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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I’m linking to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch and the Prior Lives Party at Prior (I’m not sure any of this qualifies for the Prior Party- hope I don’t get kicked out of the party!) 

Come hang with me while we watch the drag race and eat a burger. I hope you dig these cool daddies burnin’ rubber on my table. 

full tbl & cars

 These cool cats are just hangin’ until those guys floor it.


 In it’s prior life, this blacktop road in Coolsville was a black metal tray.  I turned it upside down and ran a ribbon down the middle.

place stg gum turn

Okay, daddy-o, you can probably see that, in a prior life, my napkin rings were charm bracelets, and my chargers were LP records (y’all do remember records, don’t ya?).  The Campbell’s Soup kids are beansville on my table, and drag racing can get intense, so ya gotta be smackin’ some bubble gum while you watch.


 Does anybody remember that smilin’ pitcher for Kool-Aid?  He musta been the first cool daddy-o.  Don’t forget to grab a pop after you serve your plate.   For dessert, we’ll be having Sarsaparilla floats in those soda fountain glasses.cartoon glasses Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Petunia Pig were the cool cats long before Big Bird made the scene.wire girl mos Now this babe is stylin’.  Talk about prior lives…her skirt is a Christmas tree skirt, and the poodle on it is a vintage towel.  Of course she has a box purse.  (I think this is really a little out of the era, since this was mine in the late 60’s, and I never was a cool cat.)

juice glasses This server was the turntable on an old portable record player in a prior life, and juice glasses (that were jelly glasses in a prior life) have become condiment servers on my table (they’ve had several prior lives).  Spreaders for the condiments are in a spoon rest for the stove top. Did you see my Barbie, waiving her scarf to start the race?  Maybe I was a cool cat – after all, I DID have a Barbie doll.

misc mos

 In a prior life, my flower vase was a cocktail shaker.

buns toothpcks

full tbl

tblscp thurs-prior lives You are just the coolest cats.  I’m on Cloud 9 because you hung with me today in Blogville. It was a real blast!  Now go make the scene over at Between Naps on the Porch to find tablescape links, and on Friday, go to Prior for the Prior Lives Party.  Thanks to both of these great hostesses.


Don’t forget Favorite Things Saturday.  MckLinky will be here Friday evening. I hope you’ll join in.  laurie