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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Although Fall arrived long ago in Blogville, it is now officially Fall in the real world.  Sometimes, when there is a football game we want to watch on television, I put up the leaves on the gate leg table behind my sofa.  Looking at these photos, I realize I need to take a hint from Stacey at Poofing The Pillows, and actually poof my pillows!  (Why do I not notice something like that until AFTER I post it on my blog?)

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 The squirrel salt shaker and pumpkin pepper shaker are from two different sets.  The other half of each set had disappeared when I found these at a flea market, so I bought what was left and use them together.  The two people on the other side of the table will get their salt from the cellar and pepper from the matching pumpkin. The third pumpkin contains red pepper for these two men who like everything a little hot!  Shannon, I used a battery powered candle in my leaf votive.  Shannon at A Southern Belle With Northern Roots recently bought some of these votives at a garage sale.  I told her that the first time I used mine (years and years ago), there wasn’t such a thing as a battery powered candle, and my candle leaked wax everywhere!
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 See my “new to me” water goblets?  I ordered those beauties from the Antiqgirl Etsy (that’s Carol at A La Carte).  Aren’t they beauties?  I bought something else, but I’ll show you that another time.  I’ll also show you the pretty gift she sent me another time.
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boy girl
 Removing the lamp from the table when I’m using it for a meal requires crawling under the sofa to unplug it, but if I crawl under the sofa, there is just not much tellin’ what I’ll find and there’s a chance I won’t ever be able to get back up off my floor!  So, I just decorated the lamp with a glittery leaf and a pumpkin finial.  Do you think my guests will believe it’s part of my centerpiece?  I’m sure not going to tell my guests that I didn’t unplug the lamp, because I didn’t want to disturb the natural habitat of the the dust bunnies living there!
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[Water goblets}  Amber Kings Crown Thumbprint  – Purchased from Antigirl Etsy.Wine Stems} Purchased from Pier One on sale last year. Flatware} Purchased at Target on sale at least a year ago. Centerpiece bowl} Poppy Trail by Metlok – our every day wedding pattern. Girl and boy with baskets-purchased at a flea market in Memphis when I met other bloggers for lunch.  Salt & Pepper Shakers and Salt & Pepper Server-purchased from flea markets long ago.  Salad plate with fruit} Hand Painted – purchased at an estate sale.  That’s all I remember, and for me, that was a LOT!]
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I appreciate your visit so much.  Wishing all of you a Happy Fall.  I hope you’ll come back Friday evening and link to “A Few of My Favorite Things Saturday”.  laurie