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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I wore a witch hat; little brother wore a sheet.
I held his hand, and we slowly crossed the street.
witch hat
As I rang the door bell, he yelled "Twick or Tweet"
Don’t you think he’s just sooo sweet?
As the door slowly opened, we heard moans and creaks
And a very loud voice said...
Something about that candle lit table didn’t seem right,
And I was really glad we had our jack-o-lantern light.
She said, in a voice that shattered the night,
"You don’t need that candle to light your way;
My house is really just as bright as day!"
And then with a puff, she blew out our light!
Oh my, she said, you dropped your treat bag!
I hope you’re not frightened by this old hag!
bag Look, I’ve captured the ghosts in a cloche and a jar,
And that ghost who is loose won’t get very far.
captured ghosts Oh yes, I hadn’t noticed - another ghost is still free.
I’ll soon capture him too .. just wait and see!
ghosts in jar Now just reach in that cauldron, and get you a treat.
Those skeletons can’t get you -they don’t have any feet!
cauldron No, that’s not a swirling cauldron I’ve got.
Perhaps you don’t like that candy a lot.
cauldron swirl
My dearies, I do have more candy over here.
Yes, that does mean that a witch might be near.
163 Just take that scoop from the witch’s hand,
And scoop you some candy as fast as you can!
M M WITCH Oh My, you are looking a little forlorn!
Perhaps you’d like a bit of candy corn.
hand Oh, that hand on top? Don’t you worry about it.
That was left here by someone who ran away in a twit!
Okay my dearies, I see nothing will do,
Unless I turn on some lights just for you.

full tbl I think I’ve done everything for you
That any good hostess could do.
I’ve offered you treats, and I’ve turned on the light.
Now go fill up your bags, and I’ll just stay very quiet.
Did I scare you? Even in all of this bright light?
You  think a good hostess shouldn’t give you a fright?
I admit it--most of the time, that would be right,
But scaring guests is permitted on Halloween night!
I am linking this post to Story Tellers Wednesday at A Southern Belle With Northern Roots. Shannon, I hope it’s okay that this is an imaginary story and not a remembered story,
and to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch.
Thank you so much, kind friends, for putting up with my silliness. I hope you’ll be back Friday evening to link up for Favorite Things Saturday. laurie