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Saturday, January 14, 2012


I told my sweetheart I wanted to go to the City of “Luv”, for Valentine’s Day.  His loud and long laughter led me to believe I would not be going to Paris, sooo, what’s a girl (I use that word very loosely) to do?  Create an Evening in Paris tablescape, of course.  Now I’m not sayin’ that a tablescape can replace a trip to Paris, but I did have fun doing it, and the grands said it was the best trip to Paris they had ever had (we won’t dwell on the fact that none of my grands have ever been to Paris).
full tbl
Now I know what you’re saying to yourself --“Did Laurie really hang a shower curtain behind her table?”  Well, like I said before, what’s a girl old woman to do when she’d really rather be in Paris?  Hang a shower curtain, of course!
shower curtain
When I found this shower curtain marked down, I knew I had to have it, because it’s probably the closest I’ll ever come to getting back to Paris (I went when I was in high school – yes! the Eiffel Tower was there way back then.) 
Recently, when I went to an estate sale (the one where I fell and injured my hand), I found some really cute little French plates (they may have made the hand injury worth it).  They are scenes from French operas, and, of course, I had to have them.
plates ALL
Aren’t they just soooo charming?   I also knew, when I spotted this cute cloche on line, that I NEEDED it!
Just look at all of the French images on every side of this cloche.
cloche mos
I decorated the Eiffel Tower with little clip-on vials of flowers.  These vials are made to clip onto a outdoor table umbrella.
eifl tower full
The pretty Eiffel Tower “Evening in Paris” pictures are the creation of the talented Karen Harvey Cox at A Scrapbook of Inspirationcandle towerI used a Paris-themed towel to catch any wine drips.
champagn bucketstems
This is not French.  It’s from Williams Sonoma, and I just think it’s kind of a handy thing to have around.  In the next photo, I’m serving cherry tarts from this heavy-duty cake stand.
cake stand
I moved the tarts to a different server and turned this cake stand topsey turvey, and it became a punch bowl!  Who thinks up this stuff?
punch bowl
punch ladel
punch cups tarts
More Paris-themed plates.
chex mix
And a romantic evening in Paris wouldn’t be complete without some kisses.  I’ve used these little tin Paris souvenirs for everything from salt cellars to spoon rests, but they are serving up kisses on this table.
At another estate sale, I purchased “love” handkerchiefs (yeah, I go to a lot of estate sales).  I used the hankies as napkins.  I am so sorry, but my mind has gone blank.  I purchased the pretty lace napkin covers from a blog (it’s a blog I love to visit, but I have racked my brain, and I can’t remember the name of that blog).  If I purchased these from your blog, please remember I’m an old woman, and forgive me.  If you’ll leave me a reminder, I’ll amend this post to add your blog name.
table full btr
I’m having a Valentine party linkup on February 10th.  Anyone who links to that post will have a chance to win one of the following prizes:
A combination cake stand/punch bowl;
A set of four black and white Paris-themed dessert/appetizer plates;
A Paris-themed cloche.

All you have to do to be eligible to win a prize is link a Valentine or love-related post to the Valentine party on February 10th.  GIVVEAWAYS CMBND
That Paris shower curtain has the best scenes from Paris.  Just look at this one!
Thank you for sharing my evening in Paris.  I hope you’ll be here for the par-tay on the 10th of February.  Laurie