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Thursday, June 11, 2009


You knew I wouldn't be able to wait to do a tablescape using these wonderful napkin rings that I posted yesterday in my winnings from Rose Colored Glasses, didn't you? You were right! I just love how each tea pot on the napkin rings is different (you know me, I don't like anything that matches-- See, my plates are all different from one another too.)

You know where to go to find links to fabulous tablescapes, right?

Susan's beautiful blog, Between Naps on the Porch is the place to be on Thursdays!

Blogville is full of very efficient people. I'm not one of them! Everybody else has their Thursday's posting done before Wednesday is over. I'm doing well if I get Thursday's posting done before Thursday is over!

The salad plates were my grandmother's, so that's her monogram on them.A lot of us Blogvillians love these dinner plates (The Spode Archive Collection).

I have admired these chargers on Chari's (Happy to Design) blog as well as several others. Chari knew how much I loved them, so when she saw that they were on sale at J. C. Penney on-line, she let me know about them, and I ordered them immediately. Thank you so much Chari. I am luvin' them.

You wouldn't know it when you look at my home, but I had an excellent High School Home Ec teacher. Mrs. Robinson
taught us that you should always place the knife with the blade toward the plate. However, with these knives (which I bought at a flea market long ago), I don't think I should do that, because the company name is on that side of the knife. What do you think? Should I still place it with the blade toward the plate and show the engraved maker's name and pattern?

Since I only have 3 of the cups to coordinate with this china, I used two of them and two cups that had belonged to my grandmother. The pewter water goblets belonged to my mother.

I used a vintage tablecloth with cross stitched flower baskets on it. I have read some posts from bloggers who enjoy ironing. I want to talk to one of you, because I would like to send my "fun" ironing to you (I know, I am just so kind). I ironed this tablecloth for a long time, and I still see a lot of places on it that look like it needs to be ironed!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Click
here to get to Between Naps on the Porch to find all of the links to fabulous tablescapes. laurie