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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Charlene's Colony of Shoppes is "charmlicious"! My sister-in-law, Brenda, and I went on a road trip Saturday to Halls, Tennessee, and we had a "charmlicious" time!

Charlene's Colony of Shoppes has THE most charming tea room (Just Divine Tea Room), AND they serve REALLY delicious food!

The tea room was originally the Hales Point Baptist Church and School, which held it's first church service in 1950. The church had been inactive for several years when it was purchased and moved to it's present location in three sections in 1998.

This place just oozes charm!

Of course, I had a difficult time looking at the menu, because the Just Divine Tea Room has some wonderful treasures for sale in each of their cozy little dining rooms.

There is a cross-stitched tablecloth on each table. I'm tellin' ya, the charm is everywhere!

And so is the deliciousness! One reason we decided to go this past weekend is that this was the 25th anniversary of Charlene's Colony of Shoppes, so there were a lot of sales (and you know how much I love a sale!). In addition to the bargains, Charlene's was serving this delicious chocolate and strawberry cake, which was in a charming gazebo. Don't you think that is just Charmlicious?

There is a huge gift shop;

an antique shop,

and a ladies clothing store,

And all of them are charming and all of them are filled with charming treasures, and there is delicious food to be eaten. Now THAT is CHARMLICIOUS!

I'm sure you can understand why we spent the entire day at Charlene's, and I'm sure you can see why we had such a charmlicious time! I hope you can also see why I had to invent a new word just to describe our fun!

(Sorry, I got a little carried away with my new word!)

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~


Last Thursday, I posted pictures of my "Ladies Only" plates. Several readers asked where I got them. Unfortunately, I have had them for 4 or 5 years, and I purchased them at different times in different stores (depending on what store had them on sale!). Some were purchased when Steinmart had a sale; some when T. J. Max had a sale, and some were purchased at Tuesday Morning. This is what is on the back of them: "The Sakura Table-Ad Lines-Stoneware Made in Indonesia".

MOSAICS: When I posted some "mosaics" this past Monday, I was surprised that some visitors asked what program I used. I use "Photoscape" for almost everything I do to my photos. The other bloggers who are posting mosaics, are using some other program, and I think their mosaics are so much nicer than what I can get by using Photoscape. I've just played with Photoscape so much that I kind of know my way around their site, so I haven't attempted a mosaic on other sites. As you can see from this post, I'm still playing with Photoscape. I do use "Big Huge Labs" when I am adding speech bubbles to my photos, but I haven't been able to figure out how to transport my pictures to their mosaic section.

MY HOME: When I began this blog, I didn't plan to do a lot of posting about my home, because I didn't want to run off my visitors. There are such wonderful blogs, authored by REAL decorators/designers, and we DO want to see photos of their decor. I do not know anything about design. I am just a collector (of almost everything), and my home is cluttered with collections. After I re-posted my toile bedroom, some of my visitors requested that I show more of my home!! (I know, I was shocked too!) My good friend, Connie, who doesn't have a blog, has made several requests that I do a posting of my family room. I felt that pictures of my Christmas and other holiday decor had probably given my readers more than they wanted to see of my home. However, since some of my blog visitors apparently are interested in seeing where I live, I will begin to occasionally share some photos of my home. (Of course, they have no idea what they are asking for). Before I post my home, I feel I need to post a disclaimer...Posting pictures of my home does NOT imply that I think there is anything worth seeing, and I know that I have too much clutter in my home, and it does no good to tell me I need to declutter (RMS readers already tried!).

Thanks so much for coming to visit me, and thank you for your lovely comments. (I'm still amazed that anyone reads this little blog-but I'm especially amazed at how kind all of you are!) . laurie