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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Fasten your seat belt, and let's go on a road trip!

Yeah, I've always been a real square.

Oh No! Look over there! Somebody spilled a big pile of wood on the street! What a mess!

Look at all of those street signs! I'm getting so confused. Can you check the map for me?


What is the name of the street that is marked in red?
That's where we need to turn.

Oh Look! My grandchildren's pictures are on the scoreboard at the ball game!

I'm trying to keep my eyes on the road. I couldn't see what Will Smith was advertising on that sign, could you?

Is someone picketing a business over there?

Oh, what a pretty garden!

Do you want to catch a movie?

Is this where I'm supposed to turn?

Look at that pretty Tudor-style home.

See if you can get some good music on the radio, 'cause you sure don't want me to start singing!

What a good lookin' young man. I wonder if he needs a ride? He looks kind of familiar. Oh! It's that really talented guy from Arkansas. He's a finalist on American Idol. What is his name? My memory is just not very good.

You're right, it's KRIS ALLEN! We won't need the radio, and I won't need to start singing. We'll just give Kris a ride, and we can enjoy his fantastic singing as we drive down the highway.

Thank you so much for going on a road trip with me! Please forgive my "not-so-subtle" messages, and please VOTE FOR KRIS ALLEN for American Idol on Tuesday night (Yes, I was afraid you might have missed the "hidden" messages while we were on the road trip!) laurie