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Saturday, December 27, 2008


I apologize in advance. I know I'm going to be "preaching to the converted". Everyone in Blogland has been so kind and wonderful, and I am so grateful to "know" each of you.

Many of you "knew" me because of my contacts with the HGTV Rate My Space website. I quit going to that site several months ago, because I have my own personal "troll" (as we call them at RMS, thanks to Gollum). Yes, I let the troll run me off. I didn't delete my spaces. I just quit leaving comments, because that seemed to be what always led my troll to my spaces. He/she makes rude remarks about my spaces, and he/she has also made remarks on my spaces about my friendships on RMS. When RMS recently updated their site, and some of you were posting new spaces on the site, I went over to leave a comment on your new postings. I assumed that I had been gone from RMS long enough that my "troll" had surely forgotten me.

The day after Christmas, my troll visited three of my spaces again. I know that this must be a very sad person to keep coming to my spaces and leaving messages for me, (especially to leave comments the day after Christmas), but that does not make me hurt any less when he/she does it.

I have attempted ignoring the troll, which doesn't seem to help. Since the troll (who has the same ID every time) usually does not have a space posted on RMS, I have left messages for them on my postings. I feel I need to tell you that I have never left an unkind message on RMS, even to my troll. Once, when I left a message to the troll that I wished he/she would post his/her space, so that I could see how decorating was supposed to be done, he/she posted a gorgeous kitchen that was obviously an ad (probably a real estate ad). Several people on RMS (not people I "knew") asked that he/she place a vase or something on the counter top and take another picture of his/her kitchen, so that we could see that it was his/her space. I left a comment on the space about how gorgeous the space was. The posting was removed.

When he/she visited my space yesterday, his/her identity showed that he/she had a posting. I went to the posting and saw a picture of the outside of a house that was obviously posted as a joke.

All of this makes me very aware that this is a very sad and lonely person. I'm not sure why this person doesn't like me. I do not recall ever saying anything to anyone on RMS that could be construed as being critical. I really do feel sorry for this person, because I can see that he/she needs a friend. But again, feeling sorry for him/her does not lessen the pain I feel when he/she leaves an ugly comment on my spaces.

Since so many RMSers have gone into Blogland, I have noticed that some RMSers mention blogs and even give blog addies to others in comments on RMS. I am asking that nobody give my blog addy to anyone on RMS. If my troll finds my blog, I know I will be unable to blog any longer, and I'm enjoying all of my friends in Blogland so much. It would make me very sad to not be able to blog.

I also want you to know that you do not need to leave a comment on this posting. I know that what you want to say is correct - this is just a sad and lonely person who needs sympathy, and I shouldn't let anything he/she says hurt me. I wish I could take that advice. I've tried, and it still hurts to read this person's comments (probably because his/her comments about my "junk" are too close to the truth!) I'm not doing this posting for sympathy for myself either. I know that almost everyone who posts their space on RMS has had some kind of nasty remark left in their posting. Since I began this blog, I have been very concerned about this troll finding my blog. When I saw blog addies being given out in comments at RMS, I felt a need to request that mine not be given to anyone on RMS.
I very much appreciate your visits, and I apologize for feeling the need to do this posting. Thank you for visiting my blog. It is not usually a negative place to visit (at least I hope not). Please come back some time. laurie
ADDED after posting: After I started getting comments on this posting, I felt a need (do I feel a "need" too often?) to add a note. I do hope this post does not sound like whining (even though I may be whining, I hope it doesn't sound that way. lol). I really wanted to ask that my blog site not be given on RMS, and I didn't feel comfortable doing that without an explanation. I understand that I can delete any comment that I don't want to appear on my blog, but I don't care about other's reading someone's negative comments. I'm concerned about how I feel after I read an ugly comment! Unfortunately, in order to delete it, I would have to read it. I insecurities are showing!