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Friday, February 13, 2009


ADDED TO ORIGINAL POSTING: For all of my friends out there who don't have a significant other, please go watch this. I love this video! Even if you have a significant other, you should go watch it. I'm sorry I'm not smart enough to get this video on my blog!
If you've visited my blog before, you have probably read about one of my VBF, Susie. We grew up together, and even though she lives across the state, we still manage to keep in touch regularly. I've said on my blog before that Susie should have a blog. She is just one of the most creative people I've ever known. And NOBODY can throw a party like Susie. She is often called "Party In A Box", because wherever she goes, she brings the makings of a party. Of course, Susie is so much fun to be around, she doesn't need to bring anything but herself, and you still feel like you are at a party.

Well, get ready now. You are not going to believe our good fortune! Susie's neighborhood ladies have been having a Valentine party for 18 years, and this year we are invited to join them at Susie's house. Let's go!

Her cute Valentine door decor is from Hobby Lobby. I hear Susie calling from the kitchen for us to let ourselves in.

We are in the beautiful entryway. I just love the wallpaper in here, and can you see those pretty pictures she got at Pottery Barn? See that beautiful grandfather clock? When she retired from teaching, she bought that with her retirement check. Now her husband has retired too. I sure hope they don't start needing her retirement check. Only TIME will tell.

Oh Look! Here's Susie in the kitchen, wearing that darling Valentine apron that one of her friends, Sarah, made for her.

How cute is that? The pocket on the apron says "Queen of Hearts".

Oh Yea! We can do a little house exploring before the other guests arrive. Let's check out the master bedroom. Look at that gorgeous wallpaper. Can you see where the birds bleed over into the companion print wallpaper on the other wall? I understand that it took the wallpaper hanger hours to do that. Susie's good friend, Georg Anderson (a fabulous designer who has decorated rooms in our State Capitol) made this suggestion, and I think it was worth all of the extra effort, don't you?
The desk and chair belonged to Susie's mother, who was my Home Economics teacher and a very dear friend of my mother. She got the bedding at TJ Maxx and More (her fav. store). She switches out the yellow matalasse on top for summer and uses the rusty brown on top in winter.

How cozy her window seat looks with the window treatment that matches her wallpaper.

She made the pillow on her bed out of a scrap of fabric. Isn't it pretty?

Susie says Mr. Soxx is practicing for CATaloug work!

Oh, I do love snooping around people's homes. Let's check out her charming den. When Susie saw this wallpaper in the state capitol, she fell in love with it. Yes, that is wallpaper that looks like wood paneling! Isn't that neat?

The ceiling is wallpapered in the same leather-like wallpaper that was also in the room at the State Capitol.

One of my favorite things in this house is this darling rocking duck. She purchased this antique toy in Little Rock, and she tells me that her grandchildren love it.

Look how she has displayed this treasure trove of memories in a wooden box (silver shoe spoon, family pocket watches,wedding cake topper...) What a great idea!

Susie collects boxes, and she has some beauties. She says that boxes are her eternal weakness. It's one of the few things I don't collect, and every time I see her beautiful boxes, I think I want to collect them.

OOOO! Look at this beautiful antique chest she just purchased at Jenifer's Antiques in Conway, Arkansas.

Okay, all of this touring has made me kind of hungry. Susie has told me she will be serving creme brulee casserole, fresh fruit, brown sugar bacon, Valentine sugar cookies, Snickerdoodle coffee, and orange Julius Let's go into her dining room and see this beautiful table she has set. Look at those lovely pink cabbage plates.

Look at that napkin with a luggage tag and a heart shaped lollipop for each guest to take home

And the guests names are on the place mats!

Aren't these just the cutest little gift boxes?

Oh Look! Susie has it set up for each of us to make a luggage tag.

One of the guests has made an origami valentine for each of us.

Just look at all of these cute vintage and reproduction valentines.

AWWW! Isn't this a LOVE ly plate?

I'd almost hate to eat one of these-they are works of art! I did say "ALMOST"

Even her pretty shelf/mug rack in the kitchen is decorated for Valentines!

I'm in love with this wire rack with clips. It's hanging on a beautiful piece of furniture that Susie uses for place mat storage in her kitchen.

I'm lovin' that piece of furniture too!

She has displayed a picture of her neighborhood friends. I'm sure that will spark some conversation about previous parties this party diva has thrown!

That cute little Valentine mailman looks like he's guarding that little dish of candy. I guess I won't try to sneak one--oh heck, he's a little bitty thing. I'm going in for a hand full!

I KNOW I'm going to grab one of these darling cupcakes with the Valentine picks on my way out the door!

Susie sat everyone down at the craft table to make Valentines. What fun! Elaine was so good at the craft, that she ended up making a lot of Valentines. Aren't they cute?

Now, we'll all thank our hostess for this wonderful party, and especially for the tour of her gorgeous home! THANK YOU SUSIE from me and all of Blogland (at least the Blogland citizens who are lucky enough to visit me today). laurie