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Monday, November 3, 2008


Before I post my tablescape, I want to tell you about a blog I'd like to encourage you to go read if you haven't already. Shoal Creek Cottage is being produced by a 10 year cancer survivor. She is having a giveaway of a darling snowman, so please stop by and sign up for her giveaway and read her moving story. You can click on her addy in my blog list to get there.

Now, on to my posting for today. I am again joining Tablescape Tuesday with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Just click on the "Tablescape Tuesday" picture below to go see all of the wonderful tablescapes posted by Susan and other bloggers.

My DH always wanted to be a cowboy. (I think he still wants to be a cowboy..can't you just see me, riding in a covered wagon with all of my "stuff"? The poor horses would give out before we ever left town!) He watches EVERY western on t.v. (even if it's one he has already seen several times). Now that there is a channel that shows only westerns, the only time he changes the channel is if there is a ballgame on that he wants to see. I've talked about HIS recliner in a previous post--well, he just sits up there in HIS recliner, flipping the channel from a ballgame to the western channel and back again.

For his birthday dinner this weekend, I did a cowboy tablescape. (As usual, I overdid it. There was more tablescaping than food...good thing I was serving buffet style, because I couldn't have put food on the table with all of this conglomeration of decor!) So, giddy-up now, we're going to a cowboy party.

I used one of my bandanna tablecloths. I purchased 5 of these at a Dillard's Outlet store for $5.00 each. In lieu of flowers (which seemed a little too feminine for the cowboy theme), I used the tops of some ornamental grasses from my backyard.

The weighted rocking cowboy and Indian were gifts to my dh from my mother years ago. The silver hat in the center of the table is actually a dip and chip bowl I purchased from a gift store that was going out of business.
I drank hot chocolate from this "Davy Crockett" mug when I was a child.

I decided that metal cookie sheets fit the theme better than placements for this "macho" table setting. I had purchased 8 of these black and white cowboy plates at Tuesday Morning. I just realized when I looked at this picture, that this plate is turned the wrong way. The horse is supposed to be raring up! Oh, I want to turn it around so badly, but sadly, with everything we can do to our photos on the computer, turning the plate is not one of them. Just tilt your head to the right a little bit to see what this plate is really supposed to look like!

This divided child's plate held condiments for our green salads.

And rolls were served from this metal steak plate.

Yee-hah! The cowboy wannabe had a good birthday party! Thanks for coming by. Now, "git along little doggies" --"git ursef" over "thar" to Between Naps on the Porch and see all the "purtty" tablescapes. laurie (bargainhunr)