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Saturday, May 2, 2009


I am again posting a Sunday Favorite. Chari at Happy to Design is our delightful hostess for this event.

Today, I am re-posting my friend, Connie's English Country style sunroom. If you missed this the first time I posted it, you are going to be so glad I am reposting it!

(originally posted on 11/28/08):

I DO HAVE ANOTHER FRIEND! Last Saturday, I told you I had run out of friends. My good friend, Connie, is going to let me share her lovely sunroom. Connie's decor is English Country style. The first time I saw her decor on RMS, I thought: it looks like a beautiful and happy person lives in this house. Her love of the color "red" makes everything look so happy. (Of course, her wonderful mix of toiles and plaids-two of my favs-didn't hurt either!) I've never met Connie, but she is a wonderful cyber friend, and I can testify that I was right about her decor being a reflection of her personality. She is a beautiful and happy person. I'm going to let Connie take you on a tour of her sunroom now.


Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! My dear friend, Laurie has asked me to share one of my rooms with you. It's not fair, having to follow her's and Vanna's gorgeous rooms, but here goes. My name is Connie, or puddin07 on RMS. A lot of you have seen my rooms, but for those who haven't, I need to explain that I love the color red, and I have to have lots of it, or I'm not happy, and Laurie thinks SHE needs psychiatric care! I also collect blue and white porcelains, and apparently red lampshades! LOL! I also like lots of stuff, like Laurie does.

I have chosen my sunroom, I guess it is my favorite room. To get to it, you come through the french doors in the Dining Room, and down a couple of steps. To the right, is a bookcase, and a small table, that is really a stereo speaker, which is full of stuff, naturally!

At the bottom of the steps, is this sitting area, which is two recliners, and a table. There is also a small TV. I am overrun with recliners, don't ask me why, I don't know! They're pretty comfy, and Hubby likes them. I better explain, this room used to be a deck that we had enclosed, but Hubby wanted some of the deck left for flowers, and the space is pretty tight, I wish we hadn't done it, now.

This is the table at the end of the room, with a spare DR chair beside it. That is my little kitty, Puddin asleep on the back of the chair.

This room consists of two sitting areas with just a hallway like area in between. On the right is an old stereo cabinet sitting under the kitchen window.
On the left is a hope chest, that I've tried to make look like a window seat, by covering it with a tablecloth (toile, of course!), and putting throw pillows on it.
Now you come to the main room. to the right is my computer. I can also watch TV,which is behind me, in the mirror. I call it multi-tasking. LOL

This is my sofy, as Vanna says, and the lamps my Hubby made from candlesticks we got from Hobby Lobby, and, of course, my red shades. lol My artificial ficus tree leaves have changed, cause it's Fall! Silly, I know!
At the end of the room, is a little chest I tried to make a focal point, out of. It is actually an old night stand.
There is a garden seat, to the side of the TV. On top, is a rooster I sprayed white. On the other wall is the gas fireplace, that allows us to use this room year around. The shelves on either side are filled with family photos, and some of my blue and white collection, and decorating books.Here is yet another recliner, and the door behind it is Hubby's bathroom, and behind that, the laundry room.

This is the whole room. I got the coffee table from Big Lot's, and the rug came from K-Mart, half price, so Laurie isn't the only bargain hunter. lol
This has been fun, I hope I didn't bore everyone. Thanks for visiting me, I have enjoyed having you, and Laurie, thank you for asking me to do this, It's nothing special, but we enjoy it. Connie

Connie, Thank you so much for sharing your English decor with my blog readers. You may think it's nothing special, but I do, and I'm sure those who visit my blog will think so too.


I'm sure you'll want to go get links to other participating blogs at Happy To Design, because you know if bloggers are reposting their favorites, they are going to be some great posts. Thank you Chari for sponsoring this event, and thank you visitors for coming to my blog. laurie