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Friday, February 20, 2009


I just have the nicest friends! My friend, Stephanie, has so kindly agreed to allow me to share her lovely home with you today. So, sit back and enjoy your tour.

In her entry, Stephanie has placed an inviting chair next to this pretty chest. Doesn't this just say "welcome"?

I know there are a lot of bunny lovers in Blogland. Isn't this one precious? This vignette is in her living room.

I think this living room has such a casual elegance, and isn't that blue wall color beautiful with those brown draperies?

I love these corner cabinets and this unique art in the dining room.

I've told you before that I live in the land of cotton. Stephanie's beautiful fireplace wall includes an original painting of cotton pickers. This was done by a local artist, who used to give art lessons to young, budding artists in our little town.

These side-by-side portraits are Stephanie and her daughter. Stephanie's mother saved the dress and the Raggedy Ann doll that were in the picture of Stephanie. Stephanie's daughter is wearing the same dress and holding the same doll for her picture. Isn't that the cutest thing? (See, I'm not the only crazy person who saves everything!)

This beautiful range hood takes center stage in the kitchen.

Isn't this lineup of simple vases with tulips pretty? They are on a beautiful runner on her breakfast room table.

I am loving this gorgeous cabinet and plate rack. Look--there's a rooster lamp! You're in the Rooster Club Stephanie!

I am coveting this Lazy Susan on the kitchen island. She tells me it was a gift, so she's not sure where I can get one (it is a little large for me to try to sneak out of the house with it under my arm, but believe me, I thought about it!). I think it is either made from the top of a French wine vat, or it is a replication of one.

Here's a picture of the top of the Lazy Susan. I tell ya'll, I'm wanting this Lazy Susan.

I hope you enjoyed this tour. I know I love visiting her home. Stephanie, thank you so much for letting me share your home with Blogland today.


Ann at Life at Ann's Place has very kindly presented me with the Preos Dardo Award. Ann is one of the sweetest bloggers, and if you go over to her blog, you can meet Roo, her real live rooster and her gorgeous birds. Be sure to go see her blog. Ann, it is such an honor to receive this Best Blog Daily Thinker Award from you. Thank you so much.

Shirley at Xashees Corner tagged me to do the sixth picture in my sixth folder meme. Thanks so much for thinking of me Shirley. Since I've already done this meme, I'm going to go to my seventh picture in my seventh folder (unless it is something I just can't share!). Are there meme police who will come get me if I skip an embarrassing picture?

Whew! It is a picture I can share! This is a picture on Christmas Eve, when all of the children in our family participate in a recreation of the Birth of Christ. This year, the baby in the basket had to be fed crackers during the pageant, so that he wouldn't climb out of the basket before we got to the end, when the children sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Thank you so much for coming by to visit. I have the best blog readers in Blogland, and I am so grateful for your visits. laurie