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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Before I knew how to pronounce it, I loved Quimper (Pronunciation per Merriam Webster: \kaⁿ-ˈper\)Faience Pottery – especially if it has paintings of the Bretons (per Merriam Webster: inhabitant of Brittany) on it.

faux quimper

Being a bargain hunter, over the years, I purchased a few pieces of faux Quimper pottery when I found it on sale. (My test for faux or authentic Quimper is the price! Not a good test, but I’m not educated about the markings on the back, so I know I could easily be fooled-it doesn’t take much to fool me. If it’s inexpensive enough for me to buy it, then I know it is not the real deal!) I know-somebody could fool me by putting a high price on a faux Quimper, but as a bargain hunter, there is no chance of me buying a high priced faux. (Don’t ya love the way I call myself a “bargain hunter” instead of “cheap”?)

framed quimper

About ten years ago, my husband and I were in an antique store that was having a sale, when I spotted 6 small (possibly salad size) plates and a small serving container that were the REAL deal! (Of course, I knew that because they were marked with a high price tag! I also knew I was shopping from a reputable dealer.) After educating my husband about what Quimper is and how I’d always thought it was the most charming pottery I’d ever seen, he told me I should buy them. Even though they were on sale, I couldn’t bring myself to pay that price. I’m way too tight much of a bargain hunter. My sweetheart surprised me with them for Christmas that year. They have been hanging on the wall in my kitchen with two framed needlepoint pictures for ten years, just as you see them plates

Recently, my sweet friend, Sarah, at Hyacinth for the Soul, asked me if I’d like to get emails from a Quimper seller. I told her that I thought it would be fun to see the emails, but I wasn’t going to be buying anything, so I signed up. (I’ve been eating a lot of my words lately). I think it was the second week of receiving the emails that I ordered the two plates pictured above.

new quimper

I replaced the two needlepoint pictures with the two plates, and I love how it brightened up that wall. It’s not much of a metamorphosis, but it did make a big difference on that wall of my kitchen.


That’s the end of a mini-morphosis, but unfortunately, it’s not the end of my word eating! Since then, I have ordered this wall pocket (I’m still trying to decide where to hang it)…

baptism plate

..And, I ordered this pretty little Baptism plate (which resides in a china cabinet in my kitchen).

all quimper

My faux Quimper happily resides with my REAL Quimper, and I have no space left, so I’m not buying any more Quimper (until the next email that has something I just can’t resist!)


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A QUESTION ANSWERED:  I had several visitors to my Oscar night post, who inquired about the place cards with the stars names on them.  I couldn’t show you the “credits” I created for the dinner, because I didn’t want to post first and last names of my guests on the internet.  On a door, I hung a long sheet of white paper on which I had stenciled the name of each star with a guest’s name beside that star’s name.  On each side of the paper, I hung curtains to give the impression of a theater screen.  Guests looked at the “credits” to find out what star’s name they should look for to find their seat at the table.   

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As always, I really appreciate your visit to my blog, and I love when you leave me a comment.  I also want to say a big thanks to my four Facebook “fans”!! laurie