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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


  full tbl China Pattern:  Certified International © Pamela Gladding

I served a green salad in the bowls and spaghetti with meat sauce in the deep square plates.  I don’t think Mrs. Robinson (my high school home economics teacher) ever told us about the placement of the pasta spoon, so feel free to let me know if I have placed it incorrectly.   

plc stng brkdwn

ornament mos

 For the salad course, I replaced the tree with pumpkin mugs filled with a choice of  salad dressings. salad course

 Dessert was ice cream and cookies, so the cookies became my centerpiece. dessert course

 I fell in love with these trick-or-treater ornaments at an estate sale.  As you can see on my serving table, I also liked the boxes they came in!est sl orn

Pumpkin card artist: Karen Harvey Cox of A Scrapbook of Inspiration.

misc acc

The caption on the bottom of the little cutout pumpkin-head girl is:  “Meet me at the patch Pumpkin”.


Flatware pattern:  William Rogers “Eternally Yours” @ 1847

As usual, I’ve had everything on this table too long to remember where I got most of it.

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Monday, October 11, 2010


Yea!! It’s time for Shelia’s “Heart of the Home” party, and I can’t wait to get a look at all of the fabulous Blogville kitchens.

Those of you who have seen my kitchen before probably thought I could not put another accessory in my kitchen.  “How-evah”, when holidays roll around, I not only put up holiday decor, I cram the decor into already crowded shelves and countertops!  I do enjoy my “stuff”, which does make for a cluttered heart of the home!!  So….welcome to my heavy (on stuff) heart of the home.  This is also a heavy (with photos) post. I apologize in advance.

shelia's party Yes, I have two of almost everything in my kitchen.  When you see the two ranges, the two sinks, and the two dishwashers, please keep in mind that I serve over 30 people for holiday meals.  Those twin appliances come in very handy.  When we remodeled this kitchen, I decided that I could buy two ranges (one gas and one electric) less expensively than I could buy a big commercial stove.  I got more burners and more oven space for less money (it just doesn’t look as fabulous as one of those commercial ranges).

toward stoves

stv alcove

top of stoves

 Some of you may remember that Blogville citizens helped me find this wine vat lazy susan after I coveted it at a friend’s home.  I still love it.  See that cute little plate with the lady bugs on it?  It was a gift from Ginger at The Gingerbread Shed.lzy sus

lzy sus mos

place mats

 hween vignt

hwen vgntte mos

china cbnt


I designed this as a bed for our dog, but the grandchildren loved sitting on it.  I finally gave up trying to brush dog hair off of the children before they left my house and provided another bed for the dog.  This is now the grandchildren’s sitting spot in my kitchen. 

blu cbnt


In this next mosaic, you can see that I TRIED to copy Chari’s (Happy to Design) pretty basket full of Fall tablescaping items.  Mine didn’t turn out as pretty as Chari’s, but I like it anyway.  Thanks for the inspiration Chari.


diner etc


 Cockadoodledoooo Corner!roosters

brkfst rm shlvs

 Y’all know that I love to use paper napkins (and sometimes paper plates)under glass plates.  (Cheap holiday tablescaping!)

adult tbl-vert


witch tblclth I use them under glass serving bowls too.

brm rides

wtch drvg pig


grands tbl

wtches hold dsrt


grands kitcn


I have a very busy schedule this week, so I am going to get a lot of mileage out of this one post.  If I can remember to go link up, I am linking this post to the following blogs:

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Seasonal_Sundays_-_Fall_copy[1]What wonderful parties we have in Blogville.  Thank you to all of these bloggers for hosting.   I hope you’ll go by to visit all of these parties.  I’d love to have you join me for A Few of My Favorite Things Saturday.  The link up will be here Friday evening.  I apologize for the length of this post, but I had to cover a lot of territory to be able to participate in all of the fun parties.  Thanks for putting up with a long, cluttered post.  laurie