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Friday, July 23, 2010




You know, if somebody gets away with something for awhile, they often begin to feel like it’s okay to keep doing it.  Bloggers have been so kind about letting  me “borrow” their photos for my “Favorite Things”   posts,  so I just keep “borrowing”.  (Is it borrowing if the blogger doesn’t know about it?)  You may click on each photo if you’d like to visit these beautiful blogs.  (s-h-h-h ; don’t tell them that I stole borrowed their photo!!)


carnation ice crm sunde


common  ground

sweedish bdrm  As always, please let me know if you would like me to remove your photo from my blog.  If your photo has appeared on my blog, and you do not plan to report me to the blogging police, please feel free to take the “One of Laurie’s Favorites” button from my sidebar to post on your blog.  I’m going to try to redeem myself by posting some photos of some of my favorite flowers in my back yard.




Since all of these photos are favorite summer things (even Christie’s daughter’s bedroom reminds me of a summer day), I’m linking to The Tablescaper for Summer Sundays. 


Thank you so much for visiting me, and thanks to all of you who offered to bring me a cake with a file in it when I am jailed for theft!  I hope I won’t have to email you to ask for a cake.  Please go visit the links to other blogger’s favorites.  laurie

Friday, July 9, 2010


I just know I’m going to get in trouble some day, but is it my fault that other bloggers keep posting some of my favorite things? Lately, I have been finding so many summer photos that I NEED in my inspiration folder. As always, if your photo is on my blog, and you want me to remove it, I apologize, and just email me, and I will remove it. The photos that I stole borrowed from other blogs are clickable, so if you’d like to go visit these bloggers to report to them that a burglar has visited their blog, just click on the stolen photo (You'll probably be so overcome with what you find on their blog, you'll forget to tattle on me-wishful thinking).

This breath-taking Baby’s Breath was on Cindy’s blog. (I love Baby’s Breath, but have never been able to make it grow in my yard. I saved this photo to inspire me to try it again.)

baby's breath-applstn ctg

I recently saw this great tree house on a news report on the web and had to save some photos in my inspiration file.

tree hs carolina

I fell in love with Lezlee’s “tree house” when she posted it on her blog.

lezlee tre hs

I also fell in love with this cheery corner of Sue’s laundry room. It just reminds me of a summer day.

sue laundry room

This rustic tree house has been in my inspiration folder too long for me to remember where I stole got it.

cabin tree hs

Another of my long-time inspiration photos is this wonderful shabby chic cottage, which I suspect is in a lot of inspiration folders in Blogville. I want this cottage transported to my back yard.

white hideaway

Did you see these summer projects that Diann created for almost no money?

mugs and pot

You can’t get any better summertime inspiration than the arbor designed by Mary and built by her son.


Since all of this inspiration is summer inspiration, I am also linking to Summer Sundays at The Tablescaper.


I know it may not be in your best interests to be associated with a criminal like me. Thank you so much for overlooking my criminal activities and coming by for a visit. You are the best! Be sure you go visit the link-ups for Favorite Things Saturday. I promise, I am the only thief in the group! laurie