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Monday, August 2, 2010


In our game room (that’s what we call the room where the guys play pool), we display an odd collection. 

When my sweetheart and I were dating, he once told me that I was his Jiminy Cricket!  I was NOT flattered, and probably showed my shock with a wide open mouth.  He then explained that Jiminy, in the story of Pinocchio, is the puppet’s conscience.  (I think I had just told him that I would NEVAH do something that he had suggested that we do!)  (I know – you thought he called me that because of my constant chatter.)  From that day on, this “term of endearment” has passed between the two of us often, with each of us calling the other Jiminy when we are influenced in a good way by the other. 

So, our strange collection began before we married, and continues 44 years later (we’ve only been married 41 years, but we dated for three years).

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Thank you for stopping in to see our odd collection and learning about our odd “term of endearment”.   I know, we are just soooo romantic!  Doesn’t everybody call their sweetheart a name from a children’s book?  It’s especially romantic to call one another the name of a cricket, right? Can you believe I married the man after he referred to me as a funny looking cricket, who wears a top hat and carries an umbrella everywhere?   Good thing I was already in love with the guy.  laurie