plates that feature birds were picked up for less than $5 at yard sales, and my champagne buckets were less than $8 each at yard sales.  I hope they will work for my contribution to Thrifty Things Friday and Vintage Inspiration Friday.) 



You can blame this post on Debby at Just Breathe.  I was so sure that everybody in Blogville was sick of seeing me change the scenery on my mantel.  Then, in a comment on my last post, Debby made the mistake of asking me what is on my mantel now that Easter is over.  Debby, you may be the only person who cares, so this post is for you!

It was so kind of you to come by for a visit.  Thanks! laurie