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Monday, April 8, 2013


The flowers and the bright colors of French Quimperware always make me think of Spring.


left end


I’ve been collecting Quimper for years.  In one of the very first issues of the magazine, “Traditional Home”, I recall seeing a yellow hutch filled with Quimper.  At the time, I had a couple of small pieces.  From then on, I kept my eyes open for Quimper everywhere I went.  The internet has made the world so much smaller, and when I figured out how to search for Quimper on line, my collection became an obsession.  I can now declare my Quimper collection “out of control”!

right end

Every time I say I’m not going to buy another piece of Quimper, a fabulous bargain comes along, and you know how I am about a bargain.  It’s hard enough for me to pass up Quimper, but when it’s a bargain, I HAVE to buy it!  It doesn’t matter how many times my sweetheart tells me (and I know he’s right), “if you don’t need it, it’s not a bargain”, I still buy bargain Quimper.  Apparently, I was born with zero

The flowers and bright colors of French Quimperware are currently marching down our mantel.


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