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Friday, March 20, 2009


Today, I am sharing the home of my friend, Mary Gay. I'm ashamed to tell you that I went to a meeting at her home, and asked if I could take photographs, in spite of the fact that she has recently had foot surgery, and has a walker (which she isn't using as much as she probably should) and a cane, and a swollen and very uncomfortable foot. I hope she'll still be my friend after I had the nerve to ask her to let me photograph her home when she was in less the best condition. Of course, her home looked cleaner than mine does, and I haven't had foot surgery. Mary Gay and her husband, Paul, so kindly (as if their lives were normal right now) told me that I could take whatever photographs I wanted (Southern hospitality can't even be thwarted by foot surgery!). These two have such a unique style. They mix beautiful family antiques with modern art pieces. The combination of the two make for a wonderfully eclectic and interesting home, where everybody feels comfortable. (Obviously, I felt too comfortable, or I would never have asked her to let me do this!)

Mary Gay's sister-in-law, Pam, is an amazing artist. She created this screen (I had to combine two photographs to show you the entire screen, and my photography does not do it justice).

This view of her living room is an example of the delightful mix in this home. There is a modern painting hanging over the traditional fireplace, and on the wall to the left is a needlework picture. On the floor, to the right of the fireplace, is another of Pam's art pieces (the cactus in an urn). Isn't this a wonderful juxtaposition?

This lovely antique chest is topped with a vignette, which includes family photographs. My poor photography skills are showing, as I only got the base of that great "stacked book" lamp.

This charming china cabinet is in the dining room, and just look at all of the pretty treasures inside. My poor photography is showing again. I know "ya'll" would love to see that beautiful drapery, but I was so interested in all of the pretties inside the china cabinet, I didn't get a full picture of the drapery.

Mary Gay's mother stitched this lovely sampler. Having known her mother, I can tell you that she was a kind and generous person, who lived those words that she stitched on this sampler.

See the needlework pillows in the chairs? Mary Gay's mother and some other ladies took "girl trips". When they returned from each trip, they selected a memory from their trip to stitch into a pillow. Isn't that a wonderful way to extend the fun and memories from the trip?

I think this trio of traditional water colors looks so pretty in the dining room.

This beautiful desk in the entry holds several pretty treasures to admire when you enter the home.

Oh, I wish I had taken a better picture of this beautiful sofa. I am so easily distracted, and those pillows were just calling my name, so I failed to get the entire sofa in my photo. This is a very talented family. Pam painted the designs on this fabric, and Mary Gay stitched the designs. Didn't they turn out beautifully?

The turtles are another of Pam's unique artistic works. These were created for Mary Gay's father, who loved and appreciated all of nature and all of God's creatures.

A beautiful antique bookcase and clock with Pam's art displayed on top and on the wall over the case. I just love this marriage of the antique and the modern.

The kitchen island has a wooden top, which is made from wood taken from an old school that had been torn down. (The "vignette" on top is remnants of our meeting!)

Love that red tile! Doesn't this look like a happy kitchen? This is where Mary Gay's husband, Paul, cooks, and he's really a wonderful chef. (Of course, any kitchen where the husband is doing the cooking is a happy kitchen, right?)

Love the mix of this retro fabric on the chairs with the antique table in the breakfast area.

Mary Gay, again, I apologize for being brazen enough to ask you to let me take my readers on a tour of your home while you were recuperating from foot surgery. Thank you SO much for being so gracious about it. I know my readers have enjoyed this peek into your wonderful home.

If you would like to see more of Pam's amazing artwork, click here.

Thank you so much for coming by to take this tour with me. I hope you have a happy weekend. laurie